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Alltelfraudulent billing


I have also been a long time consumer of Cellular One before they switched to Alltel without very many instances. When they switched to Alltel I was grandfathered into my previous plan I loved that my bill was never over 60 dollars a month.

After my contract ended I stayed month to month for a couple years, finally I decided to get a black berry for me and my boyfriend and sign a contract yeah it sounds like a good deal at first because you are getting the phones at a discounted rate, then I got my first bill and I was floored with how much they charged me they said because I went over my minutes, mind you I do have people in my circle and so I thought I was safe.

Then when I got the second bill it was as much as I pay for rent I thought how ridiculous, just as I sing a new contract now I am beginning to think that the company is not that great, I cannot pay my bill all at once so now I am out of a phone, after 5 years of uninterrupted service, now I am stuck with two blackberries and a contract that I obviously cannot fulfill.

I think that Alltel should be responsible and keep consumers informed of when they are about to go over their minutes they should never let a bill get that out of control, I am soo ready for that class action law suit.

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