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Complaints & Reviews

Recent travel

My name is Kathy Molyneux I had a flight on 2/9/19 record locator #ZZGWDJ to arrive in Miami 8:33pm that day. The flight was delayed 3 different times and then finally was cancelled and rescheduled for a departure on 2/10/19 @0600 to arrive in Miami at 1:33 that day. I was boarding a cruise line out of miami and would not be able to make my departure. I also paid for the additional $33.00 to have priority boarding for my original flight. I then called AA and tried to fly standby on the 10:11pm flight, was unable to get that flight, but was able to secure flight #2644 leaving at 11:59 through Dallas to arrive in Miami at 09:42 am. All this without amy sleep. I had a reservation in Miami at a hotel on 2/9/19 which I ended paying for they would not cancel my reservation.
I feel this was handled poorly no customer service plus adding insult to injury I had to pick up my baggage from baggage claim and reenter with bags to try to get another flight.
Customer Service in this industry should be your companies highest priority.

Please contact me at the following email:

departure board inaccurate

Your info board time was not correct. My flight left early without me. I go to the desk to see if we are boarding yet, but I am told the flight had just already left! The flight had been delayed by 22 minutes. The board said it was departing at 11:12 a.m. Apparently, the pilot made up the time, but no one changed the board, so I had no way of knowing. I was at the airport early. I was sitting in the waiting area. I was doing everything correctly, but now my plans are destroyed. My relatives took off work to spend the day with me. :/ There has to be some system for changing the flight info on the board?

  • Me
    Melissa Alcorn Jun 10, 2019

    I have been on hold for 4:48:56 as I’m typing this. The Americans Airlines website is turned off. My daughter booked a nonstop flight from LAX to St. Louis flying out today. We paid over $500.00 for NONSTOP. The flights with stops were around $250.00. Starting several days before the flight she received daily emails changing her flight times and adding stops. Her flight was supposed to leave LAX this morning at 10:15. It was canceled And postponed several times until she finally got n a flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Then upon arrive there, she sat in the tarmac for almost 4 hours. (It’s my understanding that in the USA the FAA says planes can not stay on the tarmac more than 3 hours. Well that rule was broken.) She finally got off the plane and after a really long wait in a line that wrapped around the corner and down the hall, Americans Airlines booked her on a flight tomorrow night with a 6 hour lay over on Minneapolis for an additional $1, 000. Plus, there was only one hotel room available which was another $300.00. So, with two stops, three days, and almost $2, 000 she will arrive in St. Louis early Tuesday morning. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you buy a NONSTOP ticket to get from LAX to ST. Louis, shouldn’t AMERICAN AIRLINES be obligated to get you there without charging an additional $1, 000 especially if they’ve added two stops and two days. The ticket that was purchased was supposed to be a short 4 hour flight. And then you shut down your website and your customer service telephone number????? My daughter is alone late at night in a city she does not know. If something happens to her, I will hold American Airlines responsible. Oh, and they lost her luggage. Total and complete incompetence. What scares me even more is if they can’t even manage their phones, website and customer service, I can only imagine what shape their planes are in.

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  • Me
    Melissa Alcorn Jun 10, 2019

    @Melissa Alcorn I also forgot to add that this was not weather related. My daughter was told that the flights were canceled because the planes were not to full so they wait until they have enough passengers to fill the plane. She overheard them jokingly say, yeah, we just tell the passengers that the pilot never showed up.

    -1 Votes
  • Cg
    CGJ111999 Jun 30, 2019

    Flight 5945 on Sunday June 30 scheduled to depart at 7:35. Passengers boarded then DEPLANED for a "quick fix". At 8:35 desk attendant for AA announced that they would give an update at 8:45 about "what we're going to do next". Then all AA employees left the gate area and haven't been seen since. No update at 8:45 as promised. No update at 9. It is now 9:15 and we are all stuck here without the option to catch a different flight because passengers have already "boarded" this flight. No one from AA has the decency to make the promised announcement so we wait. Should have flown Southwest.


    -1 Votes
  • No
    Noblelady56 Aug 22, 2019

    We were five minutes late for check-in this morning on AA flight 1973, connecting in CLT on AA 2041 to MSP. We were booked in business class. The AA attendant at the counter said we had to pay $200 a piece because we were late, plus the difference in airfare to catch another flight, and that was only for standby. OMG! We already paid enough for business class, and now AA wants more money. We decided to just leave and go back home. This was very disappointing as the delay was technically not really our fault. It was because the parking shuttle had a slight delay, there was airport construction in front of AA, and there was only one kiosk available for first class and the lady using it was super slow. We did buy trip insurance and was just wondering if this problem would justify a claim for reimbursement. After this incident, we will probably not fly AA again, and we have been flying with AA for many, many years.

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I would like to request a refund or credit about the flight number 5773 tkgfjz february 04, 2019
From guadalajara, jalisco. Mexico to phoenix / reno, nv. U.S. A.

Reason: the flight was delate for more than 2 hours, I also ask for water and the flight attendant was in bad mood.

Thank you.

Ana r molina ramos.
E-mail: [protected]

  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 07, 2019

    Why should you get a refund. You are not entitled to one. Flights are delayed all the time for various reasons. If you cannot afford to fly walk to your destination. Swim there if it is overseas. You are not entitled to a refund.

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service and conduct one of your employers

My name is Felix Alicea. I am an active duty and I am submitting a complaint on one of the your employees at the San Antonio Airport agent counter this morning at 0315 am, 2 February 2019. I was trying to bring my hockey stick on board with me when the agent told me that I could not bring that on the aircraft (Flight AA1052). I informed the agent that TSA regulations told me that I could bring this on the plane. The agent told me that I could not bring that on the plane. I went to one of the TSA agents that told me that I can check the item and that they could check it on the plane.

Also, when checking the item, I did not receive any polite service from the 5'6 Hispanic agent, black hair, glasses that when I asked her how to check the item, she was very rude in her attitude with me and did not want to assist me with the checking until I informed her that I need assistance.

After getting my baggage checked, my stick of item was lost at the time when I connected with another flight from Charlotte to Richmond, VA (AA 248). The baggage clerk informed me that it was on another flight that would come later in the airport. She listed to me and said it was wrong how the agents in San Antonio acted. I can believe that these people don't provide customer service and their attitude seemed to be inappropriate toward active duty service members. I frequently fly American Airlines and I felt very bothered by the conduct of these agents. I will inform the military about the attitude of your employees at this station and that they take their personal actions towards people. I am very disatisfied by their attitude and conduct. I believe that my baggage did get screwed up (RICAA0002736084) and that I believe that these agents did this action against me. I am very disatified by this service especially as an active duty service member and a constant user of your airlines.

  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 02, 2019

    Sounds to me like you want special treatment because of your military status. You truly are a shame and embarrassment to those that serve the country because they want to serve the country. Why do you need a hockey stick on board anyway? Sounds to me like you have an ego. The fact that you keep bringing up your military status makes me think you think you are above other. You are a disgrace and shame to the majority of the veterans.

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  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 02, 2019

    You are a shame and embarrassment to all veterans. Sounds to me like you just want special treatment.

    1 Votes
  • Be
    BEnchboy Feb 02, 2019

    You truly are a shame and disgrace to all veterans. You have a high ego and obviously think you are above the rules. Why on Earth would you need a hockey stick on board a plane in the first place. The fact that you keep mentioning your status shows that you think you are above the rules. You are a true disgrace to all veterans.

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8 hour delay due to pilot.

To whom it may concern:
My wife and I missed our connecting flight from Miami to Puerta Plata, due to the pilot losing his Log Book ?! So this error, caused us to spend 8 hours in Miami, spending unplanned money, missed a paid day at the resort, and not getting to our resort until 2am, compared to 3pm... Basically ruined our trip there. I would understand weather being a factor for delays, but it wasn't, and we were furious. Shuttling in a foreign country after midnight is a scary experience. The next day we were so exhausted, we didn't feel like booking the excursions we really wanted to do, so basically lost that day as well. I have receipts from our time in and outside the airport I will be submitting with this email...

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flight aa2023 friday 18, 2019

My name is Rogelio Gonzalez on Friday 18, 2019 flight AA2023 from Miami to Charlotte was delayed for around 45 minutes at Miami International Airport (do not know the exact reasons) resulting on losing my connection to Fayetteville Municipal Airport (flight AA4843). because the urgency of my trip could not wait until NEXT MORNING for the other flight, had to take another transportation methods using much more extra money

seat bumping on standby

On January 3rd, 2019, I was traveling from Aruba to Chicago O'Hare Airport. Our flight to Miami from Aruba, #1028 was very good. After landing in Miami, we went immediately to the gate to get ready to board for our flight #2457 to Chicago. We estimated we had ample time to eat nearby so we decided to go to Islander Bar&Grill. We paid very close attention to announcements before leaving to eat. I traveled with my adult granddaughter so upon return to the gate we took turns going to the restroom. All of a sudden, I felt I needed to check the status of our flight and noticed it was displayed on the screen at the gate as Boarding Complete and Flight Closed. I approached the employee at the gate and she told me I needed to go to Gate 44 where they would help me. At that point, even though the departure time was minutes away, we were sent away. We rushed to the other gate, taking a train to yet another terminal. Upon arrival at that gate, we were able to explain our situation and we received 2 passes for a standby on Flight 279 departing from Gate 42 at 9:10 p.m. We were told we were the first two passengers on a standby on that flight by a very courteous female employee. We rushed to Gate 42 so we could watch this flight status while waiting for our flight. I approached a worker as soon as she arrived at the counter at Gate 42. Her name was Elizabeth. Her name was also displayed on her name tag of the uniform. I told her I had a standby and was hoping to get further instructions. Instead, she abruptly sent me away by saying she had to take care of customers who had assigned seats. My granddaughter and I remained as close to the counter as possible monitoring the status of the flight. I have never flown on a standby, nor have I ever missed a flight. While waiting at Gate 42, we heard numerous announcements about departing flights, including final calls for specific flights and calls for people by last names. That somehow was not the case with the flight we missed, Flight 2457. This isn't the worst though. While waiting, another worker emerged at Gate 42. She was approached by a customer behind us and they talked for a great length of time in private, past the entry where the tickets are scanned. My grand daughter and I were comforted by the fact that we had first priority on a standby and both our names appeared on the monitor as such. The passenger who spent a great deal of time talking to the employee in private was accompanied by a a female companion. She appeared very concerned/worried. All the while, her male companion somehow got an opportunity to go past Elizabeth once the other employee emerged and engage in a lengthy, private conversation. Privilege? Both the male customer and the female employee were African-American. All of a sudden, our names dropped from 1st and 2nd to 3rd and 4th. I approached the counter and was told we were not moved down and not to worry because that was another list. This was said to me by yet another employee whose name I do not have. She had no name tag, but appeared to be perhaps Hispanic with a long braid. All the zones boarded and we were still listed as 3 and 4 of 12 passengers waiting for a standby. Passenger Smith and Walker were listed as 1 and 2 instead of us. Our names were called but by then passengers Smith and Walker had already boarded. Both were seated in 1st class, although separately. The male was seated in 6B as I boarded and happened to notice while moving to the rear of the plane. His face was down and hands together in front, as if praying. My granddaughter just wanted to get to Chicago without further delay as she had another plane to catch to LA out of Midway Airport four hrs. later for a school assignment. Therefore, we did not complain to anyone. As a matter of fact, I just mustered the courage to relive this experience of racial discrimination. While boarding, another female customer was complaining to the employee who allowed the male and female travelers to bump us. While passing them, I asked that employee what her name was and she said Amelia, although it may be spelled differently. I feel all three employees at this gate knew what was going on and all should face a disciplinary action. The good part about missing my flight was the fact that discriminatory behavior was revealed and should be addressed. I want to hear from Doug Parker, American Airlines CEO. This is unacceptable! Had this been in reverse, it would have been televised at least on a national level. Black people feel constantly discriminated against, but this happens to white people like myself, all the time.

Eve Jankowski


As a customer, the customer is always right. From the beginning of my trip on 01/01/2019 ending on the 01/02/2019 starting from within the Oakland airport American Airline front counter clerk being threatened to be kicked out of the airport was presented onto me for no reason.

As a %100 U.S. Disabled Combat Veteran there should have not be any excuse of such treatment for which was presented onto me.

As a form of negative display, took place for no reasons for cannot be explained. Investing: clean, honest and legal tender as a loyal customer such actions as in regards to being threatened not only by the American Airline clerk in Oakland, and not to mention to be insulted at a bar in Phoenix Arizona at bar pub for an attempt to purchase customer service resulted in being threatened by the supervisor by calling the local Civil Authorities.

What was informed to me was that Civil authorities would be dispatched at once. If there was no compliance to the un-known for which cannot be explained, it became un-satisfactory Customer Service, and the customer is always right. To find my luggage with valuable goods within damaged goods defeated my financial responsibility along with proof of a line of credit along with the three Credit Bureaus as when it comes to multiple credit cards from multiple financial institutions.

Due to such poor Customer services, and including the damages upon my: All in-one Macintosh, Dell and e-bike resulted in the lost of valuable goods in the price of $1, 860.00 of miss-treatment upon technical assets possibly deriving from flagging such within a careless manner.


  • Complainant20091 Jan 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You misunderstood your rights: there are no special discounts for veterans due to damage baggage at US carriers.
    You were in need to submit the complaint to the air carrier agent at the air port or you can do at the air carrier site, or by email, if it done not later than in 7 days following the last flight arrival .

    The air carrier has 30 days for satisfaction of the calaim or refusal of your claim, if for US.
    In 30 days, if no compensation is received, you can hire a lawyer in order to bring the case to the local court .
    It is not a difficult case.
    But the responsibility of air carrier ios limitted
    by time: for case in the court 2 years
    responsibility for damaged bagage:

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  • Complainant20091 Jan 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Complainant20091 lessthan 1400 USD.

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flight 2706 hav-mia 12-19-2018

When I bought my tickets for my trip to cuba AA agent told me that AA never have delays in their flights so I bought 2 tickets, on my w ay to Cuba I didn't have any problems or delay but on my way back from Cuba there was 1 hour of delay on the flight # 2706 Hav-Mia on Dec 19 departure time was on my ticket for 12;50 pm and due to 1 hr delay I missed my another flight #AA 376 Mia-Philadelphia causing big inconvenience to my family and my self for the delay and money that I had to spend on my trip, the AA sales agent told me that if I buy the tickets with 2 hours in between flights I shouldn't have any problems and that was not true, right now I am very disappointed with American Airlines and I am not the only one that have the same problem I will be traveling a lot in 2019 and 2020 and I don't trust AA.

Francisco Pedro Milan

  • Updated by FPeter · Dec 21, 2018

    I don't recommend American Airlines to flight to Cuba

  • Updated by FPeter · Dec 21, 2018

    If you are planning a trip to Cuba with American Airlines, think twice due to always delays in their flights.

in flight service

During our flight #1611 i asked the stuartist for a mimosa and he said "we don't offer that in coach." however, a person in the back of the plane ordered a champagne and an orange juice and was served.

Then before the plane was moving and before everyone was seated, i asked to use the restroom and the stuartist said i could not and that i had to wait until we were level in the air.

This type of treatment was uncalled for. My wife and i were pruplexed as to the actions of american airlines especially considering we don't fly with you often. I am not sure if they did not like that we are a lgbt couple or what the reason was but it was wrong.


mileage use policy

American Airlines should be ashamed that it makes its most loyal customers scrape by to earn what is rightfully theirs—a fitting way to utilize hard-earned miles. God forbid you've lost uour rlite status which is unfairly catered to the rich or corporate spenders. In my case I was waitlisted for a business upgrade until all available seats were sold and the waitlist was no longer applicable. What an unfair slap in the face to the driving force of the flying public. I'm so sick of the top 1% benefitting from things they can already afford. American should be ashamed and so should any other airline doing business this way. Not only did I earn my 107, 266 miles over 4 years, I can only use them in ways AA decides, as though my money soent over 4 years is somehow less valuable when I try and benefit from it. You corporate crooks! I'm so sick of your bullcrap!!

subjecting innocent passengers

I tested positive for the flu today, December 10th after going to urgent care. I was prescribed tamiflu which per the physician at the facility takes 72 hours before I would be considered non-contagious. I specifically asked this healthcare professional about flying on Wednesday back to Cleveland and he said under no circumstances should I board an airplane subjecting other innocent passengers to the flu which could be fatal to the elderly and children aboard the airplane. I immediately contacted American Airlines To enquire about moving my flight back 2 days to which I was told your airline doesn't care if you have a cold, flu etc. I understand a cold, but to subject everyone on board the plane to a confirmed case of the flu is unacceptable. I can't afford to pay the difference to change my flight, but I also can't purposely expose innocent people because unlike you, I have a conscience and to put me in this position is unforgivable. I will never fly your airline again and I will make this known through every source of social media available to the public. Thank you for your time.



How unbelievingly uncaring can American Airlines be to unnecessarily separate a 95-year-old women, who required a wheelchair, from her son for a 3.5-hour flight?

Outbound flight: could not check in or select a seat so my wife and I were separated NYC to Atlanta though I could see empty seats.

Return flight: Could check in and pay for seats together, fine from Liberia to Miami but Miami to NYC was an unnecessary inconvenience caused by AA.

We had about a one-hour layover in Miami so sat in a cafe near our gate where we could see and hear all flight schedules. Our flight was scheduled to leave 7:35 pm so got to our gate 25 mins ahead to find nobody there. We asked an attendant who said the gate had been changed last minute, though we heard or saw nothing to that effect. The gate change was miles away and though we got to the gate with 15mins to spare they had already closed the gate that wasn't supposed to close for another 5 mins. Bang! Missed our flight. The gate women claimed that she made an announcement well ahead though we and two other couples disagreed. None of us had heard the announcement. We figured people at the first gate were told to go to the new gate so made their flight but us naughties who just wanted a coffee apparently were deaf. This is where it starts to get interesting...

We had to go to another desk to change our flights and the not so pleasant attendant says she can put us on standby for the next flight. Standby!? It was then I noticed a monitor behind her that showed the list of standby passengers and there were 14 of us! Unlike the guy behind us I hadn't totally lost it yet, [censored] happens, so pleaded to have confirmed seats, which she hesitatingly agreed to. I told her we had paid extra for two seats together, but she looked at me as though I was asking for an upgrade to 1st class, so we were once again separated. After a 2.5 hour wait, we got on our next flight okay, as did at least one of the other couples, so things were looking up. Though we had paid for seats together (our missed flight we would have had two seats on their own, no third seat even!) my wife was squashed in the middle of two people, which she is really uncomfortable with. I always give her the window seat. In the meantime, I'm looking around for two seats together and had to go to the toilet at the back of the plane. I had to wait for a gent to come out and saw that he was sitting in a middle seat towards the back, next to a very old and frail looking woman in the aisle seat (found out she was 95!). To get in his seat, the woman's son had to get out of his very back seat about 4 rows back, unstrap her, lift her up, while the other gent got into his seat, put her down and strap her in again. When he came back, I asked why he couldn't get two seats together, he had been told there weren't any spare or pairs. Suddenly I didn't care so much about our seating position and was thinking how terrible it must be for the old women and her son. When I got back to my allocated aisle seat, there was nobody in the other two seats, so I figured I'd stand until they got in. In the meantime, I asked the gent in the seat next to my wife if he would mind swapping, which he happily agreed to. Passengers were talking and moving around and I realized another four couples, just around us, had been separated and were all working together to swap seats!

Then the strangest thing happened. Though the guy in my original seat had no one next to him, it was announced we were about to take off!? He had the all 3 seats to himself the entire flight! I looked around and saw quite a few empty seats and gauged that, every single couple could easily have been seated together! WTF!!??

Can you believe when we finally got home, our Consumer Report mag waiting for us, had a feature article on why we were all just treated so unnecessarily badly!

Did you know there is a new kind of economy class? We didn't, and it's called "basic economy". We figured we had bought regular economy tickets, where treatment can be bad enough but wait until you get stuck with "basic economy"! It's why we couldn't check in or choose seats, even if we wanted to pay the extra. Our return leg was regular economy so we could, and even that didn't work out so well.

In a nutshell, it is a ploy to unnecessarily piss off people so much that you would prefer to pay more for regular economy, where you can choose your seats, though at an extra cost. And it works! We will never buy basic economy again! And hopefully never fly American Airlines again.

BEWARE of that crazy "cheap" ticket and NEVER TAKE BASIC ECONOMY! Unless you want to be treated like a piece of dirt and in the end, possibly, with all the hidden costs, pay more than regular economy. And It's not just AA doing this of course. Read this illuminating CR report:

BTW: any kind of refund for paid seats we didn't get, impossible!

  • Ch
    chairpad May 31, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I will never use American airlines again, I was treated like a low life scum I am disabled from MS and a widow maker heart attack I needed wheelchair assistance in all airports and onto all flights I reserved the flights and requested this. I had to beg and beg at the airports to get a wheelchair and I missed 3 flights due to the wheelchairs never being on time.One transporter left me in a hallway 45 mins I missed that plane . The agent told me that was my fault . One transporter kept poking me in the shoulder with her finger and yelling at me that I need to get my priority straight and get my butt on time as people like me make her job harder I told to stop poking me and she said you need to chill so get there yourself and walked away, I tried over and over to get in touch with American airlines to speak to someone about this, most of the phone numbers listed are bogus They also lost my luggage and all my heart meds they will not help me or refund my money my 2 hour flight was a total of 11 as they had me going all over the US to get home I had to take six flights home from Ohio to Florida, I ended up in DC atlanta Chicago, NC NY and almost to LA all because of the stupid wheelchair escorts. I saw a pilot from A airlines at the gate he was the only one that helped me he raised holly h with the staff to get me home. He told me he was ashamed and embarrassed to work for American airline he gave me the CEO Doug Parkers number, funny his mail box is full for 2 days now this number is no longer in service . This was total abuse to a handicapped passenger ADA has been notified wish me luck as American airlines could care less, I was told I have to track my luggage and if found go to that airport and pay 25.00 fee to get it and no they will not send it to my home I am at fault that they lost my luggage I hope Doug Parker reads this as I want to talk to him Daniel R Pensacola FL

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  • Ch
    chairpad May 31, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    awful horrible terrible service non caring staff staff rude unprofessional no help no one from American airlines will help me with all the issues and the horrible treatment I received from their incompetent staff . The phone number listed for customer service are bogus no answer mail boxes full no agent available closed for holiday that was a week ago Monday now Friday still closed for holiday lost luggage by airlines can not get back can't find it but they say it is my fault and I need to track it and locate it . What do they lost luggage department do (NOTHING) A pilot told me he was ashamed to work for American Airlines a Stewardess told me she hated her job with American airlines and she was looking to go to another airline when there was an opening . I was yelled at poked in the shoulder left in hallways by wheel chair escorts Never again and I will tell every one stay away from this airline

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change fees for aa record bjdqae

I purchased round trip airline tickets in September to travel on Dec 26-31 from DCA to MSY. There was a recent death in the family, not immediate family for me, but my mother's sister whose funeral will be in Louisiana on Dec 22. My wish to attend this funeral with my children is the reason for this change. I was given extensive explanations twice by your staff on your for-profit policies. With the changes made, I am paying for these tickets twice. My initial expense was $889.20. The changes added 276.10 per ticket and this includes the $200 per ticket change fee, for a total of an additional $828.30. Please don't tell me again that I signed up for this when I purchased the tickets. I rarely change travel plans, but this is a special circumstance. I understand that some fees will be incurred, but $200 to change is outrageous. The final straw was the email I received from American Airlines the day after I made these changes. That email is offering round trip fare to the exact locations and dates that I paid the fees for the day before. I know AA is for profit. I work for non-profit. Clearly, people's situation matter more to me than you. A little consideration on your part would be greatly appreciated and might improve your reputation. Everyone I know speaks very poorly about all airlines in the US.

lack of customer service

I bought 2 tickets from Florida to Auckland, New Zeeland a couple of weeks ago. I attempted to have one upgraded to business class using accrued Aadvantage miles. I was told there was no available seats in business so I took the next best thing which was an aisle seat in coach. Now the flights are being changed and I have been placed in a center seat which will require me to climb over whoever is in the aisle seat at least once an hour and stand in the aisle. When I contacted customer service the response was "Too bad, so sad." This is the third time American has done this to me and the last time I had bought first class seats but ended up flying from Texas to Florida in coach a day earlier than my original flight, at my expense. How is this airline still in business. It's certainly not from customer service but because they wait until after the 24 hour grace period before contacting you with their amended seating/flight schedule. Then you can't get out of the flight without added expense. AA Ref#1-[protected] I need either an aisle seat or upgraded to business class.

horrific communication

My son, Cole Shulklapper took a flight out on 11/16/18 (American Airlines 4937 from state college to Philadelphia. As it was very delayed, he missed his second flight from Pittsburgh to Fort Myers, meaning he now had to stay overnight and leave the next day. We both did some research and found out that there were several other flights he could take on other airlines that had more than enough room, as he had an important event that Saturday in the morning. He waited at the desk for quite a while until he was told that they could only put him on an American Airlines flight and all they could do was put him up and give him 2 $ 12 vouchers. As he wasn't leaving now until later the next day, the idea that $24 was going to feed him was insane and now he was also going to miss this event he had planned on forever. He then hopped on the van to the hotel. I now was holding for American Airlines on the phone back in Los Angeles to see why he couldn't have gone on another flight. Finally, a woman picked up and she said he could have easily gone on one, but that that had to be done at the airport . I asked why they didn't do it when he asked and she had no idea why. I was fuming and now he was already at the hotel and it was too late. This is just unbelievable to me that there are often miscommunication issues and that they actually could have put him on the another flight, but just chose not to. My son spent another $20 on food (airport food is insanely priced), missed an event and had the run around. I would appreciate some sort of compensation for this occurrence and an explanation, as I find it to be the norm now.

theft of tickets

If tickets are purchased then those tickets should be honored. I'm told that unless I take the outbound flight, my return flight will be cancelled. I purchased those tickets and regardless of inbound our outbound they are mine. If I give up a segment of a flight, that's my business, but AA should not legally be allowed to steal flights and tickets based on my not taking one segment or another. There is no excuse other than the deliberate theft and price gouging for any other outcome to exist. The cost of a different outbound flight is $169. The cost to change the outbound flight is an upcharge to a changeable ticket + $200 fee. But if I want to pay for a new outbound flight for $169, they will cancel my return flight (i.e. steal the full sum of money I paid for the original ticket). Why? They stand to gain $169. They stand to resell a seat I'm forfeiting already - why steal my return flight seat too. That isn't enough money for them? They can't survive by being honest, fair and doing right by their customers? They can only survive by cheating them? AA is beneath contempt.

seating unfairly on american airlines and not allowed to carry my bags on the flight but the white people could.

I purchased 3 round trip tickets to Cincinnati, Ohio on November 5, 2018. I
selected my seats, when I checked in I did not get the seats I selected. I, my daughter and granddaughter was in the very last seats at the very back of the plane. On our return I was at the very back again seated away from my daughter and granddaughter who had seats 8 A and C. I have been flying with your airlines since it has existed. I don't appreciate it when I select seats and then someone else is seated in them. I feel like its because I am a black person. I have been charged extra for my bags in the past as well. Maybe its times for me to switch to another carrier that will treat me fairly. I purchased 3 round trip tickets to Florida in July,
when my daughter, her friend and myself took our bags to be tagged prior to getting on the plane, we were told ours wouldn't fit but, several white people got on with theirs that was larger than ours. It seems that my race is not being treated fairly.

My record locator was the flight Wednesday was DLSDBK

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    Being treated unfairly with seats, luggage

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    I feel like I have been treated unfairly with American Airlines

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    icemanfist Nov 24, 2018

    Oh why not go back to Africa if you are going to play the race card. The true racist is YOU. Do you even know how foolish you sound suggesting that this is race related. Maybe your daughter and granddaughter asked to switch your seat so that they don't get embarrassed by your false claims of racism. If they are discriminating against anything it is your bag size, not your black skin. If your bag was within the guidelines and the white people's were not they would be charged extra. I bet the only reason you noticed this was because you were looking for a racial issue. Grow up. Maybe your head is to far up your bottom that you did not notice that other white people were charged as well for oversized bags and some black people were not.

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flight delayed and then cancelled

My sister & I travelled to South Padre Island, Texas for a week flying in to Brownsville Airport on November 2, 2018 to celebrate our birthdays. We had an awesome week with beautiful weather. Our flight (Flight 2999) out of Brownsville, Texas was on November 9, 2018 scheduled to depart at 11:37am. We arrived at the airport at 10:00am. As soon as we got to the airport we were told the flight was cancelled. The a couple of minutes later we were told it was delayed until 12:30pm. We had to double check at the desk if our connecting flight would still work, but unfortunately found out it would not. Dallas/Fort Worth Airport did not have any flights going out later on in the day to Detroit, so we had to reschedule for November 10, 2018 at 7am. Then I had to find a hotel to stay at in Dallas/Fort Worth for Friday night. I booked the hotel and they advised me there were no refunds if I were to cancel due to it being within 24 hours. Then at 12:30 they announced that that flight was cancelled. The next time out of Brownsville would be at 6:55pm, so we changed our flight to the 6:55pm and hunkered down in the restaurant/bar at the airport for about 4 hours. We had to eat at the airport since we had no transportation to go anywhere else. Airport dining is not cheap. I have attached my receipts for the day from the restaurant. Then around 4:45pm we were told the 6:55 flight was cancelled. Now what do we do? At the gate we were advised that if we could find transportation to McAllen Airport (an hour away) there was still a flight going to Dallas/Fort Worth at 7:40pm. By this time other customers before me had already changed their flight to McAllen and got rental cars. By the time I got to the rental car area there were no more rental cars. I then found an Uber which cost me $78.00 to get to McAllen in time to catch that flight. We barely made it, but did make that flight. Throughout my trip getting to Brownsville Airport I had "Priority Check-In", however in McAllen we did not. We had to be "patted down" and both my carry on bag and my sister's purse were searched. Pretty frustrating after sitting in an airport for 6 hours, and then rushing to get to McAllen Airport in time. All and all my flight cancellations cost me $76.49 at the airport restaurant, $78.00, plus a $5.00 tip to my Uber driver, $102.58 for my hotel room in Dallas/Fort Worth. Totaling $262.07 and thankfully I had a credit card with me. Having just been on vacation for a week, I really did not have that extra money that was required for the delays and cancellations that we experienced. Then on top of that I had to pay an extra day for my car that was parked at Airlines Parking in Detroit because we were a day late getting back. That was $9.00 making a grand total of $271.07 that I was not counting on!

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    I have all of my receipts, but I could not find a way to attach them to the complaint.

flight from cozumel to dallas

My husband updated us to premium so we got get on board faster and get the drinks and more foot room.
I was very disappointed, as we were boarding the travel agent called group 5 and 6 at the same time. What's the point in upgrading if the group under you gets to board first. By the time we boarded we had no room for our things and had to place them several rooms behind us.
And we I asked for Drinks in row 9 and 8 we didn't get any. Said it was for first class. I tried to ague but that did nothing. Every unhappy with this experience. I have your member credit card and usually enjoy flying with you, but this was a horrible experience. I would like someone to comp something for me and my husband.