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fraud/failure to correct software issues

On September 15, 2010 I received an email from introducing their new program connecting them with...

Resolved refund missing

I had a Job interview with in Ireland. They paid my flight in advance but not my hotel room saying it will be refund later. Of course I had no doubts they will... and guess what? I've never been refunded. Recruitment team says it's not their problem and Payable Accounts Team says... first that "The IBAN is wrong" and then "We did it". No, they don't as I didn't get anything on my bank account. Now, it is not just about the money but the principle: they repeatedly evade my questions and show no commitment to the values they company should be proud of. Since then all my emails to Amazon employees I used to talk with about my issue are systematically bounced back (sound very strange, isn't it?).

Amazon's behavior is very unethical and I'm very surprised I never got my money back. Those are money I have the right to take back. 80% of the people working as employees represent the company's vision (a known concept for those involved in business consulting) and if its people act like that Amazon should review its internal communication.

My common sense is still not accepting that they could act like that. Unbelievable.

I had to work for them If they hired me... and what they were supposed to teach me? How to cheat and piss off people? In the beginning I was a little sad they didn't hire me, right now I think it is not a big loss for me: I paid just $200 to avoid their workplace.

  • Je
    jesuisfrank Dec 17, 2012

    I experienced the same problem with Amazon, I had a face to face interview and I paid in advance 300 euros for getting on the interview site.The recruiter promised me that every expense will be paid by her company, but it wasn'r true.When after one month I sent to them a mail every week for three months, they dumped me with silly answers and saying it's not their responsabilities.
    Pay attention to Amazon, ask to recruiter to buy flight tickets in advance . Be foxy

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Resolved shipping charges

I recently ordered some books from When asked if I wanted my items to be shipped as they were available I selected yes, just in case something was backordered. However, on the website everything said it was in in stock. I received an invoice with TWO different shipping amounts. I contacted Amazon via chat and was informed that the order could not be canceled (I wanted to cancel all but one book) because it was already being processed to shipped. I asked about the prices and was informed that because I selected to have them shipped when available the price was not $42.00 but $107.00 for shipping. My invoice said that they were all shipping at the same time, so the charge should have only been $42.00. The email sent to me said it was shipping in three shipments. Yet I could not cancel the orders that were not set to be shipped. My online invoice said 1 shipment. I finally called Amazon and was informed that the shipping charge was incorrect because it was not being shipped in three shipments but one shipment. . . .The customer service agent was helpful and said he would refund my shipping charges. . now I just have to wait to see what happens. . . Be very careful when you select your shipping methods. If at all possible - do not select "ship separately".

terrible service

Having ordered a product (book and CD textbook) with their own product code, they sent me the wrong item. I ordered again and paid for it a second time and again they still sent the wrong product. I ordered and paid for the product one last time, and again they sent me the wrong product. The codes were correct, and my order was correct but apparently their warehouse could not get it straight. When I told them to send me the correct product they refused until I paid for a fourth item. I now have $400 in merchandise that I do not want, and I still do not have what I wanted.

  • Ve
    Veronica Jul 21, 2009

    When the product price changes before delivery they rather have me refuse the item on delivery and reorder the same item at a lower price than to reimburse the difference.

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  • Ta
    taco12 Jun 02, 2010

    This is because they do not offer a post order price match guarantee, which is clearly posted on the help page.

    In my opinion, Amazon, or any company for that matter should not be expected to make exceptions to policies that are clearly posted on the website.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 10, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why did you keep going after the first failure without demanding refund there and then? And if they refused, why didn't you take your business elsewhere?

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non-receipt of order

I made the mistake of buying a vhs/dvd unit through amazon and had it ship via fed-ex. I never got it. When the alleged driver came by he claimed to have given it directly to me. No signature and no verification as to who actually got it. Obviously, I am a thief. Even though I was in the hospital on the day the CLAIM they delivered it. This was all in mid-September and as of yet I do not have my order, I do not have an apology, but yet, they still got my money. It's just easier to accuse me I guess. Their delivery guy must be the most fantastic deliveryman on record. Can anybody, truthfully answer to any event, outside of marriage or birth, that has occurred more than a month ago? Their deliveryman claims he can! WOW! I sure hope my wife never develops a memory, she excoriates me enough every day now. I paid, yet I do not have my order. If, and it's a big one, IF Fed-ex DID deliver the package, who did they give it too? You tell me, what more could I have done? They didn't even bother to have the person sign for it. Seems to me that fed-ex dropped the ball on this one and has been no help either. I'm just out of a lot of money.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contact's customer service.

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Resolved amazon fees

I sold my books on Amazon for years. I did not sell a lot because of the competition. I can't sell a book for 1 penny. Just recently I noticed they made almost half or more in profit. Here is the scenario. I sold a book for 2.00. The buyer pays 2.00 plus $3.99 in shipping. The total in sales is $5.99. Now Amazon takes a total of $3.19. This is what they charge every time you sell a book unless you sign up for the monthly selling fee of $39.99. I don't sell that many books to pay $39.99 every month.

Now I have to deduct the shipping of $3.45 to ship. Subtract the postage fee of $3.45 and Amazon's fees of $3.19 and what do you get? NOTHING! What is my sale - O DOLLAR!!! Amazon will get their $3.19 regarding if you sell your book for $.99. I don't see how sellers make any profit on the .01 penny cost.

I spoke to an Amazon representative who first of all does not speak very good English and second who was not very helpful at all.

I closed my seller account. I will sell my books to a bookseller who is less greedy.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's a business, what do you expect? Amazon has to pay for server traffic and other things like that that amazon sellers don't pay for. They need to turn a profit too.

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cancelled order but still charges me

I placed an order for merchandise at which totaled around $700.00
The next thing I know they send me an email saying they closed my account because my account was associated with another account or accounts! Wtf???
Yet!!! My bank account was still charged the amount of money that the merchandise came out to! I can't seem to get anywhere with anyone from the site. I've called the number listed and the people on the other end of the line tell me they will forward my name and number to the accounts department and that someone will get a hold of me within 24 hours! Bs! No one ever called me back and all I get in reply to my emails is an email asking my bank to contact them and virify that my banking info is correct. My bank said they do not do that and it's fraudulent. I don't know what else to do. It isnt every day that I can shop like that. I had bought early christmas gifts and I am left with nothing but the runaround from
Someone please tell me what I can do.???..???

Resolved unethical shipping bait and switch

Watch out!!!

Amazon changes your shipping costs in between when you view items and when you check out.

They add a dollar to the cost of each item without warning!

On a small order this amounts to a large percentage.

This is an unethical, sleazy business practice that should be illegal. I have sent a complaint to the federal trade commission. Hope they do something.

Punish amazon by not using their company.

  • Bo
    boogie12 Feb 14, 2018

    another bait and switch technique is advertising free 2 day shipping for prime members for an item but when you check out it is magically switched to regular ground shipping (5 days). this is blatant false advertising if not fraud of the commitments promised to prime members (breach of contract). i have experienced this several times. i am not so hard up that i cannot wait for a package but do not treat me like i have a lack of intelligence.

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the shopkeeper did not replace the product

We Bought a xbox 360 on 11th July 2010 and the Shopkeeper gave 1 year Gaurantee on it.It Stopped Working on 16th of July 2010.We Contacted Microsoft on 16th of July 2010.They Said to take it back to the Shopkeeper.The ShopKeeper(Vikrant)Did not replace the Product instead kept Denying that anything can Happen to the XBOX so soon.We left it with Him on 17th of July.Since then it has been with Him.He Has Done Nothing to Replace the Product or Give our Money Back.Infact he keeps Delaying it.The Product has been with Him for 1 month and now he is saying that we will have to Pay the Cost once they can find out the Problem and repair it.Since it has not been our Fault Please Take Appropriate Action Against Him.

  • Le
    Lea Abou Haidar Aug 13, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am trying to completely delete my 2 credit card information on my amazon account (Elizabeth Abou Diwan )as I won't be using my account currently, and am unable to do so. Also, I tried amazon prime 30-day free trial this July and want to deactivate it for this August before it automatically renews. Thank you!

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I would like to say this: My Kindle is less than one month old (shipped 7/7/2010), and you have come out with a brand new and improved Kindle. Same price, better Kindle.

I am a 76 (on 8/6) year old retiree whose retirement account has been victimized by the banking industry. Now, I have the immense displeasure of having the owner of Amazon victimize me also. It took 2 gift cards and my savings to finally buy the Kindle, and what do I get? An old, out of date, no doubt discontinued version of the Kindle.

Words can not express my anger and disgust with you and your organization.

Would it have hurt your bottom line to advise me that if I waited a couple of weeks, I could get the new and improved Kindle? I doubt it. I am so fed up, that I am considering canceling my account with Amazon and never using this again. This is unconscionable. It almost borders on a scam.

So my feedback is this. Shame on you and whoever else is in charge there.

  • Am
    Amazon is a Scam Jul 22, 2010

    Amazon is a Scam to buyers and to Sellers.

    If you are a seller and are doing well -- they encourage your to ship your products to them. Then they will ban you with no warning and charge you to get your product back. Search the internet. Amazon is doing this to millions -- hurting the small business person that helps their site.

    If you are a buyer from Amazon -- They will make it hard when you want to return something. Then they will tell you it will be weeks and you will receive a credit back on your account... but the credit does not happen. You then enter an argument to get your money. If you are extremely persistant then you might get a refund. They do this because a majority of people do not have time to argue.

    SCAM -- Beware they took over !2, 000 worth of my product in less than 6 months. They said it was misplaced in the warehouse. Yep -- 2 years later it still has not shown up. But amazon themself are selling it. Hmmm I wonder how they supply their inventory

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I will never to buy from ever again

First thing I cant believe that a company like would hire people who cant speak English for telephone support for customer service. They also cant give information about packages they order. You are better to go to the direct merchants sight than to deal with . They are very Rude and can never give a direct answerer they are terrible If I was a consumer wanting to purchase anything I would not recommend you are much better off going to the direct store . I give Amazon a Failing grade for customer service F- I will Never to buy from ever again. I Write everyone possible to tell them why they should never use

  • No
    nothappy Oct 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a Amazon acount for 9 years and was a seller we grossed around £10, 000.00 a month on there. They kept freezing large sums of money claiming "suspicious activity??". they kept on doing it time and time again and when we complained about the service on the last e-mail, days later they sent us a rude e-mail stating they were shutting our account down and will never deal with us again, and to not contact them again as they will not re-open acount.

    We had perfect feedback, Perfect credit rating(not that it matters) and excelent feedback.

    Trading standards and the OFT are a complete waste of time showing absolute no interest to investigate

    Amazon will continue time and time again to rip inocent people off in attempt to hold your money which is used to make large sums of interest and no one will ever stop this.

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  • An
    andybotw Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know Amazon has some English speaking customer service as my sister-in-law just started doing phone support for them and she lives in upstate New York! Fail complaint is a fail.

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bad customer service

I entered my information into amazon's checkout boxes and hit submit. I received the confirmation emails, and went back to check on my order to see when it'd be coming in the mail. To my surprise, my account wasn't on record (bear in mind I had just made a purchase over 1, 000$ and was slightly worried) I assumed they were holding my account to verify the purchases with my bank. 3 days past and I called customer service, I was told there were 2 reasons for putting my account on hold:

1.)incorrect or incomplete billing information

2.)waiting further authorization

I verified any information I could over the phone with the customer service, they contacted an account specialist with my problem and promised a response in 24 hours.

Well nearly 10 hours later I received an e-mail from the account specialist telling me to "at your earliest convenience, have your bank contact us directly to verify some information" which is exactly what I did, I contacted my bank, who was very confused because amazon never tried to run my info through the system, and never submitted an inquiry to my account. None the less, my bank contacted them through the provided fax number, only to get no response.

One day later, I tried calling customer service again, telling them I've given solutions to both possible problems and haven't seen a resolution, I also gave them a heads up about the account specialist being unreachable. they forwarded my problem to the account specialist again, lo and behold 3 hours later I got the exact same email...

The next business day I had my bank call customer service directly, my bank's inquiry was also forwarded to the account specialist and this time, even 6 days later, has received no response.

Well I was worried, I called customer service again and was forwarded to an account specialist. To this day have not been contacted about it.

I called customer service again 10 minutes later and asked for an alternative way to contact the account specialist, they forwarded my problem to the account specialist and told me they only way they knew to reach them was by fax.

I sent a fax, but they didn't answer, I redialed 5 times, and still got no answer from the receiving party... that's when I figured something was up.

I created a new account, and called customer service to cancel my first order. (believe it or not, this was done in less than an hour)

My second account had a different email address and everything. I put all the same items into my shopping cart (due to price changes over a couple days this added 100$ to the total) and I submitted my purchase. I went back. and my account was locked... again.

I called customer service a bit more livid this time. I demanded to speak with a supervisor, I was told their was no supervisors available, and then was hung up on. Yes, they hung up on me after telling me there were no supervisors...

This time, my bank was furious, I had no problems with my card #, address, email, phone, etc. and they wanted to know why everything I did was put on lock down. My bank called amazon customer service demanding action and to speak to a supervisor, they were told there was nobody higher than them and they couldn't access anything.Well in 5 hours I received an email, my account was closed, because it was related to another account that was closed... but they couldn't tell me what part of MY OWN INFO that was related, wouldn't you be furious if you moved somewhere, and your new address was on a blacklist you didn't know about and nobody could tell you anything about it, well that's what happened to me.

I called numerous times, my banker was so kind as to sympathize with me and let me use their address (the purchase was for school books and school supplies and were necessary and needed ASAP) I made a new account, my card, my bankers address, a brand spanking new email not associated with any other email address before. STILL GOT LOCKED, yes this account also got locked, I called customer service 11 times that day, I was laughed at, hung up on twice, got told their was nothing they could do, got forwarded to the "account specialist department" 11 times, RECEIVED NO RESPONSE from them AT ALL. my banker was furious, they were apalled that their address was blacklisted for no reason, and they were given no reason as to why their address was locked.

One call stands out above them all, I called and immediately asked to speak to a supervisor, they forwarded me to a supervisor, a lady (a nice term for the creature on the other side) she said her name in an inaudible manner and told me my account was locked and there was nothing I, she, nor anyone could do. I threatened legal action (they were compromising my credit card # and a federal employees home address) and she blew me off regardless. I told her I was going to stay on the line until the issue was resolved. She said "I'd advise you to buy your books elsewhere" I was taken back by this statement as asked "do you seriously work for the company or is this some prank number to call for customer service?" I was told to "watch what I say"... she said she would forward my problem to the account specialist department I stopped her there, I told her I didn't want any of my info reaching those idiots because I haven't gotten any service in return. she told me again to watch what I say. she put me on hold for 5 minutes, in the middle of my sentence, then returned and said "sir, are you seriously willing to stay on the line because I'm not going to do anything about it"

needless to say, I hung up.

My banker also called, talked to "jim" gave some info regarding the problem, he was pretty helpful, until 48 hours later we DID NOT receive any response, so she called and asked to speak to "jim, the team leader" and was told nobody by that name worked there. so there you go folks, your credit card info is in the hands of someone who won't even tell you their real name, but they have your card # and address and everything. and if there's ever a dispute, you'll never get anything solved because they will waffle around until you leave them alone. I did my business elsewhere, I had to spend an extra 100$ but the service was sweeter then honey. and definitely worth it.

  • Sb Feb 08, 2010

    I purchased couple of items for my baby from I've been a customer for several years and I buy things from them on and off. The day after I bought the items I noticed that the price for both items had been reduced. I emailed Amazon and I was told that it is unfortunate but their prices keep changing and they cannot adjust their prices. Now this is something that every brick-and-mortar retailer does and also scores of other online retailers. I called Amazon and talked to a customer service rep who told me that they do not offer a lower price adjustment but because I have been a long time customer she would give me a $10 gift card. I even asked her if the GC expires and if I can buy items from other sellers from, etc. After 2 days when the GC did not show up in my account I again emailed Amazon and they again said the same thing "it is unfortunate etc. etc. and they cannot do anything". I called them up and after talking to several CSRs and their supervisors was essentially told they used to adjust prices if the price went down but stopped doing this since October 2008. This was never communicated to customers and is extremely difficult to even search and find on their site. One supervisor told me that their customer service departments is spread over several countries and it is almost impossible for them to track down or obtain records of phone discussions (though I'm sure they would do it if it was in their interest).
    It was clear that even if the initial CSR had made a promise they were not a bit interested in fulfilling it and kept telling me that they will train/discipline the CSR (the only person who made an attempt to be helpful and make a customer happy). Almost everyone I spoke to had a somewhat different reason/story as to why my request should not be fulfilled. I eventually asked them to close my account and remove all my information from their mailing lists, etc.
    I'm not angry at the CSR or their supervisor but rather dissapointed with their inadequate training in handling unsatisfied customers and their narrow vision. By not making a fairly minor adjustment and then going back on their promise, they not only lost a longtime customer but also gained a strong critic.

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late delivery

I ordered a book online from and it's been 15 days! Can you believe it? I didn't go to just fro to get it faster and went to but I regret it now!

If you order something from Mars, it would arrive by the 5th day at the latest. They can't even provide a tracking number and I don't even know where my order is.I'm totally dissatisfied with their service. Such a long wait time.

I will never ever order anything from Amazon.

  • Li
    littlekris02 Jul 07, 2011

    I know what you mean! I ordered something from them, due to the fact it was on a deal. It stated if I bought it in the next 19 minutes it would get here by Tuesday of this week. It's Thursday! I ordered it on Saturday!!! They will definitely not be giving them any more of my business.

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Resolved trying to get my address change

Amazon gave out my address to people that I try to order dvd 's and they return them.I realy did want those dvd. My Name is Also wrong I Try to contact them Ihad no luck. my name is Katherine Harm my address is 729 16th Street Port Huron Michigan 48060 Phone n0 is [protected] .I would like it very much if amazon would check into This.If They Can, not fix this wii cancle my account threw Amazon . I hope you can help me with this. Thank You. kATHERINE hARM

bad service

I ordered a book online from and it's been 15 days! Can you believe it?

If you order something from Mars, it would arrive by the 5th day at the latest. They can't even provide a tracking number and I don't even know where my order is.I'm totally dissatisfied with their service. Such a long wait time.

Resolved unethical bussiness practices

I've been a seller on for 7+ years, selling books and CD's. However the last few years it's not really been worth continuing this line of sales. They charge $35.00/month for a pro-bussiness account. We called over 3 months ago, to close our account.
1st call: well you just can't delete it without notice, please put your account into vacation mode, so any sales that might be in process, etc don't get messed up, wait 2-3 weeks then cancel. Of course, another $35 to amazon.
2nd call "2nd month". are you sure you checked the right box to delete your sellers account? Please do it again. Of course, another $35 to amazon.
3rd call "3rd month", somehow no longer in vacation mode, wants us to wait again... UGH! no thanks; well ok here's what you need to do. go to your listing page, max 25 items, indivually select delete for every item on that page. hit go... now wait 15 minutes for inventory system to recognize the update. now go to 2nd page, and continue.. for 3000+ items...
my resonse: this is totally silly, why can't you just delete my account..
answer: we will sir, AFTER you delete all 3000+ items.
my resonse: that will take me all night
answer: well it took you a long time to enter them, it should take you a long time to delete them all.
I also told, until you spend whatever time is necessary, be it all day, or all day & all night and follow all our rules, indivually delete you 3000+ items, we will continue to charge your credit card $35.00 a month, and there is nothing you can do about it.

sent them several not so friendly emails about how unfriendly they were to anyone not wanting to continue doing bussiness with them, and I was somewhere around deleting item #125 of 3000+ and magically all my items were deleted. Of course this was after insisting to talk to a manager several times, and being told, none were available to talk to "he did say that its not that one wasn't available right now, it's that none are available for you to speak to, implying, no manager would ever call me back".

after this experience, not only will I never sell on amazon, I will also never place an order of any kind with them.

  • Yl
    YLB Jan 16, 2011

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm only a small-time garage-sale type seller with an average of 25 listings so I can't even imagine the problems of the professional merchants.

    Amazon has gotten incredibly greedier through the years like Ebay. I think with Facebook, these 3 entities are hellbent on world domination.

    The bottomline with Amazon is the almighty dollar. I expect them to keep huge cuts from the sellers' profits but I didn't expect them to STEAL money this way. Now, I'm even more convinced that they will STEAL money and SCREW the honest sellers and unsuspecting buyers six ways to Sunday.

    I just put up a complaint on Amazon allowing sales of bootleg VHS videos of out-of-print movies.

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Resolved email and password theft

Someone stole my Amazon user and password, and was able to change today both my password and email address on this site.

After this change done by a thief, Amazon sent to me an email saying that both information were changed ... and if that was not from my request, to reply to their email.

Replying to this email went into a mailbox that does not accept incoming mails !

Once contacted by phone, the company was only able to tell me that they were transferring my complaint to another department which would call me back within 24 hours !

I am still waiting for this call.

I had to call the credit cards companies that I thought could have been registered under this Amazon account, to cancel these cards.

The hacker had already used one of my credit cards on Amazon, and I am now receiving emails from Amazon saying that my "Transaction has failed" ... this is strange since my email address on Amazon was supposed to be changed by the thief.

My computer does not seem to have been hacked, no spyware nor virus found here ... thus I have the impression that Amazon was attacked and my account information was stolen there. Some real feedback from Amazon would clarify.

I will probably never use this website anymore.

Resolved poor service

So here is what Amazon taught me as a seller.

1. Buy an expensive item from a seller on Amazon and set shipping as standard-- avoid tracking or any of that.

2. Receive your item and enjoy! Free gift!

3. When the date that the item was "due" to arrive, log on to

4. Write a complaint because, "you did not 'receive' the item."

5. Enjoy your refund!

It does not matter if the seller has a receipt from the post office proving the shipment. Heck, the seller could have videos of him or her sending the item(s). The seller has to prove that you, the purchaser, actually received the item!

Enjoy your free gift and extra money! Give it to them sellers!

By the way, I am an honest person and I would not do this. However, this is the TRUTH about Amazon and their "policies."

Resolved buyers at amazon beware!

Buyers at amazon beware! There are lots of other opportunities on the web to get the same product. It might be a little more, or not, but you will get what you order, and in a timely manner. Amazon is a one track business. Get you order/money, and forget about satisfying the customer. I order a text book over 3 weeks ago. Headed into 4th week of classes w/o the book. Amazon claims I have to wait another 2 weeks to file a complaint, and refuses to contact seller to verify whether shipped or not. I have tried to email the seller numerous times, w/ no response. Since the seller refuses to respond, it can be assumed she failed to ship. I can't cancel the order, or credit my acct. Until amazon contacts the seller in 2 weeks, and waits for a reply. Why won't amazon contact seller now. Save us all a lot of time. Meanwhile I have been charged for the book, now must write amazon's charge account why I won't pay (Why should I pay for something I did not get.) amazon claims the seller is their customer, short, they won't take responsibility for bad service. I have to do all the work; contact credit card acct., contact amazon repeatedly to try to end this bad service. Do yourself a favor avoid buying on amazon!

  • Ta
    taco12 Jun 02, 2010

    Your complaint is with a seller on, not with itself. Shipping times through third parties are clearly posted in several locations (help pages, seller profile, etc) as is information on the Guarantee Claim. If the seller is claiming they sent it, and you are claiming you did not receive it, the only way to resolve it is for Amazon to investigate and obtain additional information. Bottom line is, all of the information is clearly posted before you order, so If you are running the risk of missing classes, order your books earlier or pay extra to go with a seller with expedited shipping.

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Resolved severe cyber-bullying

I had made a purchase at Amazon in August 09. When I received the package, I found it was broken. On 10 Sep 09, I sent an email to its customer service and the link to packaging service provided on the website. The latter has never replied my email. But customer service staff immediately promised to send me a replacement. I believed that this was quickly solved and went on making another purchase at Amazon subsequently.

The replacement had never arrived. On 25 Nov 09, I sent another email to customer service staff and they promised to send the replacement again and asked me to wait till 31 Dec 09. Again, the replacement had never arrived.

Having seen people from other fourm suggesting to write the complaint in the Amazon forum, I followed the advice as this worked for them and might work for me too.

After posting my complaints, I did immediately get contracted by Amazon staff. So as countless and abusive cyber-bullying by multi-role playing accounts.

To my surprise, these multi-role playing even disclosed some private conversation I had with Amazon staff which I have NEVER disclose in this forum. These accounts would post more than 60 abusive messages to me on a given day.

These accounts were not only doing this to me, but also other customers who made a complaint about Amazon in the forum. These multi-role playing accounts would belittle customers in different ways:
- asking customers to 'buy a brain from Amazon'
- accusing customers of making a fraudulent payment with their credit card
- calling customers names - e.g. dummy, complaint professional, crazy, smoking pot...

Here is a post I found from which is related to the above cyber-bullying incident.
Phillip of Houston, TX September 19, 2009
This may be frivolous, I won't know until I inquire. It concerns the discussion forum at Amazon, not the business end of things. One mysterious person has been creating many accounts in order to anonymously stalk, harass, insult and slander participants. He also steals identities (including real names) in order to impersonate them. Initially Amazon did little to nothing, and recently has been deleting post in which one complains about the harassment (with proof of the multiple accounts and identity theft). It is possible but not certain that the harassing poster is an amazon employee. In either case, can anything be done, legally and otherwise?

If you are a customer going to make a complaint about Amazon purchase in the Amazon forum, you will have to be prepared yourself for non-stop cyber-bullying.

  • No
    nothappy Oct 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a Amazon acount for 9 years and was a seller we grossed around £10, 000.00 a month on there. They kept freezing large sums of money claiming "suspicious activity??". they kept on doing it time and time again and when we complained about the service on the last e-mail, days later they sent us a rude e-mail stating they were shutting our account down and will never deal with us again, and to not contact them again as they will not re-open acount.

    We had perfect feedback, Perfect credit rating(not that it matters) and excelent feedback.

    Trading standards and the OFT are a complete waste of time showing absolute no interest to investigate

    Amazon will continue time and time again to rip inocent people off in attempt to hold your money which is used to make large sums of interest and no one will ever stop this.

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