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Complaints & Reviews

american airlines nightmare

Dear mr. Tom del valle and mr. Sean bentel, As a frequent business traveler, I often fly with aa and...

handicap scooter

I had a flight from dallas to tulsa recently. I use a handicap scooter that always gets checked in the bottom...

stolen iten from my bag

I traveled from brasil last thursday night and arrived in ny last friday morning by american airlines in a fly number
950 sao paulo guarulh thu 27aug 9:20 pm new york jfk 6:10 am. I brought 9 bags, for what I payed 300 dolares extra because I had 3 m ore bags than I should travel with. Some of my bags were pretty new, I just bought it in sao paulo the day before my fly. I locked all my bags and checked it in sao paulo to ny. When I arrived in ny I found 8 bags, one of my bag was missing, it took to me one hour till I found it. The 9th bag was wrapped in transparent plastic. I was very sick with cold and tired, I got my 2 kids, my 9 bags and went out ot the aeroport without to understand why one of my bags was wrapped in plastic bag if I didnt do it. When I got home, I saw that my 9th bags was violated, the zipper was broke, the lock was gone and some personal itens was gone too. I had no idea what to do, I called to the following in ny: [protected] [protected] and for my surprise all the number asked me to let my name, my phone number and explain my question. Is it not estupid or what? Some employe at the american airlines at the check in opened my bag, stole things and I have to leave a message explaing it? Why there is not someone there to care about it? I payed the ticket, I payed for my bags and this is what I got? After to make my check in, the american airlines must be responsable for all my bags, if they have roubbers working with them, they must know it and fire that person, but they dont care. While it keep going, we have no choices and still will be roubbed without to be able of to complain because the airlines companies just dont care...
At the photo you can see my 9 bags and the blue one wrapped in plastic and then you can see the blu bag with the broke zipper. When I got home and saw it I was really mad. Roubbers, ladroes, criminosos, jail for this people...

stolen iten from my bag
stolen iten from my bag

  • This is a tough one! While the airlines are of course responsible, and you paid extra for the extra bags, it is most likely the thieving ground staff at the airports. This is rampant at many airports, especially lately at Rome airport where they say 1 in 10 bags gets stolen or broken into. That said, it could also have been that your bag was over packed, broke, and the ground staff wrapped what was left up. I had this happen on a flight a few months ago where my bag's zipper broke, and the airline in question 5BA) wrapped the bag. Luckily for me, nothing was missing.

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  • Gu
    Gustavo Almeida Oct 18, 2012

    Hey, I was in that same flight AA 950 from Sao Paulo Brazil to New York JFK. I also had somethings from my bags stolen. I had 2 jackets stolen, one was a puma black ferrari jacket, the other one was a italia blue jacket. 2 yankees caps, A&Fitch cologne. This is insane never had nothing stolen from my bags. I think they should deff do something about this. Had just called them and they passed me the (718) 4877472 number. So I guess I can only call 7 in the morning to get in reach with someone. But I don't think they going to do nothing about it. Hope they do something because these are my personal things and they were brand new.

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stolen jewelry

I was presented with a string of pearls, I guess they were real! I had worked for the company 23 years, and one of the members presented me with the pearls as a gift for my service in the organization. I just arrived home from the airport and they were missing from the box. So, thank you american airlines for you and the service of your wonderful baggage handlers. I do not have much and apparently not meant too. I do hope that individual that ends up receiving those lovely beads enjoys them and wears them in good health! God bless american airlines and the thief that stole my gift.

  • Em
    emma Dec 15, 2009

    Maybe you should have packed them in your hand luggage. Who puts vaulable jewelry in their checked on bags? That's just stupid.

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In january 2007 I bought 4 tickets to travel to my son's wedding. I paid $1709 in total to american airlines. I needed to book one more seat a week later, so I went to their website and found that the price for the seats I bought dropped 30%. I called the airline to arrange some kind of refund. But no, they said I needed to cancel the tickets, and buy them once again.

That would be fine, but with all the ticket cancellation fees and penalties I would not win much. Plus they would not give me my money but issue me a voucher that I could use for future orders! But wait, I also needed to pay $90 for the voucher to be issued to me!

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expired miles without notification

Prior to the buyout/takeover of twa, I had flown nearly 1, 000, 000 miles... The aa took over and everything went out the september of 2008, my sales promotion department at keller crescent advertising in evansville, indiana was dissolved due to financial issues. I had to move back to saint louis, missouri to make ends meat (

After I moved back to saint louis, my aa statements did not get to me in time (according to american airlines) and they expired my miles without notification to me. I had planned to use the miles to travel for a possible job opportunity, but the nice people at american airlines have told me that I am basically sol, unless I play some sort of challenge game. To me it sounds like this airline (that i've been loyal too in it's previous form for many, many years) is making a mockery of my situation and being entirely unreasonable in their requests to get my mileage reinstated.

Loyalty goes both ways.

  • Ve
    verrante Jun 18, 2009

    I just can't believe these AMERICAN AIRLINES' nouveau execs can just "expire" thousands of miles without notification...these kids in American Airlines marketing better wake up before they go the way of GM, Chrysler, BofA, blah, blah, blah, cause the writing's on the wall.

    Yup, didn't get my statements cause i moved back to saint louis and when i talked to them they said, oops, sorry, but you're just SOL. that's after i flew 1, 000, 000 miles on TWA, the airline they absorbed.

    I'll NEVER fly American Airlines again. They don't give a crap about the peeps that have kept them flying for all these years and they'll screw you whenever they can! It's ###.

    1 Votes

frequent flyer miles

After many years of loyalty to american airlines, they unceremoniously deleted my entire savings of frequent flyer miles with no forewarning. One day I had 75, 000 miles, the next day american said they expired because of lack of activity. Other airlines give multiple warnings to you before the miles expire. Not american, they just delete the miles without letting you know. I could have done something simple like spend 1000 miles on a magazine subscription if I had been forewarned. There goes 2 tickets to europe. I will never fly them again.

  • He
    Henry Galea Sep 14, 2011

    Why is it that America Airlines never has the award you need when using miles, but has all kinds of flights going and coming to and from the destination you want if you buy a ticket?

    Another thing, if you are looking for the basic "anywhere in the domestic US" 25, 000 miles return ticket, good luck but again if you spend 50, 000 miles, you can get to anywhere in the country.

    It seems that AA may be cheating the public with their FF program.

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  • Ex
    Ex BA flyer Sep 21, 2011

    Even worse, BA, British AirWaste, I have 600, 000 and they are useless because
    the ripp of BA, they charge as much and even more as coach class ticket as a co-pay, yes there is no way around these fees.
    Their advertizing is deceitful, promesinf this and that and when you ask the "free ticket" with miles the milking starts.
    These are not taxes, security fees etc, but BA invebted fees,

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  • Sh
    Shanghainick Aug 14, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When American Airlines got my 177, 000 frequent flier miles from U.S. Airlines in their takeover merger, I thought they would contact me about their program and my miles. But today, in an e-mail to me, they said that my 177, 000 miles had been deleted as of 10 days ago. They wanted $600 to give them back to me! What a scam! They get my miles, don't advise me what their program is, arbitrarily set a deletion date, then contact me AFTER they have confiscated the miles.
    I got them down to $200, which is a lot, but my miles are worth a lot more.
    I am thinking that they are trying to use this merger as an opportunity to eliminate as many U.S. Air frequent miles as possible by scamming all of us with arbitrary deletion dates. And if we want our miles back, they rob us!
    I will use my miles and that will be the end of traveling with them. The FAA should investigate what they are doing!

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  • Di
    DissedTraveler Feb 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Look at AA new FF program 120 Segments or 100, 000 miles for top tier status. As a business traveler who routinely flies short to medium flights 500 - 700 miles per leg and routinely books direct flights which typically cost considerably more then a multi segment flight to the same destination it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to ever attain the status even if you fly all 52 WEEKS of any given year!!! This is crazy how can any carrier NOT want to keep a paying customer who flys this frequently. I have flown 47, 47, and 45 weeks out of 52 in the last three years 99% of the travel was direct and AA's answer to the my top tier status question was book multi segment flights or pay for a status uprgade. What??? I'm a business traveler and my time is important in terms of getting in front of customers so I pay a premium for the direct flight as opposed to a multi-segment flight and I am consstently shut out of the top tier status. NEWS FLASH AA and other Carriers when you force your FF program actually penalizes a segment of your customer base that uses your service at a higher cost then most other it may be time to reevaluate your business moel.
    Remember if I want to go from point A to Point B direct and I pay more then going by way of China and you reward those flyers who do there is an inheriient flew in your program.

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disgraceful behaviour

With displeasure and annoyance we have to inform our friends and sponsors of a damage to the view e.V. (the view society) caused by american airlines.

Until today american airlines did not bother to send an apology for their disgraceful behaviour, or even refund the outstanding amount of 226 usd, which had to be paid from donation money of the view society.

Please consider the unbelievable behaving of americanairlines when you book your next flight. Next time it might be you to suffer from the ignorance and sloppy work of american airlines.

The explaining letter to american airlines has been attached on our website at:

stolen jewelry from luggage

On august 21, 2008, I arrived 3 hrs early for my flight from birmingham to phoenix. While packing I placed...

bad service

Please help me understand how a simple weekend trip for a security conference in vegas could be ruined by the mediocrity of your standard service. Let me preface the following with the fact that the last time I took american your airlines had left me stranded in chicago for 3 days, and wouldn't let me take a flight to san fran instead, which I was scheduled to take the monday after I returned from chicago.

I had booked a flight to las vegas back in april that was scheduled to leave lga on 8/7/2008 (#785 @ 6:25pm with a dallas layover for flight #355). Well as usual, I arrived at the airport at 4:30 only to find out the flight was delayed until 7:30.

Upon finally boarding the plane, the pilot began to inform us of inclement weather (which there was none) and we would be taking off shortly... "shortly" however turned into 3 trips around the airport and the pilot reporting numerous times that we are in queue for takeoff then back again to circling the airport. The last count I believe was 3 times we were in queue. Taking off after 2 1/2 hours of ground time.

As we are in the air, I know there is no way I am making my connection, so i'm fully prepared for more american issues. As we are approaching dfw, the pilot announces the gates for the connections. I ask the flight attendant if the vegas flight will still be there. He responds by saying "oh yeh thats gate d26 you'll make it, the oklahoma city folks probably wont".

Once we land at your hub, now we are circling for 15 minutes, because "ground crew" was unavailable. Finally we're off the plane. I ask the desk agent about the vegas flight and she informs me that yes they are still here and you should be able to make it. So now onto my 20 minute walk to the other gate.

I get to the gate and they are just closing the doors... I immediately ask the agent why did they close the doors.. Only to be told they gave away my seat... Now i'm usually a calm individual but this was ridiculous... American kept me hostage for 2 1/2 hours on the tarmac, and then gives away my seat on the connection??? I had a conference that started the next morning and now thanks to american I wasn't making it. She had also said we told them not to send you over here.

So I ask the agent about the next flight, and who would cover my room, since I had already spent 300 on a room in vegas. She said that I am because it was an air traffic control issue (all my buddies that flew delta got out...) then she tells me the earliest she can get me out is 2pm the next day.. However when she saw it was a first class seat, she said she would be able to confirm me on the 10:30 flight, and she printed a room voucher for me. She also showed me the room voucher pointing to it, so the irate customer next to me wouldn't say anything because he was requesting a room as well.

Fine... Already I am going to miss the start of my conference... I wake up the next morning to head to the airport. The flight was supposed to go out of a11 at dfw (flight# 1811) at 10:30. I had some breakfast, smoked a cigarette go through security and get to the gate at 10:05. No sign on the board... Hmm... Ask the agent and he said it was moved to gate d26. So now I have to go through the entire airport again. Have to recheck in because of change of equipment, only to find out the plane is delayed until 11:30. When I finally get into vegas it is almost 3pst, and I had lost an entire day of the conference, and 300 for the room...

My flight back was equally as bad... Arrived at airport at 6:00 for a 7:25 flight... Flight was delayed until 8:15. Once we boarded at 7:30, we just sat... No informational announcements... Just sat and sat and sat.. Again 2 1/2 hours on the tarmac at the gate. To top it off the staff on this flight was just as bad.. While I was passed out the flight attendant walked into my shoulder while she was passing out food. Then I woke up and she says. "oh do you want to eat too". Thats the worst first class service I have ever had...

Then it takes almost 90 minutes to get my luggage at jfk... So all in all I got on the plane at 7:25pst and didn't get out of the airport until 6:45est for what should of only been a 4 1/2 hour flight.

I'm not looking for an apology... Just want a simple explanation on why you feel you can provide such horrible service. You are not the only airlines. I have cancelled my citi advantage mastercard today, and will be transferring my miles as well.. Good riddance american.

won't refund my money

Last year I bought a round trip ticket from austin to new york to see my parents.

I had a severe injury from the army and was honorably discharged. I was discharged on august 2007 and the return flight was on september of 2007. The injury prevented me from flying back home to my wife once I was in ny. The airline told me they would credit me, so I was relieved. I had therapy and still reside in ny while my wife is in texas.

Recently, I wanted to use my credit, but was told it had expired! I wasn't asking for extra miles or any perks. I was only asking to receive my $300 I had already been charged on my credit card. They said nothing could be done. No credit, miles, nada! This is a bunch of horse radish if you ask me.

Please help me because these people are totally robbing me. I'm not an american airline ceo that makes millions. The economy is tough and aa is doing everything they can to maximize their profits. However, denying me my hard earned money is unethical.

Thank you for listening

astronomical "fuel surcharge" for infant in lap on american airlines

As an american airlines (aa) frequent flyer of 100k miles, I have to say aa just isn't what it used to be...

employee abuse

I am the fiance' of an employee of american airlines. She has had an illness for the past year that has left her anorexic and under 90 lbs. American expects their employees to never become ill, but where she has to work the building is totally consumed with mold which has caused several other employees to become very ill over the past several years. My fiance' underwent surgery last year and suffered a reaction to the antibiotics that were given to her to ward off possible infection. She lost her taste and appetite and ability to digest solid food. Being a nuclear engineer, I have temporary assignments that present themselves occassionally requiring me to locate to any state on a moments notice. Due to my fiance's condition I have had to turn down several assignments over the past year to care for my fiance'. During this time my fiance' has received several "occurance" notices from american for failure to abide by american's attendance policies. Obviously, they couldn't care less if their employees are near death... All that is important to them is lining gerard arpy and friends pockets. I would be very appreciative if someone could inform me of someone with whom I could contact to publicly expose american and bring their abuses to the attention of the american public. America needs to be made aware of just what kind of employer american airlines is and how they abuse their employees. The moral of this airlines is at present zero due to the abuses of gerard arpy and his friends in so far as their hoarding all of the profits of american airlines and in not sharing any of the wealth that the employees were responsible for generating. All of the complaints I have noticed on this blog can be attributed to that condition. Once again, any help in publicly exposing american airlines as being what they truly are would greatly be appreciated. My email is [protected]
Thank you

  • To
    tony E Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @jfk the cost of living has gone up but NYC we make what we made in 1995 I can't afford to get sick and eat

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  • To
    tony E Sep 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    TWA was the worst move move to do they baby these"s guy that dont do a thing?

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  • Sh
    Shurayma Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Strongly agree with you.Your fiancee is not the first and won't be the last.At the station of Aruba one employee received a termination threat for being on chymo-therapy.And died after having worked a few months after receiving her chymo.And the General Manager couldn't carre less.Her family didn't receive a penny and all privilidges were denied. by Station Manager.When informed HR she responded to solve it localy.

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  • Da
    Daniel Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know where you are coming from, my dad has an illness that he has had for about 5 years, and everytime it flares up he ends up in the hospital. It's like they do expect that no one from there is ever going to get sick. They have done nothing but make things worse... it is a stomach/intestinal problem that only gets worse with stress, so they have been very helpful. They suck and I hate what they do to their employees.

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  • Sk
    SkyTraveler Sep 07, 2009

    Does your beloved fiance belong to a Union? (Not that they would care as well, but at least she can broadcast the help you need)
    What about writing letter to the CEO of American? Wait for their response and then
    write a letter to the local newspapers regarding response...Isn't there anyone in your local T.V. Listings available to do some investigative reporting in your area? Get them involved as well. I would EXPOSE THE ENTIRE ATTITUDE OF AMERICAN AIRLINES TO THE MEDIA.

    I am sure American would not be happy...and would prob. retaliate...they are know for that. Hey, but at least you get it off your chest.

    Press on, press on!
    Wishing your fiance God speed!

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  • Jo
    Jon Bentley Dec 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agree with the post and more...the justice department should review AA's use of Govt. bail out funds to finance crimes against employees. I Took a transfer from the LVRO to the Tucson office. Was given move funds and had all my belongings moved the cost of which was paid for by AA..The contents of a 3 Brm house and nearly with 2 months storage in Tucson included. I suspected something wrong in the manner the Director and Supervisor regarded me. Was told by Supe that my 'call work' stats were too high. 1 week later I was given a letter of termination for being 20 plus seconds over the goal on domestic calls and 2 seconds over on Advantage calls. Still living at a Hotel while looking for housing. I was now unemployed after 30 days, not able to even access my storage units because AA had not paid the bill to get important papers out and not get the move out of storage unless it was in Tucson. They planned it. Lost everything of 55 years.No family pictures, mementos All furniture, all clothing. AA erased my life because the Director and LVRO manager conspired before my move because they viewed me as trouble. all for 2 seconds and its in writing too.. ..How arrogant of them. AA has had a practice of placing individuals with severe personality disorders in responsible positions. Oh, they did all this exactly on the 61 day when they would no longer be financially responsible. The Director was told I was a union organizer at the LVRO. Had several heart attacks and finally open heart surgery. The Physician said they would have been more honest if they ran you over with a plane...Was told by another Director that AA would never do that. The hit and run with a plane or the termination for 2 seconds. I am collecting the mass of horror stories from former and current non mgt. employees. Read about it in the book '' Somethings in the Air '' The writers at Paramount had to be former AA management employees.
    Tne Borg'' bare a striking way of thinking and behavior the same way as low level managers at AA ...'' you will be absorbed ''

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rude counter service

On july 16th my family and I flew from austin to tampa for vacation using aa miles. Two days earlier, on the 14th, I received an email upgrade notification. The notification seemed odd to me since i've flown aa for 20 years and am very familiar with their rules but thought that maybe the rules had changed. After arriving at the ticket counter I was informed by the agent, her first name was judy but she would not give me her last name (hispanic women in her 40's, overweight, short dark hair with glasses), that we would not be receiving the upgrade and that we'd lost the seats I chose on the website and my family would be seated all over the two flights to tampa. When I protested she began blaming me, saying that I shouldn't have checked the upgrade box on the website. Knowing that it was impossible to request an upgrade online using miles I then became angry and demanded to see a supervisor. She came back out 10 minutes later and says it will be another 20 minutes. The supervisor finally came out and did nothing to help, even when judy threatened to have me arrested. The agent doesn't have a clue how the website works and now she taunts me into becoming angry and then threatens to have me arrested? I have 1.6m miles with aa and have never lost my cool, but i've never been treated this way either, by any airline.

I used to feel sorry for aa employees since many of their issues are out of their control but not anymore. They openly mock and ridicule aa management, especially over the bonus payouts to executives, and now it's reaching the customer level. One attendant on a flight I recently took openly announced her displeasure with the bonus issue over the intercom as we were landing. These people don't like their management or their jobs and it shows.

No more loyal customer here though. I've already made 4 trips since then, all on southwest, and will continue to do so. They sing to you instead of complaining.

unprofessional employees

I flew on 8/9/08 from orange county airport to dfw airport, flight 1774. It was myself, my husband, my...

airline dissatisfaction

In this day of technology, where at anytime a customer service desk can be eliminated with a touch screen kiosk, why are the ones who are fortunate enough to have a job so rude? Generally, I am not a person that will call in or write in to a company to complain. However, after a recent experience with american airlines, I felt compelled to do so. I sent off an email to their customer relations center. Within a day I received a response. They were apologetic and offered me a $100 most cases I would have been satisfied. I paid the extra money for first class tickets; I expected that level of flight, it was perfect. The flight attendants were amazing. When I landed at chicago o'hare though, it was a completely different experience.

I asked the lady at the gate if I was at the right gate for my connection. Yes, she said, with a smile. Almost an hour passed and no plane had arrived, so I went to ask her how much longer. It was then that she informed me that my plane departed from a completely different gate. When I asked her why she told me to stay at that particular gate, her response was, "my mistake", and then she proceeded to tell me that if didn't like her service than I should have drove. What? I shelled out how many hundreds of dollars for this? It is ludicrous.

We consumers have got to stand up to these corporations. We must let them know that we will not accept this sub-par service any longer. The only way they will feel the effect of our dissatisfaction is in their wallets. I personally will not use american airlines again. Whether it is for business or personal travel, and I will encourage my family and business associates to steer clear of them as well.

wors airline service

July 31, 2008.

Last june 30th, we flew with american airlines to europe. I believe it is only fair you know what we went through.

We bought the tickets since february and in april, we called aa to confirm the flights and reserve our seats. When I did it, I asked to be in the first row, no problem. The fly left from miami, on time, the food was great and the flight attendants were nice.

Later, aa decided to cancel our flight back from london, so you do all necessary to contact us and notify us about it. We got a mail letting us know about the inconvenience and asking us to let you know where we would stay at london, to send us a cab to take us to the airport as a compensation for all the problems aa knew caused the fact that we had already paid the taxi to the airport.

The day we flew back from london, the cab arrived right on time and took us to heathrow airport, where the driver took our baggage to aa desk while we were informed that because all the trouble aa caused we would get upgrades.

By now, i’m sure you can’t believe things happened as I say, because you know how aa really is. And you are right, this is what it would have been like if aa were a real airline, but it is not even close to it.

These are the facts about aa. First of all, the name is wrong; the correct name you should have is american sorry airlines, asa.

As I say in my fantasy, it is true we got our tickets since february and confirmed the flight and our seats in april. But, when I asked for the first row, asa staff said that asa policy is to assign them only at the departure gate.

The day we flew from miami, we were at the gate the first in row, and when we asked for the seats in the first row, the woman said they were already assigned. No, they are not, we are first in line and they are assigned here, how can it be? And the magic began then; the answer was: sorry! I insisted, - how can it be? - it is against asa policies, and again the answer was sorry. At that same moment, I asked asa staff if the seats and flight for our trip back from london were ok. She checked, and the answer was: yes, everything is ok, you do not have to do anything else.

The flight did not leave on time as in my tale, but with a 90-minute delay, the food was terrible and, unfortunately, the attendants were far from nice. Finally, we arrived to paris and after a long wait, we got our luggage, and one of our pieces of luggage, the new great case we just bought for our trip to europe, was literally broken by half! We had to discard it at our paris hotel.

We contacted asa personnel on this matter and again magic: we are sorry! Who is going to pay for the damage, I asked, and the answer was: sorry, I do not know.

I was really upset at asa and only prayed that was the last problem, how silly of me. I have to mention at this point, that 3 out of the last four times we have flown with asa, we have got at least one broken piece of luggage. The two other times, we made our claims but got the same answer.

In the way back, from london to new york on july 27th, we had a scheduled departure from stansted at 10:15 am on flight aa12. We hired a cab in advance to take us to the airport for £65. Try to imagine my reaction when we arrived and could not find the asa desk. Finally, only swissair airline helped us. They suggested we go to the airport information desk, but the only helpful thing they have to say is that asa has not flown from stansted for the past two months! However, they fail to provide a phone number to call asa, at our expense, on a mobile phone from mexico, and there is obviously not a single asa employee in the airport to provide any sort of assistance.

Ironically, swissair actually helped us; they found an asa phone number and confirmed that asa was leaving from heathrow. Without another alternative, we took yet another cab to heathrow at a cost of £117!

On the way to heathrow, I called the two numbers we the first one we got a message: “on sundays we start at 8:30am”. It is correct, who cares about passengers flying early in the morning, they deserve to have problems because they chose to fly early on sunday. The second number, mentioned the same and a 800 number. I dialed it, and it was in usa! I paid the long distance call, remained in line for almost 10 minutes waiting and there were no available operators, who can believe it, it was 2am in ny!

Finally we arrived at heathrow, and then, it happens, the driver shows us what a service attitude means. He parked, turned off the engine and go out of the cab running, to pickup two carts for our luggage, I was amazed, it was a clear example of service attitude. Asa clearly does not know about this a bit.

When we finally were at the asa customer service desk, the nightmare continues. The woman in charge, informed me our flight was simply canceled and changed to heathrow. Well I say, really upset, we are here, and still on time, so please give us our boarding passes. And then, the worst, she informed us that asa canceled also our reservation without informing us and without my consent. It was clear at this point, that asa is absolute incapable; you do not have an idea about what service means.

I was of course very angry. The woman informed me she would put us in standby and confirmed for another flight, 6 hours later! I had a very important meeting in ny at 5pm. Of course, asa did not put us in the flight even after you cancelled without my authorization our tickets, we spent £182 on cabs because of asa irresponsibility and when I asked to the asa personal who was going to pay for it, the answer was (guess): we are sorry.

We finally left from london at 4:30pm, got the same very bad food and scarcely better attendants. I missed a very important meeting in ny because of your poor service.

It took us 45 minutes to go trough customs and 90 minutes after landing we were still waiting for our luggage, because every time we asked asa staff why other passengers had gotten their luggage and we hadn’t, the answer was: yes sorry, it will come. Every asa employee at luggage service was very, very impolite and finally, after I was really angry, they checked and found one more asa incredible error: our baggage was left at london! (I now realize, at this point I shouldn’t have been surprised at all, considering what I had already been through). No excuses, asa is totally unable of managing an airline.

With a very bad attitude, asa staff accept to make a report. At this moment I realized what was going on. Asa is cutting expenses and is doing it with two main actions: hiring undertrained people and not training them, leaving the customers to supervise them. So I started. I checked twice the report; it had errors –both times - and was incomplete even when I was giving all the information. I had to request to be printed twice to make absolutely sure it was complete and correct. I was informed the luggage would arrive during the night and would be sent to our hotel. Then I asked, who is going to pay for the clothes and clean items we have now to buy, and of course, the answer was sorry, we do not know. We spend over $100us on clothes and toiletry items.

As i’m sure, you now know what happened next day, the luggage did not arrive, as offered, to our hotel. I called the 800 number and start my supervision activities once more. I inquired about my luggage and was informed it had just left london and was going to arrive at 14:44. Problem again, we had tickets to mexico with mexicana at 6pm. We went to jfk airport to supervise the staff more closely.

As we arrived, I went to the luggage services desk and asked for my luggage, it was 3:00pm. Answer: we do not have it yet, do not worry, leave to mexico, we will send it to mexicana. Answer: how could it be that I knew the time and flight my luggage was arriving in and they did not (or at least they said so)? I insist, and the answer is: get out of the office and come back later!

3:15pm, enough! I went in again to the luggage services office. As soon as the woman sees me, she took her bag, jumped over the desk and left saying: some one will come, wait! That is the attitude, I remembered immediately the taxi driver at london. As I was responsible for supervision and was aware of the office, I walked to the storage room to find some one. There I found one of the only two employees I would not fire. He understood quickly the problem and was the first person from asa that instead of being sorry, took action. He took my report and told me he would find them, go trough customs and put them in transfer to mexicana. It looked ok to me.

While waiting, a woman came to the desk. She was caroline matwansih. She was the second person that instead of being sorry, helped me to solve the problem. While I was explaining my problem, I remembered responsibility number one of supervision: see problems in advance, and I did it and found a big one. As I was responsible to avoid any more errors from asa, I took action immediately. A potential problem was that as our luggage was documented in london as a terminal flight in ny, putting the luggage in transfer to mexicana was not going to work because the tags did not have mexico as final destination.

I explained this to caroline, she understood it immediately and took the appropriate measures. She literally ran to the customs and caught our luggage in time before it was transferred. Finally we got it, and to my big surprise, in one single piece, not broken.

It is clear that asa is far, very far from most airlines, specially the mexican, which always leave on time, deliver the baggage very quickly and in good shape, the attendants are very nice and you can even have a asa it cost $6us. Aside of this, asa staff have no training, are very impolite and have no service attitude at all (do you remember swissair and the taxi driver?).

And last, why does no one take responsibility for all the asa errors? Why did asa not give us an upgrade, pay the £182 for the cabs and the $100us on clothes and toiletry accessories and the $150us for our broken case? We incurred in all this expenses because of asa irresponsibility and carelessness about customers.

I understand an airline is not an easy business, especially with the rising energy prices, but once someone decides to involved in it, the first policy should be to accept errors and do whatever is necessary to correct them instead of turning them around on the customers and saying: sorry. I worked for a company that serves 20, 000, 000 customers. I was responsible for the y2k project. We could have said, let’s wait and say sorry to our customers if something fails. We did not have that attitude. We faced the problem in advance, trained our staff, made all the necessary arrangements, anticipated potential drawbacks and so we were very successful in the y2k. We accepted our problems and errors and corrected them instead of just sitting around and saying sorry to customers.

Attitude and responsibility is the key.

Alfredo guadarrama mancilla
Tel. [protected]
Cel. [protected]
[protected] Mx

Reservation: caxfp0


I have flown about 3 round trip flights recently on american airlines and each flight each way I have been pulled to the side and searched, going and coming. I ask why, and they say that it is not them its the airline that wants me searched. So I called the airline and I was told that the airline had nothing to do with it by an american airline representative. I would really like to understand why I am being searched every time that I fly and who is responsible for it. I am an advantage member and this treatment is beginning to discourage me from flying american.

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    joe Jul 24, 2008
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    What do you look like?

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worst service ever

This is my letter to gerald arpey, pres. & ceo of aa. To which I received an e-mail from their customer service dept. Saying so what, who cares - basically.

My family and i: susan r. Reid (me); brian k. Reid (my spouse); courtney rogers (our daughter); amanda reid (our daughter); jessica reid (our daughter); jesse reid (my brother-in-law); barbara reid (my mother-in-law); were supposed to fly out of ohare sunday 05/11/08 at 3:40 p.M. When we arrived at the airport at 2:00 p.M. And up until 3:30 p.M. The flight was �on time according to american airlines flight board. At 3:30 p.M. The board changed to cancelled. After a long week of an exhausting family visit for a huge family wedding, and because this was mothers day, we were all looking forward to being home that night.

But no, the flight was cancelled. After waiting in line for 20 minutes at g-3 we were finally told via intercom that the flight was cancelled and we were to move to another desk, I think it was g-4 to have our flight re-booked. I instructed my daughters to take my elderly mother-in-law to sit while my husband and I tried to find out what we needed to do. I merely asked the lady at the counter why I was holding guaranteed tickets in my hand and we were not allowed to use them. She said in a very snotty return that she �was not in charge of the weather. This totally shocked me because I used to teach customer service classes for a bank and that type of response was not in my lesson fact, I would fire anyone using that type of response. I wish I had her name but to go further, she told my husband, a pastor, that he was being too loud and argumentative. First of all, rev. Reid has a louder voice than most people because he speaks in church all the time and second of all, he is never rude to anyone. He has nothing but love for people. So, we were taken aback by the american airlines woman you hired to represent your company. She offered us a flight out on american at 3:40 the next day. Then she offered us a discounted hotel rate of $89.95. We were very low on funds and that was not an option for the 7 of us. She was able to get us on a delta flight at 7:10 the next morning. She never offered us any information on our luggage or where we could stay in the terminal, etc. I was furious at this point and did not say another word to her.

My husband and brother-in-law went down to the american airlines desk downstairs and asked if we could get our luggage back to get my blood pressure meds and my mother-in-laws medications out of our checked luggage. The young man he spoke with said he did not think that was possible and the luggage was on its was to birmingham. If the luggage was on its way, why could we not have been with it? He also said we should check back in 3 hours to see if he was correct; another wrong answer in my book.

Then we all seven proceeded down to the delta desk and were able to confirm our flight the next morning and the young man gave us security passes to get us to the delta terminal to sit all night long. We all 7 went through security again and tsa was nice to four of us and harassed me, my husband and our two minor daughters about the security pass they gave us. I started to cry at this point which made everything worse because apparently a woman who quietly cries because she has been treated wrongly on mothers day knowing that she will spend the night at the airport, having to go through security twice, being yelled at by mean people at american airlines and having to spend her last $25.00 on hot chocolate, coffee and cokes for her family, and now being harassed by tsa, is no doubt in tsas mind that she is a security threat.

Anyway we got to the delta terminal and sat for hours. My husband then went back to the american airlines baggage desk and was told that they could not find all of our luggage. Hours later, he finally was able to get all the luggage and take out our meds. He gave the bags to delta who stored them for us with no problem.

Questions for you as president of american airlines:

1. Later, we learned through american that we could have been shuttled to midway for take off that night to birmingham. Why were we not told that before? Why was midway able to fly to birmingham?

2. I want a print-out from your office showing me the immediate danger of taking off at 3:40 on the 11th at ohare for a non-stop flight to bhm. Other flights were leaving for the south especially atl. Prove to me that there was a weather problem and not the fact that only 15-20 people showed up for the flight and you did not want to fly the plan because there were so few passengers and/or you did not have a flight staff available.

3. Tell me why you could not have delayed the flight like you did on the way up there wednesday, may 7th (my birthday) I spent a total of 6 hours at the bhm airport waiting on weather and paper-work.

4. Will you tell me why no one from american could explain that there were cots available to stay in a warm area with blankets and pillows? No one at american offered any helpful information.

5. Will you tell me why I cant get a refund of all of our tickets, plus reimbursement for $10.00 parking fee at bhm for the extra day, the additional charges of my dogs at the kennel $60.00, and the reimbursement of all the expensive drinks and food at the airport a total of $175.00? This is what I demand.

. I never want to fly american again unless you prove to me why I should. I will go to my grave telling people that they should never fly american airlines, ever.

I will never forget the way we were treated. I will never forget the sight of my kids and my mother-in-law freezing in a terminal for a whole night.

I look forward to you answers, proof and refund within two weeks of the date on this letter or this matter will be handed over to my attorney. I refuse to be treated this way in the united states of america.

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    Eddie Crompton Jul 31, 2008
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    Don't expect too much from American. I had reason to complain to them following a disastrous trip my wife and I made with them last year but their customer complaints department refused to examine the (what I thought were) genuine grievances we had with the service provided. Over a period of 6 months, and after much delay in their responses, I had three e-mails all saying the same thing, which would have insulted the intelligence of a ten year old! The essence of their response was that they had thought about it and I could go whistle, never did they show that they had considered any of the points raised in my complaint to them. I guess their only aim was to test my endurance and they did succeed, since I decided that I had better things to do than waste time, it was all going nowhere and my only proper recourse was to decide to never fly with them again. Good luck with your complaint, I only hope you do better than I did.

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    lilvixen69 Sep 24, 2009

    I am sorry but if I was that woman behind the counter, I would have slapped you silly. I don't know where you teach customer service classes but I feel sorry for your students because they are learning from a ###. Walking up to a desk and demanding why you can't use the "guaranteed tickets" in your hands is just asking for trouble. You get what you give: you act like a ###, you'll get treated like one.

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missing or stolen luggage

To whom it may concern,
My wife, my two sons and I checked 5 bags in atlanta on tuesday, july 15 to providenciales (pls). We then boarded american airlines flight 2035 for miami and in miami boarded aa flight 673 to providenciales. We arrived on time, however our luggage did not. From the baggage claim area we walked to the american airlines desk in the main terminal and filed a missing baggage report for aa 40 18 96,
Aa 40 18 98, aa 40 18 17, aa 4o 19 00 & aa40 18 99.
The file locator number we were given were tkunab, tltzcc, tdanag, tdanac, & tdanfx. We were told that our luggage had been booked onto the next american airlines flight, that it would be arriving that evening and that it would be delivered to the sibonne' hotel where we were spending the next 4 nights.
The next morning, when our luggage had not arrived we called the airport number [protected]) we had been given and after several attempts (busy signals and no answers) were able to speak to a women who said our luggage was there but that it had not been released by customs. Later in the day we called again and, after several more attempts, we were able to reach a man who said our luggage would be delivered to out hotel later that day. Late that afternoon four of the five pieces of luggage were delivered to the hotel. Three of them (aa40 18 97, aa40 19 00, and aa 40 18 99) had luggage tags on them. The tag was missing from the fourth bag. We then called the american airlines desk in an attempt to locate our missing bag and after numerous calls. Many of which were unanswered, we received differing responses including "your luggage is here but customs has not yet released it", "we'll check to see if your missing bag is here and if it is have it delivered to your hotel", "let me check to see if your luggage is here, please hold" (after several minutes of holding it became clear that the person who had answered the phone had no intention of ever coming back on the line). We finely called the u.S. American airlines desk [protected] not a toll free number from providenciales) and was told that according to their records all five pieces of our luggage had been delivered to the pls airport and that they had "been accounted for". I then told the women on the line that "yes" we had received four of the five pieces but that one of them, either aa 401896 or aa 401898, was still missing and that it had not been delivered. I asked her to please send an e-mail to the aa desk at the pls airport and ask them to deliver that piece of luggage to our hotel. She said she would.
Thursday morning, july 17, and we still had not received our missing piece of luggage and the several attempts we made to contact the aa desk at pls met with the same repeated responses we had received on the previous two days. Once we were told by a man, who gave his name as marty johnson, that he had no one to bring the luggage to us.
Friday, july 18 - we made several more attempts to reach someone at the pls airport that could give us some information regarding our missing piece of luggage. Mostly we got busy signals, no answers, or if we did manage to get someone on the phone, the same responses we had been receiving. On at least two occasions the person at the pls aa desk simply hung up once we had asked for information regarding our missing luggage. Apparently these employees had no interest or inclination to make any effort to help us find it.
We departed pls on saturday, july 19. Flew out on aa746. But before we left we visited the american airlines desk, the customs office and another room where one of the aa employees said that luggage was sometime stored. My luggage was not in any of these locations and we departed without it.
The missing piece of luggage is/was a smaller size, green, rectangular, 15"x 20" x 10" rolling bag with a retractable handle. It was secured by a 3-dial combo lock and contained clothing, toilet articles, a pair of sandals, a swiss army knife, a leatherman, a 1st aid kit, swim wear, sunglasses, hat, and a few other items. I'd like to have had these things during our vacation but now that that is past would still like to have this luggage and it contents delivered to our residence.
Although I have no proof of this, my guess is that all of our five pieces of luggage did arrive and were accounted for by the pls aa desk. I suspect that all five were than sent to our hotel but that only four were actually delivered, one without its tracking tag, which makes it more difficult to determine which one was actually missing.
Your attention to this situation and response to this note will be appreciated.


Richard mills
2030 acton place
Birmingham, al 35243
[protected] (h)
[protected] (o)

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    complainer22 Jun 06, 2009

    i have been having problems with American Airlines for too long now. they refused to release my bags. they have also said that a toolbox containing nothing but screws was a potential bomb. i was put under questioning. never fly with them again!!!

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    PKTAILOR Jun 14, 2011
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