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About a month ago, my car broke down and I was waiting for a tow truck to come for 5
Hours. I kept calling back to check the status and I kept being told 30-45 minutes. During this time I had a 3 Month old baby in the car. My husband had To leave work to come After so many hours of waiting. After waiting 5
Hours, The tow truck driver was not even nice or apologetic at all. We think that a 5
Hour wait time for a tow truck is unacceptable considering that we Are Paying for a AAA membership. It would have made more
Sense to pay a private tow truck to come at that point. I called and Filed a complaint and never Heard Anything back. I am Very Disappointed in AAA after This, and am surprised considering I've been a member
For many years and my Family has Been members for many, Many years. We are
Considering cancelling after this.

Oct 07, 2019

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