American Airlinescustomer service and poor communication

Flight 10/10 to Phoenix flight 531.
While I appreciate that the pilot took us back after takeoff due to engine issue, I do not appreciate the poor coordination and communication to the passengers impacted. We stood in line as instructed prior to leaving to plane for 40 minutes only to be told we needed to wait since they were only working on those with connecting flights. Then we were told another plane had been secured and we would leave at 1255 (original flight was 550 pm). At 1130 we were told that the flight was cancelled due to lack of ability to secure a full crew. If communication and customer service were better, we could have taken our four grandkids to a motel to get decent sleep instead of trying to wait for the next flight to get home.
After American Airlines messed up my last flight when my Dad was severely ill two years ago, I swore I would not use you again unless it was an emergency. Shame on me for thinking things might have changed in the last two years. Delta will get my business from now on. They may cost more but in all the years I have been flying I have not had this issue with them.
A very dissatisfied customer,
Kim Deyo

Oct 11, 2019

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