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restocking fee

I ordered a book which was not what I expected. I contacted amazon & rranged to return the book immediately. It was a brand new book that I bought directly from amazon.

Imagine my shock when I received the total of my refund amount. On a book that cost over $16 I am getting back $4.

Besides high shipping ($3.99 media mail) they charged me over $8.50 restocking. This is a new fee which is not mentioned anywhere in their refunds policy.

Receiving $4 bck on over $16 means it cost me $12 + to make a mistake, which I will not be making gain with this formerly honest company

  • Mi
    Michael Nov 28, 2008

    Simple if you purchase an item make sure that you want. There should be no reason to put an unnecessary inconvenience on the seller when in fact he/she (i hate PC) delivered your product. So serves you right that you had to pay a high price to return the item now if the item was defective or damaged then i will think differently on the situation.

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  • Jo
    JohnMikeyGee Mar 24, 2011

    Buying things online is very slippery. Most consumers buy online for the convenience and the supposed ease of the transaction, free shipping, easy return policy, etc. I recently ordered from Amazon for what I thought was a complete drum set. What I received was totally useless and very costly to me. The reason I say slippery is that this is never advantageous to the customer but the company. Since I was a newby at purchasing things online I got took. This could have been avoided had I simply taken the time to review the contents of the box prior to committing. The thing for me is this, I got too excited about getting this and actually having the money to get it. I thought I was being smart. I did reviews of different kits in my price range, what they came with and how to custom fit one for my needs. I finally decide on one. My problem was that I looked at the picture and not what it actually came with. I should have known something was up when I got 1 box. Im like how does all the stuff that I seen in that picture fit into 1 box? It didnt. I realize Im being long winded but bear with me, its a process. Anyway, I contact Amazon and tell them I dont want what I recieved because its not what I thought I paid for so they told me to contact the dealer that it shipped from concerning return policy. He ended up emailing me cause Amazon alerted him. In his email he stated that he was sorry about the misunderstanding and that I could return it at my expense. I will get to that in a minute. He also stated that he tried to tell Amazon that the picture they posted would confuse someone (me) but due to red tape and because the company is so large that they would not listen. Now to the return fee. When I ordered this thing I was like, man I want it now! So I pay for expedited shipping, $62.00. The thing is I was supposed to get this within 2 days, in reality it took a week. Free shipping would have been a better choice, huh? So all in all shipping wise I paid $124.00, that went bye bye. After all this I get an email that states I will probably incur a 20% resocking fee. I was livid! I send them an email that says that they are certifiable and Im not paying for the shrink. But guess what, another $163.80 got took without even a courtesy reach around. This fine lady, her name? Restocking fee. So a total of $287.80 was gone. I went through BBB and they responded with the usual robotic speak, bit with a twist of the ol sarcasm. "If we are selling car mats and use a car to highlight the product, u certainly dont get the car." Really?! Maybe thats why I got a nasty look from the model at the last car show I went to. Oh, and guess what? Remember that problem the dealer had with the picture and the red tape? Done. According to Amazon's BBB response they removed the photo at the customers request. Thanks, though I never requested it. See right after I emailed the dealer about my problem I went back on Amazon and searched for my drums and the whole kit was gone. Now what was replaced when u typed in the searchwords was what I received, half a drum set. Thanks Amazon! Do yourself a favor at the very least dot your tees and cross your iiiyyyeees! Do you know that the same set that I wanted I could have got complete at the same price on other sites? Dont worry I slapped myself in the head.

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won't honor payment method

I placed an order with for the tv and selected the electronic check method of payment on August 27, 2008. Amazon received an authorization from Telecheck, but cancelled the transaction. After contacting customer service I replaced the order on the 28th and the same thing happened again. Their reason was that my bank would not validate my billing address. I contacted my bank (small local bank) and they had received no inquiry from Amazon. I went on working with customer service at Amazon until yesterday- we added notes that provided the proper phone number for my banks, the manager's names, and after almost 3 weeks of cancelled orders Amazon finally told me they weren't actually doing anything because they were a global company and didn't have time to mess with these things. I feel that if they aren't going to honor a payment method for purchases of a certain amount, then don't offer it or at least be honest with the consumer and tell them to take their business elsewhere.

  • Wo
    WORRIED CUSTOMER Jun 19, 2009

    Very worrisome and the once the customer is hooked there is no way out. The company shrugs its shoulders if it is a third party seller and there is nothing the customer can do. The seller is the king here.

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  • Wo
    WORRIED CUSTOMER Jun 19, 2009

    They then play merry go round and the customer is humiliated by showing your cart. It is my wish to browse items and whether they are Heidegger or what ever. I am entitled to see the website. If they do not deliver, getting a refund is a problem. They cannot walk away just because the item was sold by a third party seller who can make the customer look like an idiot. What can poor agents do? They answer telephone calls and cannot act on the company's behalf!

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  • Ab
    AbsolutelyWoman Aug 27, 2009

    If you live in canada or any place other then the U.S. they wont honor your order. Just like I am going through a problem with them paying me money they owe me for work I did for them. I'm american living in Canada and they wont make payment to my bank. Just because it isnt a American bank account. they also have been telling me that I have to have an American drivers lisense. or I can get one of their gift cards i cant use on one of their international sites. LOL! I gave them thirty days to send me a check. Now for me to wait. If i don't get my pay I will be turning them in. really the people at Amazon seem prejudice to me. Look up what they have done to others in the past. btw, Anyone that has proof and wants a word in on things that Amazon has done. Send me your information. [email protected] I might make this very well known what Amazon is doing. really truely Amazon is doing wrong to others.

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duplicate orders-beware!!!

I placed an order on Sept. 24, 2008 for 2 DVDs and 2 books. I received a confirmation for 4 orders but I didn't check the body of each e-mail, only the subject line. Today I received in the mail 2 of the same DVDs from the same company. In speaking with an representative, they said I clicked the "One click" order button twice. Now, I kow it might be possible to do it once, but not twice! And it would have been by accident, anyway. So, I have 2 sets of DVDs ordered - one already here and one enroute. I may be able to cancel one if it hasn't been sent yet but the one I received, I have to absorb the shipping/handling fee if I return it.

My advice for anyone using the "One Click" order button, check the status of the order within 90 minutes and make sure there isn't a duplicate - if there is, you can cancel it. Also, check the body of your e-mail for confirmation of each order and specific titles. Especially when you are ordering more than one.

  • Ro
    Ron M Oct 14, 2008

    I ordered one DVD on Sat night. Since then, the same order has been placed on Sunday, and again on Monday. How can you check within 90 minutes if you're not even on the computer?!?
    They told me to turn one click off. I've used one click for several years with no problem.

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unshipped & undelivered paid for item

On November 16, 2007, I sent a $99.92 cheque to as a payment for two books I ordered. After about 7 weeks, I received only one book. Since then I've sent e-mails, letters, and even a registered letter personally addressed to CEO.
However, all my messages have been totally ignored. No reply explaining the cause of this unfortunate error for which is the sole responsible has been issued up-to-now. I said 'unfortunate' because I urgently needed the book to hand over a research proposal.
I've all the neccessary evidence and I 'm fully responsible for what I'm declaring.

my order reference number: [protected]

  • Hu
    huspania Apr 07, 2011

    i agree with you pal, as is now problematic and now solving issues relating to underliverd items. i was also delivered a fake item by third party seller at but uptil now have't got my money back. i am stuck in between now.

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amazon treats her faithful customers of many years like dirt - buyers beware!

I have been an Amazon customer for more than 7 years, with purchases of more than USD$8000 yearly (all purchases are recorded either via email or print-out Amazon account summary). The reason I am writing this review is to expose what Amazon does to her faithful customer.

I make purchases of at least 20 to 30 books in each order several times a year, so I do consider myself a “big” customer of Amazon’s (let the reader be the judge). The reason I make such regular purchases is this - I am doing research and require books for my papers. Besides, I am a bibliophile and an avid book collector.

The quality of Amazon packing has progressively deteriorated over the years. In the early 2000 (i.e. from 1999 to 2003), Amazon shrink wraps my books for delivery. In the last few years, the packing has decline to such an extent that, several books were simply thrown into a box – sometimes with nothing and sometimes with a plastic bubble on top – and the books were shipped all the way to Asia with such flimsy packing. Imagine 10 books in one box (the orders of say 30 books were often split into a few shipments). What do you expect to see when the books arrive?

Needless to say, there are badly damaged books in every shipment.

I never requested for replacement of books with minor damages i.e. slight dog-ears, little dents, or even a mark here and there. Thus far, I have only requested for replacements when the damage is substantial i.e. numerous dog-ears, dents to corners of books, torn covers (even torn hardcover jackets), or crushed pages.

Apparently, Amazon dislike customers asking for replacement, even when customers were to send back those damaged items. Recently, I asked for a replacement of a damaged book which was an expensive item. The damaged book was sent back to Amazon, but Amazon sent me another damaged book as a replacement! I do not know if the damage was due to transport or originally there, but the book had dents, crushed pages throughout, and markings.

I therefore requested for a second replacement for the damaged book. But this is what I received from Amazon in my email the next couple of days:

Email from Amazon Management:

Date: Wednesday, 27 August, 2008 11:03 PM

Hello from

A careful review of your account indicates you've experienced an extraordinary number of incidents with your orders and corresponding shipments.

In the normal course of business, the occasional problem is inevitable. The rate at which such problems have occurred on your account is extraordinary, however, and cannot continue. Effective immediately, your account is closed and you are no longer able to shop in our store. I am very sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

Please know that any accounts related to yours have also been closed. If you were to open a new account, the same will result and it will also be closed. In the event that you attempt to do so, we will not accept the return of any additional orders, nor will we issue further refunds in connection with any future orders. We appreciate your cooperation in refraining from using our web site.

If you require additional assistance, or have any concerns, feel free to contact us directly at mailto:[protected]

Please do not contact regular Customer Service again, as they will no longer be able to assist you.


Account Specialist

With the aforementioned email, I can no longer access my Amazon account. What’s more, all my standing replacement orders and credit card details were frozen and taken by Amazon (can’t I at least DELETE my credit card details? What about those well-known Amazon hackers who hack into accounts to steal credit card details?). What’s most frustrating is that – I cannot even log into my Amazon account to stop SPAM mails from Amazon from being sent to my email account.

This is what I wrote to Amazon after receiving the aforementioned email.

Date: Thursday, 28 August, 2008 12:06 AM

Dear Amazon,

Re: Closure of My Account After So Many Years As A Customer

1. I do not understand why you have closed my account without even discussing this with me. The alleged "extraordinary number of incidents" were not due to any faults of mine.

2. Take for example, the numerous paperback books I ordered. In order to prevent damage due to the packing of MANY books into one box, I have been splitting my orders recently (and PAYING MORE as a result) into lesser and lesser books. Go and check it out: it would be cheaper and more economical just to purchase all the books in one order. Instead, I choose to pay more and split the books up into several orders (like 10 orders). With each order, I have to pay a shipment surcharge. I am willing to do so because the packing is very poor, and the books often arrived damaged. The soft-covers were often placed into a box with nothing, or a simple plastic bubble. The books become damaged when the corners of the books rub/knock against the inside of the box or when the books rub/bang into other books within the box.

3. Hard-covers were more resilient to transport, but not all books come in hard-covers. Even so, I have hard-covers damaged every once in a while. Some hard covers had badly torn jackets.

4. Thus far, I have returned damaged items as instructed.

5. Furthermore, I had appealed to shipment (like writing to them) to pack my books well i.e. to wrap my books in a plastic shrink wrapper. Once in a blue moon I get books wrapped in a shrink wrap, but even so, the shrink wrap was done such that the corners of the TOPMOST book were bent inwards (due the to hasty shrink wrapping or carelessness). As a result, the book was damaged.

6. Other than the packing problems, I had no other complaints against Amazon. I never complained when my orders were delayed for months. I never complained when you say that a book was in stock, and when I ordered, you cancelled my order because there is no stock. I never complained when you cancelled an order because the price was allegedly a “mistake” (too low and couldn’t make a profit?). Why didn't you just pack my books properly? There were even times when I had to re-order the damaged book because your replacement book was damaged as well.

7. I am a book collector, and I will want my books in new or reasonable condition as I had indeed paid for NEW books, not damaged ones. I will accept the book if it has no dents, severe dog-ears, torn or bent covers.

8. Lastly, I have purchase books from you for more than 7 years, and have given you much business. You could at least DISCUSS this issue with your long time customer.

9. This is not the way to deal with a faithful customer of so many years.

Yours sincerely,


I would like the readers to be aware of how unprofessional Amazon is even with her faithful customers. Buyers beware!


Seems like the problem is widespread!

/URL removed/

  • Da
    das2 Aug 16, 2009

    Amazon have become a disgrace. I have shopped with them from their earliest days, but not any more. Books used to arrive in mint condition tightly wrapped to a strong piece of cardboard. Now they just throw the books into a box, throw in some plastic air cushions on top and send it off. I am in AUSTRALIA. Virtually all my recent purchases from Amazon arrived damaged. By the time I got them, the return period had expired. As a previously loyal customer, I sent an email explaining the situation. I received an obvious cut-and-paste stock-phrase letter telling me to use the packaging feedback radio button, as if this in any way solves my problem! Emailed a goodbye letter, got back another reply from a different individual using the same stock phrases. Cut-and-paste is wonderful. Amazon, do not outsource to India. It never goes well. Goodbye Amazon. You were great in your day.

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  • Al
    alex bernuy May 24, 2010

    does it happen only to foreigh customers?
    no complaints from customers within usa?

    i agree with serious collectors, i too want my purchases well protected !

    AMAZON should respect international customers and keep their accounts open as long as customers are purchasing

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  • Co
    ConsumerBWare Jan 15, 2011

    I place many orders at amazon as well. Mine are typically small orders of one-four items at a time. I have noticed that if my purchase is from a secondary distributor, then packaging and the quality of the items once received is less than I would expect from amazon. I have complained but have not heard back from them.

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they closed my account and no refund

Here's what I received from them via email. — Hello from A careful review of your account...

terrible customer service people create mistakes that cost us money's supposed customer service is difficult to deal with. The Web site didn't offer the kind of help I needed, so I finally unearthed their phone number (cleverly concealed) only to talk with someone whose English was difficult to understand. He created a problem which resulted in my having to reorder. But following the "help" suggestion that explained I could combine orders (and thus save the shipping costs of the added item), I found that you can only do this if you manage to complete the "combine orders" in a nanosecond or less. If a minute elapses, you cannot combine orders. The second person I talked to was totally incomprehensible, and I really am not sure what we were talking about. The final result after a couple of phone calls, cancellations, reorders, and frustrating attempts to get the right book back into the order was that I had to pay shipping for a book that should have been on the first order (and thus not charged for shipping). Does Amazon perhaps seek out people whose English is so difficult to understand that customers wind up just hanging up and resigning themselves to do business elsewhere?

  • Ca
    carol Aug 20, 2008

    So what IS Amazon's phone number for complaints?
    I have a complaint, too.

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  • Ca
    carol Aug 20, 2008

    I have had a similar experience.

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  • Ck
    ckeithley Nov 05, 2010

    Essentially to hide in a cave and send out disturbing emails that you can't respond to. It recently happened to me. I received an email from an "account specialist" regarding a purchase somewhere in the past. Problem is, however, they lock your account and you can no longer gain access to fix the problem. The customer service reps are completely clueless and know nothing more than you do. To make matters exponentially more frustrating you cannot contact these "account specialists". You can't email them and you can't call them. Evidently, unlike the rest of the modern business world, these people don't have phones. Not even the customer service reps can connect you to this group of people. So, they lock your account and accuse you of doing something wrong. And, to push your frustration to a new level, you can't contact anyone to learn about the problem or attempt to fix it. Welcome to Yes, this is how they treat their customers. Much like criminals. It's an interesting if not inept concept of operating a business. Guess what Amazon, you aren't the only merchant on the internet. In fact, there are plenty of competitors that understand how to properly treat a customer. Perhaps the loss of my business won't impact you much. But it's obvious I'm not the only upset customer. There's little wonder why your ratings are in the toilet. Similar to many other over-sized companies out there who have lost touch with the customers who support their business. Keep ignoring it. The marketplace will punish you accordingly.

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  • At
    atale of caution Feb 10, 2011

    A lot of companies outsource their services, especially customer complaints. You are actually talking to someone in India most likely, hence the thick accent. Also, culturally people in other countries are not used to being able t complain or confront their superiors or bosses and find that Americans are not respectful enough of superiors or may be too whiny. I was told once that 50 degrees inside my house was not to be complained about. I immediately requested an American representative stateside to discuss my broken furnace. Politicians especially Republicans are paid big bucks by lobbyists to outsource our jobs and even our medical records which are read by techs and doctors outside he US. Our medical records and billing are done by India and other foreign countries. Talk about national security. All theses foreign countries know all about your medical history.

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  • La
    ladyhousewife Jun 12, 2011

    I purchased a refurbished ipod nano from Amazon. I received a very worn and used unit with no battery. Amazon refused to refund my money. Amazon is a flea market, they do not stand behind what they sell and do not care about their customers. If you buy online do not use amazon.

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rip off

I only sold items on for a few days when the Seller-Performance Team at blocked my...

money stealing

In April 2008 we received order from Sheila M. for Panasonic PV-GS80 MiniDV Camcorder. The product wa...

fraud & scam

I read your post, this is a big problem. Is there any class action going on? If not, should there be? Imagine how much CASH, Amazon held by closing all the accounts. If you know anything, let me know. I will do the same. Selling on Amazon was my job, I would not have risked it for anything.


  • Ha
    HandB Jul 24, 2009

    I had my amazon account for years and have 100% positive feedback. I have recently opened a business and put a few products up for sale. After giving them few thousand of dollars in business in just 2 weeks they closed my account without telling me why. Impossible to get through to anyone other than regular reps who only say " I cannot help you". They fore thousands of dollars for 90 days after already being closed for almost a month. They do not provide any info at all! I have no idea what why or how. I am in the dark with frozen funds and no seller account. all i get is that its a permant action and any further account will be closed. as if im a ccriminal and black listed. i called a million times and sent a million emails to different department. Amazon is a complete fraud. They also insited i give them all my wholesale contacts with links on where i get my products as I was the cheapest price on their site. what a scam!!! I gave my customers better customer service than I ever got on amazon. I had all tracking numbers updated onto amazon, and replied to all inquiries the same day. all my customers are happy. The couple that received non working units I immediately replaced and they are happy too. I have NO disputes, no claims, no chargebacks, no bad or neutral feedback. I have NOT violated any policies.
    Does anyone have any idea what the heck amazon is doing?

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  • Sa
    Sail Dec 05, 2009

    yeah they did the same thing to me then held my money for no reason and they still holding my money 6 months later they are worse the ebay scammers!

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  • Ja
    James Greenberg Mar 08, 2010

    I don't believe this came from you.

    From: [email protected]
    Subject: - Your Cancellation (086-991293-726713)
    Date: March 5, 2010 4:24:30 PM GMT-07:00
    To: [email protected]

    Dear Customer,

    Your order has been successfully canceled. For your reference, here`s a summary of your order:

    You just canceled order #7467-097209-20815

    Status: CANCELED

    Sold by:, LLC

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  • Ah
    ahummingbird Oct 14, 2013

    This is their scam, they con real businesses out of money, they wait for you to sell a decent amount then they close your account and keep all of your money! is a bunch of criminals who need to be jailed they are nothing more then thieves

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money stolen

We opened a Merchant Selling Account with in February 2008. Over the two months we sold above 40...

prime membership and shipping

I order lots to books and dvds. I thought an Amazon Prime membership would benefit me. Amazon Prime promise...

terrible customer service! hides its contact number for a good reason. They don't want to hear from you. In my most recent experience, I painstakingly researched several records, items of clothing, and a computer that I placed in my shopping cart. This was the largest order I was about to place with them ever. The very next day, when I clicked my cart open it was empty. I have just spent 3 hours with various Phillipine and India operators, two of which closed the phone on me, another had me wait 20 mnts to access a supervisor who did not help. 3 hours of pure frustration.

Before doing anything, these people want the e-mail address, the name, billing address and the last 4 digits of your credit card to protect YOUR privacy! All this to find out why THEIR computer is malfunctioning.

Lets teach all these companies who forgot about proper consumer service a lesson. Let's take our business elsewhere. Dell's demise is benefiting Apple. Amazon will probably learn its lesson too late as well!

  • Te
    Terence Brettner May 05, 2014

    I tried to purchase "The Vikings, Complete Second Season" on DVD, but instead I was sent something to watch on the television. I do not want this item, and I will not pay for it, if it appears on my statement I will contact my account company and have it removed. Please correct this mess if you value my business.

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buyer beware!

On April 27, 2008, I purchased the Motorola

HomeSight security system from Once the order was placed I

was told that I would be receiving the security system from Axsecure.

I really didn't think that much of the notice because I believe I have

received other items from other sellers on Amazon's site anyway and so

far I had no complaints.

Doing business with Axsecure was a HUGE

mistake. I received the security system 3 days later and was shocked.

I thought this was great. WRONG! I opened the box to find NO receipt

for the security system and ONE confusing page on how to install the

software and what to do if the installation failed. In the meantime, I

am looking at the system and I find one piece that I am unable to

figure out what it is for. There was nothing to tell me what each

piece was, how to use them, or which plug went to which item. This is

the first time I have dealt with anything like this.

I have to

say at this point, I am wondering if I paid for a refurbished security

system and not a brand new one, which is what I paid for.


decided I wanted to return the system, so I tried to get information on

Axsecure. The only information was an email address. I sent an email,

but there was no telling how long it would take to reply and I wanted

to get the system in the mail ASAP. I called to ask how to

return the system. I figured that since I placed my order at, they had some responsibility in helping me get a refund.


seems hires people all over the world to be customer service

representatives. I went threw language barrier after language

barrier. I had to repeat myself so many times that in the end I hung

up on the first 2 representatives. I kept asking for a supervisor, but

all the representatives would do was ignore my request for a

supervisor. I finally called a third time and told the representative

that I was not going to give her my information and that I wanted a

supervisor. At first I was told there were NO supervisors. When I

told her that not 5 minutes before, I was told there were supervisors

there, she then told me they were ALL busy. I told her I would wait.


2 minutes the representative came back on the phone line and told me

the supervisors were still busy. I said, I'd wait. Around 5 minutes

went by and the representative came back on the phone line and said

that the supervisors were still busy. I told her that, I was still

going to wait if it took all night because I had nothing to do anyway.

In less then 1 minute I had a supervisor. What a waste of time. He

cared nothing about my problem. He kept saying it was not Amazon's

responsibility and that I needed to contact Axsecure. I ended the phone

call letting the supervisor know that I was filing a complaint with my

State Attorney General's office.

I immediately went online and

filed my complaint with the Attorney General's office. While finishing

up with my complaint, I got an email from Axsecure. I received this

reply in bold, black letters:

sorry no returns on open items they have a tech support # its a great system

Had I been informed that there would be NO returning this item when I was ordering it, I WOULD NOT HAVE PLACED THE ORDER.


called back and I was now more than furious. I finally got

someone that understood English. I told her that it was against the

law to sell something WITHOUT informing the customer of a NO RETURN

POLICY. I told her I got an email from Axsecure stating they do not

have a return policy. She told me I was correct. Suddenly, I was

receiving customer service. She was extremely nice. At this point I

didn't trust her either. This representative asked me to hold while

she did some research. Amazon has a guaranty for satisfaction. She

was going to file a claim and issue me a refund.

I asked what to

do with the security system and I was told that I could either keep it

or send it back but was never given an address to send it to.

I placed a call to Motorola Homesmart and told the representative that the Homesmart system was a piece of junk. To my surprise he agreed. On top of that he told me that the system I purchased was OBSOLETE! Not only is it obsolete but if someone has purchased this item and needs a new CD, they are NO LONGER available and the consumer is out of money. Now I know why Amazon told me I could keep it if I wanted to.


the past I have rarely had problems with, but this time was

a real learning experience. You have to beware of ordering things that

are being sold by other companies. Before you place an order, call

them or email them and find out what the RETURN POLICY is. You also have to worry about whether or not you are getting an obsolete item. If Amazon doesn't know or

can't tell you how to find it on their web site (I was given

misinformation), DON'T place the order.


received a couple of emails from telling me how to check the

sellers return policy, but guess what? The information I received was

worth nothing because what I was told to do, couldn't be done.

  • Aj
    AJ Bates Jul 13, 2015

    The description of their customer service is dead on how they just treated me, plus there is way more to that Ive described in my facebook comment on them !

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  • Aj
    AJ Bates Jul 13, 2015

    Dead on that's exactly the customer service I just received from them!

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scam and fraud!

I searched the net for 'Canon PowerShot SD790IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom'...

scam and cheating!

Amazon send me an email stating that I had violated their policy WITHOUT telling me what policy did I violate. They blocked my account and withheld my money. Amazon customer service asked me to email [protected] and NO ONE has responded to my request of an investigation of my account? Amazon held my money and states that they will hold my money for 90 DAYS! But No explanation what caused that action?? I have NO one filed claim my account on A-Z claim.

Without any warning or explanation of what is going on??? Amazon decides to close my account and I cannot find any customer service at Amazon is willing to explain to me.

Amazon does NOT respect seller at all but takes commission from us.

  • Sh
    shake2927 Jan 30, 2008

    Yea amazon closed my account and is holding my money for 90 days, I have gotten no responses from [email protected], I really need the money and I have no idea how to get it all they told me is Ill have it in 90 days. If you find out anything new about it please email me keep me updated


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  • Jw
    jw Feb 06, 2008

    Amazon restricted certain item listings from being sold during the holiday season. They did this without notifying sellers what items were being restricted and which items were not.
    As an average user, I had no idea what policies were in regards to item listings. I usually sell stuff if I have it, on average a few times a year. Early this December, I sold some items on Amazon's listings. Amazon does not allow normal users to create pages, only to add seller listings in already premade pages under "NEW", "USED" and "LIKE NEW" conditions within these "other buying options" listings.

    they closed my seller account, but not before suspending thousands of dollars of equipment that i have purchased is being held on amazon for 90 days!! I have proof of everything, proof of all purchase, proof of all shipping, even proof from buyers who are happy playing with their purchases, while I am out of the purchases costs of these items, as well as the items themselves. Its like I've been robbed.

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  • He
    Heavenly Sent Feb 12, 2008


    My funds are also being held. I gave proof of everything, proof of all purchase, proof of all shipping, even proof from buyers who are happy playing with their purchases. I have no claims & 100% feedback. They will steal your money. I WILL ALSO BE WILLING TO GO ON A TALK SHOW.

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  • Li
    Lily Jul 26, 2008

    I bought a stainless steel pressure cooker 23 quart for 79.99. When my confirmation email arrived the charge was for 525.27. There were 5 more stainless pressure cookers in addition to the one I was trying to order... all for 6 quart pressure cookers. I did not order these items so I called Amazon and was informed they could do nothing because they were not involved in the transaction ?!?!?! I yelled of course you were involved as these 5 different companies are on your site and only Amazon has access to my credit card.
    This is not resolved but my intentions are to refuse shipment. Also I will call my credit card company and tell them not to pay for this unordered merchandise. I sure hope this works...

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  • Sn
    Snail Aug 28, 2008

    I would file a complaint against them through the better business bureau or the state attorney general. It's what I'm about to do, if I don't hear from them about closing my account for no real explanation.

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  • Jd
    JD Nov 02, 2008

    Same thing happend to me today. Amazon has cancelled my selling account without any reasonable explanation.

    If Amazon is questioning my integrity without any justification I do not want to do business with them and neither bring business to them. Therefore I have closed my Amazon account and I will never use their website again.

    I suggest you all do the same.

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  • Ev
    EvergreenMike Jan 09, 2010

    Amazon has stolen my money. They refunded a customer of theirs that claimed the product did not arrive. I provided all the tracking and conformation as well as a copy of the USPS label that was created that clearly shows the person received the item. Amazon never responded to my emails and I closed all my listings and will never do business with them again. I too would like to inform any future sellers about the scam that AMAZON promotes.

    [email protected]

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  • Re
    Reviewer28534 Sep 17, 2015

    Item listed for $136.91 and was charged $169.70. #002-2028645-5973849. Cancel order and membership immediately.
    Lee Ray 111 Stamping Ground Rd. Frankfort KY 40601

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  • Ma
    maximalblue Mar 06, 2016

    Amazon does NOT respect buyers at all either, I have had this problem happen to me as an buyer on amazon, I am happy that their longer targeting whole familys but still I don't like this type of drama that amazon has picked to use, when they don't agree with you about an A-Z claim, and close your account because of it, even if you sent them an bunch of jpg images showing that the product was damaged from the 3rd party seller had sent you. also note I wish removes their amazon gift cards, I don't think they should support them anymore, I wish they would provide gift cards for book places like barnes and noble instead of amazon, or somewhere the buyer doesn't have to be afraid of the online store closing their account and acess to the gift cards that they earn by doing web searches for months at a time etc.. I hope you get my point here.
    as an buyer and student buying books I had this problem while using their A-Z claims about gift card from sources, also not sure but I think they broke some califonia law on gift cards not sure, and again I don't plan on using anymore myself, since I don't want them to cause my family any more problems then they have done so by this message to me, afterwards they reply with an different message and different subject back to me on this topic of closing my account, the item which got it closed was an used dvd set that had came damaged, that one item made it pass their A-Z claims limit I guess I was never awere their was an limit untl I got the message below at this point its too late, if they did break California law someone else needs to go after them for it, since I don't like this kind of drama, nor problems from the one item that clearly I will not see an refund to my gift balance since they closed my account, also note I am an learning disabled student that they sent this message to. my learning problems are in English and math subjects if your wondering about that.

    Your account has been closed


    We have closed this account because you have filed A-to-Z Guarantee claims on an unusually large number of your orders. While we expect the occasional problem with an order, such large numbers of claims can suggest that customers are misusing our A-to-z Guarantee.

    If you had open orders on this account, those orders were canceled when we closed the account.

    Any digital content you purchased with this account is still available to you. To access the content, click the “Manage Your Content and Devices” link on the Your Account menu on (

    If you would like to appeal this decision, please reply to this email to reach an Account Specialist. Our Customer Service team can only confirm that we sent this message and help you with technical issues. They cannot reverse this decision or share more details on this matter.


    Account Specialist

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amazon refund nightmare

Well, I have shopped with Amazon for years and was one customer who spent a lot of money with them. I did...

fraud and cheating!

I've had the same horrible experience that has done to me. As a loyal user for the past several years, this is the single most WORST experience that I've EVER experienced with They further cancel your account without so much as a rebuttal, without so much as a reply that what their terms and conditions are, or what it entails. I believe that a lawsuit against this company is warranted, if not to get our money back, then at least to show the rest of the country what a HORRIBLE company Mr. Bezos's company has now become, and the way that it treats its loyal customers and 'supposed' friends.

  • Na
    NatM Sep 28, 2009

    AMAZON.COM has NO REGARD for their sellers. Their so-called "A-Z Guarantee" provides ABSOLUTELY NO PROTECTION TO BUYERS.

    I sold a $120 book to this guy. I sent the book the day after he purchased it...I also purchased Delivery Confirmation on the item from the post office. The buyer IMMEDIATELY began to e-mail me saying that he hadn't received the book...MIND YOU...the day after I sent the book. I responded to EACH AND EVERY E-MAIL from him and told him that I had already sent the book and would be there in 2-3 days. He continued to harass me with e-mails. After 2 weeks of this, I sent him an e-mail and told him there was nothing I could do and to please stop contacting me. I had delivery confirmation for his order. I told him that he had received his order 2 weeks ago.

    TWO WEEKS AFTER...the guy filed a claim with Amazon, claiming he hadn't received the book. He told Amazon he was forced to buy the book elsewhere because mine hadn't arrived. He demanded for a full respond. I then responded with the tracking #, delivery confirmation documents, and copied all e-mails between me and the buyer. Nonetheless, Amazon sided with the buyer and told me that from here on, profits from every book I sell would go straight to Amazon until they make the $116 back.

    I sent Amazon TWO E-MAILS claiming that I do not agree with their decision and would like them to reconsider. They didn't reply. I sent them another e-mail 4 days later. This is the e-mail:

    Good Afternoon,

    I am writing this e-mail because I am extremely unsatisfied with Amazon.

    Amazon writes their policies in the best interest of the buyer ONLY, without considering the seller. And I am completely disgusted.

    I have listed several books for sale on Each book that has been ordered has been sent promptly and with delivery confirmation.

    In a specific case, there was an order placed for $138.99. I sent the book the following day and although the customer didn’t request for delivery confirmation, I still purchased the extra service. The buyer began e-mailing me saying he hadn’t received the book and I was very prompt in answering each and every single one of his e-mails. The book was received at his address a couple days later, and he was still sending me e-mails. (ALL OF THIS IS DOCUMENTED)

    I am EXTREMELY disgusted with the way Amazon has handled this situation. I believe that to Amazon, both the seller and buyer should be treated with the same respect. The buyer should not have 100% guaranteed protection.

    This buyer in particular did the following: he ordered the book and he immediately began e-mailing me STATING he hadn’t received the book. I sent him delivery confirmation and a week later he filed a claim stating he never received it, mind you – filed it weeks after the delivery date…weeks after I had told him the delivery had been confirmed. Why didn’t he act immediately? Why did he not file a claim the moment I told him I had confirmation??

    Regardless, I sent the book & I have confirmation of it being received. So why am I being penalized?

    Also, I would like Amazon to take the following into account: The buyer claims that he had to purchase the book elsewhere because he never received mine. The buyer stated in his claim on 9/9/2009:

    "I have been contacting the seller since the order was placed because I needed the book with Urgency. the seller keeps on saying that the book was end, the last time the seller said that she had confirmation that it delivered at my address, however, the selles never gave me a tracking number nor I have signed for this book delivery. I did not received the book, at this point I had to buy the book from another source and I want a full refund on this order. thanks "

    In this claim, the seller stated that he had to purchase the book elsewhere and this claim was made on 9/9/2009.

    My question is the following: Does he have proof of this? Did he send Amazon a copy of this receipt? And, if Amazon asked for a copy of the receipt, is the date on the receipt before 9/9/2009??? Because according to his claim, he purchased a book on or before 9/9/2009 because he hadn’t t received mine. So if this is true, he should have sent a copy of his receipt to AMAZON.COM, right? If he has no receipt, it leads me to believe that he never in fact purchased a replacement book, which means he never needed to purchase a replacement book because he already had one: mine.

    As a buyer, when I place expensive orders, I make sure to request for signature confirmation or sending through UPS/FED EX. I typically go out of my way to request for it because as a BUYER, I am the person who is taking the risk in choosing STANDARD MAIL for my order to be delivered.

    I would very much appreciate AMAZON to reconsider this claim and reconsider the policies which only serve to protect the buyer. I would also very much appreciate for Amazon to SEND ME a copy of his receipt for the new book he claims he purchased. This way, if he did order a new book, he has proof of this reflecting a suitable date (Although it is possible for him to purchase it and simply return it), but at this point, anything would be useful.

    I have removed ALL my listings off and will never work with them again. And to top it off...when I called customer service and complained about this, customer service told me that they make sure to investigate all claims and are able to figure out whether or not the buyer did in fact receive the order. I asked them how this is done, and they told me... "We call the buyer personally and ask if the order was received."

    So I have a message for Amazon:

    I am going to warn all of your potential customers about your disregard for your sellers...because last I checked, although we're sellers on your website, we're still CUSTOMERS to you. I won't be selling with you anymore.

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  • Na
    NatM Sep 28, 2009

    ************************** TO SELLERS******* Their so-called "A-Z Guarantee" provides ABSOLUTELY NO PROTECTION TO SELLERS. ( I WROTE BUYERS ABOVE BY MISTAKE)

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  • Da
    Dave432 Jan 29, 2010


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  • Sh
    sham33 Feb 03, 2010

    Amazon is run by crooks. They just shutdown my account and kept the whole money as hostage. I can't believe this is happening in USA. This country is supposed to be fair . Amazon does not care for the us government and considers americans and the sellers as a toilet paper. They have blocked my account, and have held our money hostage for 180 days. Due to this we had to layoff 3 of hardworking shippers, and our business almost collapesed. do not ever try to sell on amazon. You will be burned and your whole money will be lost.

    1 Votes
  • Ju
    Julie Thananjayan Apr 17, 2010

    Hi all,

    Do not believe amazon mturk. They have closed my account and stolen all my money. My family members and myself lost more than USD 3000. Better they can beg to Indians for money than stealing like this. As I heard from my friends circle mturk have suspended more than 500 accounts and stolen the money. Are they running a charity show?

    3 Votes
  • Ba
    Baskaran Apr 21, 2010

    Yes... My mturk account also suspended without any proper reason, I lost USD 720.

    1 Votes
  • Ha
    hastam May 18, 2010

    Do not trust Mturk. They suspended my account without any reason. They forfeited my hard earned money of USD 1060 :(

    1 Votes
  • Ka
    Kagomee Jun 12, 2010

    we just sold 21 items in 2 days and they shut our acc and took all our money, we are both unemployed and have NO income at all and they do this, i WARN ANYBODY DO NOT SELL ON AMAZON THEY ARE A SCAM

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  • So
    sowelu2u Sep 18, 2010

    Can someone please help me? I recently placed an order from Amazon for over 700.00 dollars worth of merchandise. They charged my credit card then closed my amazon account and said it was because it was affiliated with other accounts! BS! So now my account was charged all this money but I am not to receive any of my order! Someone please tell me what I can do! I have contacted amazon by phone but no one ever gets back to me like they said they would and they tell me they cannot discuss my account with me on the phone. Please, someone help me!!!

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  • Sa
    Saul1 Sep 26, 2010

    I agree that Amazon is a fraud!!!

    2 Votes
  • Sa
    Saul1 Sep 26, 2010

    Please don't sell in Amazon they took my camera I sold, and 355 usd plush shipping, and I did everything by the book

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  • Sa
    Saul1 Sep 26, 2010

    Amazon will cancel and close your transactions without first WARNING you, Don't even try relying on it, it is not worth it

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  • Ge
    gettingscrewed Oct 24, 2010

    They are a scam, for buyers as well. Someone stole my cc# and used it to drain my account through Amazon, when I called to tell them it was happening, they told me there was nothing they could do and it really wasnt their problem. How it it jot their problem to make sure people aren't stealing credit cards and using them fraudulently? Absolutely no help. So I closed my account and would suggest you all do as well.

    1 Votes
  • Io
    iolan74 Feb 12, 2011

    I agree also.My account was closed as a seller due to not
    issueing a refund to buyer .I told the buyer to return my merchandise, textbook and cd math kit and no answer.
    so amazon issues a refund to her and she kept my math book valued at $200.Im pissed and closed my account.They kept partial payment but not all.I dont have my book which i really want back.its wrong and illegal what they are doing.We should all get together and file a law suit action against them.I have a real job and dont need this joke of a me if interested in filing a class action.

    1 Votes
  • Am
    Amazon fraud complaintc Mar 08, 2011

    Amazon sent me a confirmation that my money as a buyer was on its way in 3-5 business days on March 4, 2011. The amount was for $1350.44. There were additional funds from sales the, Amazon, held as well.
    March 5, 2011 I received a notice that my account was under "review" for no apparent reason. All my sales are sent with USPS tracking and verifiable that all received their product. I even had 5 lovely comments from customers regarding "lightening fast" delivery. They received their Miracle Fruit tablets in 3 -5 days even with the USPS holiday. I have 100% rating as well.
    Watch out!!! I am writing the president and the Washington State Atty. General. It is looking as though they initiated a "review" to keep from paying me the funds they owe me.
    They now owe me $1690.44. HELP PLEASE.

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  • Gk
    GKa May 14, 2011

    I had ordered a product through one of the Amazon dealers ( at The day the product shipped, I noticed that I was flooded with 43 purchase confirmation emails for music downloads. Someone got into my account and purchased almost $400 in music downloads in 43 different transactions. This was the first time that I used this credit card at Amazon, so I suspect that either someone at Amazon or it's vendor stole my account info. I first contacted Amazon but was told that they would not give me info about the purchases (they refuse to give shipping or IP information that could be helpful in tracking the culprit). I next contacted my credit card company to cancel the account and report the fraud. When I went to make my next purchase at Amazon, I found that not only did they cancel my account, but they are now expecting that I will give them another credit card to bill for the fraudulant charges. I don't think so! Even though they have some great deals, I would rather pay more and know my account info is secure. I'll never buy from Amazon again!

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  • Yo
    YofefGold May 14, 2011

    Someone used my bank information with their name and shipping address and amazon allowed it to go through. Then, when I discovered over $1000 of fraudulent charges on my bank statement I filled a claim and my bank reversed all of it. This was stolen bank info so I received a new account number. I never used an electronic check feature. Amazon blames me for the money they lost from the fraudulent charges and blocked my account and any account I create. It wasn't my fault, it was their's for not verifying the guy's name or address with my bank info. Don't use amazon, go with eBay for the same things. A lot of sellers sell on both and eBay offers buyer protection! How can a company blame the victim of obvious fraud?

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  • Ts
    tslateone Jun 03, 2011

    Amazon has serious problems with information leaks and unfortunately are covering them up. I have closed one CC and about to close another b/c someone got CC information off mine and my wifes account at Amazon (just as a customer). They opened another account using that info and could make purchases which were small about 20$ each (4 on one card, 2 on another). I've cleared the info on the accounts but who knows who has access to that information already so the only choice is to close the CC accounts. Anyway I'll never again do business w/them nor allow any merchant to store the CC info.
    Even the idea that they let charges through on an account opened using the same CC info of another existing account is amazing. I seriously doubt anyone broke into the accounts from the outside, they have an inside breach of security. And yes they are not very informative or cooperative at all. I assume this happens quite frequently with them and unfortuntely no one is really aware how compromised they are.

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  • An
    Anatol Aug 10, 2011

    I am a seller at Amazon. Yes, Amazon steals money. They will favor a buyer any complaint. Just any. Customer can say "item is not as described", they will get a full refund. Customer filed a complaint "item is not received". I provided a tracking number showing the item was received. Amazon granted a full refund to the buyer stating there was no proof of delivery.

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  • Cs
    csulb699 Aug 11, 2011

    I was just ripped off by a buyer who filed a claim for the item not being authentic. The products are 100% manufacturer OEM cell phone cases and are shipped directly from warehouses through their FBA program. that means they are checked and scanned for authenticity. This customer who filed the claim is not even located in the UNITED STATES, but is located in BAHRAIN. He placed an order, had it shipped to a DHL facility in the US and then the package was shipped overseas. Once he received he filed a claim, got his money back, and kept the item. I NEVER do business overseas because of the fraudulent scam artists in these foreign countries. Now I have negative feedback that I am trying to get removed because some con artists made fraudulent claims that are untrue!

    0 Votes
  • Un
    unsatisfy client Mar 21, 2012

    I have recently experience someone opened an account under my property address and c/o to a person does not live in this property. At the begining, I thought it was just an error. However, in the past two weeks, packages just keep on coming from different carriers, such as Fed-Ex, UPS, Post Office and private carrier. Luckily, my husband was at home, was able to refuse those pacakges. I reported this THREE times to, spoke with different supervisors, repeated myself every time when I called. They said the investigation department will investigate and shut down the account. Well, it has not happened yet, this person still keeps on orderiing. When I asked for a name/administration department so I can complain, they refused to provide the information. It is very frustrated. Does anyone know who would be the best person or department to address this matter? Thank you.

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  • Ph
    Phosphorous Aug 07, 2012

    On Aug 1 I purchased Brad Thor's Unabridged Audiobook Black List (ISBN 978-1-4423-4433-4). A few days later, I received the Abridged version (ISBN 978-1-4423-4431-0). Normally I would think this is a simple mistake, but someone at Amazon INTENTIONALLY placed a sticker with the unabridged ISBN on the abridged version (over the real ISBN) with an intent to deceived and defraud customers who do not notice the difference.
    To their credit Amazon did make it right with me, but this doesn't change the fact that Amazon is intentionally try to pass off cheaper product as being the more expensive version. I have created a Youtube video at

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  • Ac
    accrobat Dec 20, 2012

    Because Amazon is a fraud company so instead of complaining, all of us should try to get our money back from these ###, one easy method is to purchase anything of heigh value on amazon through a credit card (not from a seller it should be directly from amazon as we only want to get our money back from this fraud company not any other poor seller) and after getting item, file a charge back with your credit card issuer just by telling them that you got item broken and it was due to poor packaging (other wise it will go to shipping insurance company not amazon) and in most of cases credit card issuing company will grant you money back, i am sorry i am telling people to cheat hear but i think to do cheating with a cheater is absolutely right

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  • Ti
    Tifannie Jan 05, 2013

    I started selling on amazon a month ago and sold a few things. Unfortunately someone filed a A-Z claim on me. I provide all my shipped items with a signature confirmation/tracking just in case someone opens a "item not received" claim to screw me. Well it happened. I was a new seller I had no clue what to do when the claim was filed, i am EXTREMELY disgusted with the way Amazon handled this situation. I believe that Amazon should treat both the sellers and buyers with the same respect not 0% to the sellers and 101% to the buyer. They gave me 3 options either refund buyer, escalate claim to amazon, or other options which includes contacting the buyer. After reading so many posts, I was shocked to learn I am 100% going to lose the case either way and had to refund the buyer without my item back. I was fine if they returned the item to me but they message me telling me she'll think about it and let me know her decision. After 14 days still no response and it seems like amazon had already made there decision which was of course in the buyer's favor. They took my money and said that the buyer can keep the item. I'm out on a 50$ item which I sold for 44.95 with shipping. Also the fees are so high!!! I sold the item for 44.95$ and the total I received was ~36.68$ that is about 8$ in fees!! This is definitely higher than ebay's!!! At least ebay will protect you (seller). I had a case on me once on ebay for "not received item" the tracking proved that it was signed and received so I won the case easily. But with amazon it's different, if the buyer (probably a scammer) filed a "not received or any case against you" you will 1000% lose your money and your item. SELLERS BEWARE!!! IM NOT BEING RACIST OR ANYTHING BUT I JUST WANT TO ADD WE ARE TREATED LIKE BLACK PEOPLE BACK IN THE DAYS AND THE BUYERS ARE THE WHITE. EVERYTHING THEY SAY OR CLAIM IS RIGHT. KEEP IN MIND BEFORE SELLING ON THIS FRAUD WEBSITE. AMAZON, WITHOUT THE SELLERS THERE IS NO BUYERS. I'm so mad for losing my money and item!!! They also suspended my account, they told me they can't tell me. Ok? Whatever. I'm done with this website this is the most DISGUSTING place I've ever ventured. This is so nerve racking, worrying about how they'll steal your money either today or tomorrow... Hopefully no more dishonest buyers open claims for the next 90 days... Just read NatM post and I totally agree

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  • Pr
    PrinsAli Jan 28, 2014

    What can we do about this situation. I am a seller and I keep getting screwed by Amazon...has anyone figured out a way to screw them back...? Please share info...plz, plz...this seems to be the only fair thing left to do. An eye for an eye.

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  • Pr
    preetha mani Apr 16, 2014

    I am an international worker of Mturk. They suspended my account too without any information and my earnings were forfeited. They have no specific reason for doing so. I strongly believe that legal action must be taken against them.

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  • Pr
    preetha mani Apr 16, 2014

    I am an international worker of Mturk. I was doing my job quite well and my hit approval rate was 98%, still they suspended my account without any prior information saying that I have violated the participation agreement(I don't know what it is exactly). They forfeited my earnings of $200. When the requesters make any mistake Mturk did not care about it, but when a worker make a mistake they are banned.

    I strongly believe that some legal action should be taken against them.

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  • Am
    amit sah Apr 22, 2014


    AND THIS is whatt i have got for my 145$
    Greetings from

    This message is to inform you that we have closed your account.

    We have taken this action because we found this account to be related to previously closed accounts. In addition, all open orders have been cancelled.

    We are unable to discuss other accounts with you but please contact us should you have any other questions; we'd be glad to assist you.


    Account Specialist

    and the worst body is ready to hear now...they just disconnect the conversation...m keep on sending the copy of above mail

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  • Am
    Amazon Sucks Beans May 29, 2014

    AMAZON ARE DEFINATE SCAMMERS, CHEATS and FRAUDS. I have had both a seller, a buyer and an affiliate account with them. My affiliate account was making about $140 to $310 per month. Not big money...but some money and it was consistent...I even had 7 specialty stores for Amazon (Star Trek, Levi Jeans, Paula Dean, Barbie, Book & Bibles, Cell Phones & Computers) .

    All of a sudden...I stopped getting paid...for 3 months in a row! I finally called them. I explained that I could see hundreds of orders...but had not been paid. They said, "because none of the products you purchased apply." I said, that's bull crap! She put me on hold and came back in like 15 seconds...and said, "This is an affiliate program not a discount program we do not pay you for your own purchases." I said..."listen, out of the hundreds of items maybe 10 belong to me. Again on hold for about 15 seconds...she came back and said, "We also don't pay you to refer your friends." I said that is the stupidest policy I ever heard. (Sorry I don't have much patience with Amazon). Besides, there is no way I know all those people. Again, on hold for about 15 seconds (I realized she was just asking someone what to say.) She came back and you will not believe this... and she said, "That includes all your Facebook friends." Now I am really out of patience. It's true...I have nearly 1000 Facebook friends...but I can assure you I probably know about 50ish. She said that was their policy and would not be paying me. I said, "that I don't think any of the orders come from my Facebook "friends""...she said, "Sorry sir" and hung up.

    Now comes my seller account. We have sold thousands of items all 5 star feedback (on Amazon, eBay and our own site). When we got a 1 bad feedback on Amazon it turned out they went to eBay and bought something there within 10 minutes and left negative there too. She opened a new account on eBay to buy from me and she could have bought both on Amazon...obviously, she wanted to leave the negative.

    Then I received an email from Amazon saying, "It has come to our attention that the comments field of one your listings is being used inappropriately. Specifically, Asin:XXXXXXXXXXX." I checked...everything looked fine to me. They said I had 24 hours to comply or I would be suspended. REALLY FOR THAT!!! You would have thought I pissed on a goddess Adi Shakti statue (one of their [India's] deities) ! Well not 24 hours but 37 MINUTES they suspended my account. So I called them. The rep looked at the item...and told me to do what the email said. I said the emails says nothing. He said well I looked at the item and it does not appear to be inappropriate in any way. By the way, you cannot talk to the review board...and you cannot email them. You must send a ticket to support and they will forward it. Anyway, I told him that I didn't know how to fix it. He said he didn't either...I told him I was removing the item...and that should fix it...he agreed. :) I removed the listing. I figured I could re-list in a month or two and all would be fine.

    The review Board said in 24 hours they would respond to me. It was 9 days later when they finally responded to me to tell me that, "a review of your account indicates you have misclassified the condition of your Marketplace items." 99%+ of my items are BRAND NEW and marked as such. The few, maybe 4 items that are used are marked as such. Really, again?

    Oh and they said, "in order to reply to a search in Help for Appeal." Why not just hit an Appeal button? Two other pieces of info...the first issue, "It has come to our attention that the comments field of one your listings is being used inappropriately. Specifically, Asin:XXXXXXXXXXX." ... this was the purchase from the buyer that left negative feedback. Now, I know it is killing you...but what did she leave negative feedback for? Purple? She said our movies were recorded on DVDs with a purple tint. Say what? You know I went and checked all kinds of, movies, etc...and there were some purple, some silver and some gold. I even went back to our vendors where we buy DVDs and movies and asked them...and most of them never heard of this. One said that CDs are solver and DVDs are purple. How about contact me and say, "I don't like purple?" I would have gave her money back...and she could have kept the item...she only spent a few bucks.

    Anyway, I would stay clear away from Amazon! By the I have sold for over 15 years on eBay and no negative feedback until this Amazon buyer came over. Attached is the 1 star I received from this customer. I feel like the CIA blacking things out...but when you have a custom that says, THANK YOU {My Business Name} or they mention me by name or they mention the product by name...I have to black it. :) The circled transactions...this was my double trouble on both Amazon & eBay. Like I said...the Amazon order came first...then 10 minutes later the order came on eBay and she had to open an account on eBay for that order. Both items were available on Amazon...and connected since they were related products. To me, and perhaps I am too close...she just came to try and attack my business. will notice the one 4 Star Feedback on Amazon (The rest are ALL 5 STAR!!!) The 4 Star Said, "Great customer service!!! Love the info on the DVDs." What happened was, She played the DVDs fine on her home DVD Player and on her computer. But they kept saying "No disc error" when she tried to play them in her Van's DVD Player. At first she said on the first 2...I asked if she would verify all 10 DVDs and let me know. She didn't respond for about 4 I sent PRIORITY MAIL the 2 discs that wouldn't play in her car...but played on her PC & HOME DVD Players. The day I shipped is the day I heard from her. Oh well...dumb luck. She said she didn't have time to check them all yet. OK...I re-burnt a special order from her...changed the Parameter's and slowed the burn from 10x (Some burn as high as 24x---but I find too many errors" I slowed hers to 4x...and adjusted the burn parameters on a full set...and mailed her PRIORITY MAIL again...they arrived 2 days later and she checked them in her Van...they all worked fine! Now she had two full for her house and one for her car plus 2 more to give away...keep whatever. She left m4 4 Stars.

    I was a little taken back so I emailed her...and she responded very kind and very polite and said, "I thought you would be pleased with 4 stars...5 stars is for perfect and this was not perfect." I thanked her for being so generous and for being a great customer. I guess she is right. But I wonder how many people guarantee that their media will play in every machine on the planet? I wonder how many would manufacturer her a complete order (stopping production...delaying other orders) in order to adjust parameters that MIGHT work in her other machine? But is fine...I will take the 4 and she wasn't trying to hurt me...she was leaving what she felt was a fair feedback...and I do thank her.

    We do not use permanent marker, peel & stick labels and we use top of the line media for our product. When it arrives at your door it is professionally packahed...and other than the "purple"'s absolutely perfect. I get emails all the time saying how please they are and how they wished there was more space on feedback.

    But back to Amazon...stay away. They have hundreds of dollars of my money on HOLD for at least 90 days...if I ever get it. But I should be so lucky...I have read where they suspended accounts and they are holding thousands of dollars. I have read, $5000, $7000, $15, 000 and $770, 000! And the later took a loan for $200, 000 to ship his products...he had a run on his item after his product was featured on some TV show. Amazon suspended him for some ridiculous date I have no idea if he ever got paid. There was/is an active class action suit in Seattle, WA against Amazon.

    They will lose this class action and have to pay. BUT...they will keep doing it. The only way to get them to listen is to hurt them. ALL SELLERS BOYCOTT THEM...and ALL BUYERS BUY SOMEWHERE ELSE and cancel your AFFILIATE aren't being paid anyway. By the way...the other day I bought a book about a month ago for $25.00 off Amazon...I would have bought it else ware but it was out of print and I couldn't find it...even in some of the rare book stores on I broke down because I really wanted the book. IMMEDIATLY in my AMAZON AFFILIATE ACCOUNT (all my links are down)...out of curiosity I looked and sure enough I had a payment to me for $1.36. I thought it was 6%? Oh well...LOL...they will probably read this...realise their mistake and reverse it.

    OH far as feedback getting removed on Amazon...forget it...They have "Guidelines" and the fact you have proof of fraud from your illegitimate buyer...they don't give a flock of seagulls in Alaska! I have ran out of patience with these fools and the more I read how other sellers and affiliates have had their money stolen...and their accounts suspended for no reason makes me want to set that place on fire. Good Luck!

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  • Ja
    JamesFPS Jun 04, 2014 does not take care of its sellers! They rob them! They create new fees and ruin sellers businesses! They recently created a $1.00 referral fee to all sellers on they said. That was a lie and I have proof. Anyhow the $1.00 is the minimum Amazon commission on items less than $6.67. All items like $1.95 retail have to be jacked up atleast $1.00 to cover the new fee. 2/3rds of my inventory is small items. I think Amazon has put me out of business because of this, I think. We will see.

    I have a personal friend that sells on and does about $700, 000.00 in sales per year. did not impose the new fee on them! That is my proof of their lies and how they are robbing the sellers. They hand picked sellers to impose the fee on so they wouldn't lose the big sellers/

    I am looking for a new place to sell at, online!

    Thank you!

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  • Ak
    AkashPhoneWale Sep 26, 2014

    Amazon cheats by selling the new phones online.
    I have ordered new i-phone 4 and i-phone 5 through Amazon few weeks before. And paid in full for the new i-phones, but the sellers cheated me by shipping me the old/used phones. I came to know about this fraud when I visited Apple for the performance issue of these phones. I bought the new i-phone5 in Feb, 2014 but Apple says it was activated and used in 2013.
    When I came to know about the fraud, I contacted Amazon but it doesn't 'act' on this report. I have got really funny reasons from Amazon for not refunding the money - Amazon gave a reason that the order has passed 90 days so A-to-Z guarantee claim cannot be filed and in addition the seller has ordered a 'shampoo' through Amazon, so money cannot be refunded. Below are my order and product details and also the response from Amazon.
    I have all the supporting documents and communications, please suggest me what to do?
    Order and item details: Product: i –Phone 5, Black, 16 GB, New.
    Order Placed: February 9, 2014 order number: 113-7253028-3677841
    Model: MD654LL/A
    Serial Number: F2LKRRD9F8H2

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  • Ar
    Araceli Saril-Muleta Jun 29, 2016

    I recently found out the my book is listed as Available for Sale at, have you authorized them to sell my book? And also if there were purchases, how do I know about my royalties? Please clarify this. Thank you!

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  • Be
    Becky Miltenberger Aug 16, 2018

    What is the AMAZON telephone number and /or mail address?

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account cancellation!

I received email from Amazon that my account has been closed because someone told them that i have another account with them. When I called amazon they did not want to discuss this issue. Nobody would return my phone calls. I was selling items on their website and now they are holding my money for 90 days (who knows why). I never had any other accounts with them and wanted to resolve this issue. They basically told me that they can shut anyones account off anytime they feel like it and I should move on with my life.

alerts system!

I have not ever encountered such unreliable services in my life until this month when I missed the deadline of my credit card payment by 1 day. I know I am a busy person, but I also like to pay my bills on time. To be safe and to not miss my payment deadline, I enrolled with the Chase credit card Alerts, which would alert customers for many functions, which include payment deadlines. I appreciated this system because on September 2007, I received an alert email to remind me that my payment would be due in 7 days.

Last month, I did not receive any alert email from Chase; as a result, I did not pay my bill on time. I called and emailed the Chase customer services to ask why, but none of them could provide me the reasonable answers.

Worst of all, when I called and spoke to Tyler, one of the Internet Chase credit card adviser, he told me that I should not rely on this Alert system to pay bill. I was in shock. Chase provides such Alert system to help customers, but customers should not rely on Chase. What a slap on their trustworthy words!

However, I was not satisfied with what Tyler said and seeked second opinion from other Chase advisers. I spoke to Patricia and she told me that my email server could have filtered out their emails. Again, I disagreed with her because I have been receiving all other emails from Chase except my alerts email. I asked her if there was any change in their system that Chase didn't inform their customers to aware of, and she said no. But, from her, I learned Chase did change their email address and they did not inform customers about the change. Instead of using [protected], they just started to use [protected] as their email address.

The latter imposed two issues: 1) fraud email address without using Chase as part of the domain name, and 2) negligence of informing customers about recent change of email usages.

Although I am responsible for my lateness, I don't agree that I am the only person who would be responsible for the whole situation. I post this statement because I think Chase serves millions and millions of people in this world. Imagine if Chase serves 4 million people internationally, only 1/4 of this population, who relies on the alerts system for meeting their payment deadline, could bring them a profit of $15 millions dollars plus finance charges imposed on the statement.

If some of you like me enrolled in this system and did not receive any alerts email last month, please respond to this statement to see if we could make a case. I plan to carry this on elsewhere; if you have any other advice, please feel free to offer here.


  • Ka
    kathy Jan 19, 2008

    I too have been scammed by chase visa, and twice. First time I had a 4.99% Interest rate until bill was paid off, I had the account for two years and was late 1 day past the due date, mind you I had paid my bills on line thru Washington Mutual the same time every month, but this time it was one day late that was in July. They would not reverse the late payment and raised the interest rate to 22.49%. I was irate and I knew it would do me no good. So what I did I paid them off and ate the big interest rate. I had 4 Chase accounts and paid them all off thru a Home equity loan, and closed all of our Chase accounts. That was in Aug 07. I then received convince checks in Oct from CBSI Bank. It was for 0% for 6 months and 1.99% until paid off. So my car needed to be repaired and I had some other wants, and used the check, at 1.99% until paid off. Two weeks later my checking account was overdrawn because the check was denied; they told me the bank account was closed. So I tracked down the bank and found out it was Chase and it was the account that I had closed. If I would have known, I would never have used the check.. I called and was told that they set up those promotions 3 months in advance and so they go ahead and send them out. I did not have a choice and had the account re-opened so the check would go through. I was charged a declined check fee of 39.00 and a Finance fee of 150.00 at 16.99%. I then got a statement dated 10/15-11/14 which showed a check of 5000.00 at 16.49% interest. I made a payment 11/26 for 150.00 which was due by Dec 9 and did not notice that the charge was for 1000.00 more then what I wrote the convenience check which( 4000.00.) (According to chase that is a different matter) I then had trouble with someone taking mail out of our mail box and so I just paid all my bills Dec 2nd for January so I would be safe. I did not receive a statement until today 1/19/07 in the mail. It states that I am over due 180.00 and that my minimum is 434.00 due by 2/8/08. I called and talked with a supervisor Rebecca P. she refused to give me her last name or any other confirming number that I could refer back to in a letter or if I had to proof I talked with someone. She just said that it would be in there notes if they had to identify her. She told me that she was sorry but that the Dec 2nd payment was before the closing date and was considered and extra payment for Dec and I was over due for January. She would not budge on this. Even though it was a different check and clearly was for payment in January. I explained this and, she said that I could have gone on line and read that if the payment was made before the closing date the 14th of the month then it would be considered an extra payment.. I could have also got on line and down loaded my statement and should not rely on the mailed statements. She kept saying that they already had a late payment July (one day late) and they could not reverse the interest rate. I now have an interest rate of 16.40 because: I wrote a convince check on a closed account that did not show an account number, or a name of chase on it. And even though I made a second payment of 150.00 it is not considered a payment. (Guess that was in fine print) This really sucks and something needs to be done. Please someone if you can help I am paying over 150.00 in interest a month. Because 1. I was sent a convince check that was on a closed account that did not reflect that it was or the account number and because that I made a payment before there closing date. I was also told that all credit cards practice this procedure. I have never had a credit company practice this procedure. I would understand that if I made a payment with extra amount then it would be just extra on the account, but come on it was a separate check and different date.
    Thanks to any body that can help

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  • Ti
    tired of lazy people Aug 23, 2009

    If you would better organize your bills, without relying on an alert system, perhaps you'd pay your bills on time. If Chase sent you a bill showing your due date, then they did their part- the reminder system is just additional assistance they provide. Get your head out of your rear.

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