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A Aug 07, 2018

Regarding to the dispute on the order No. order id: [protected], I declare that the parcel came to me and was received, but the quality of the goods does not meet the characteristics stated by the seller, namely:
The actual battery capacity is 5.95 Ah instead of the claimed 10 Ah.
I performed a test charge of the batteries using a computerized
charger, designed specifically for Li-ion batteries.
Then a control discharge was made with a 10 W incandescent lamp (discharge current= 0.85 A).
Expected discharge time = 11 hours (vendor claimed capacity = 10 Ah / discharge current = 0.85 A),
however, the batteries were discharged only 7 hours, after which the discharge was automatically turned off by the
control device inside the battery. The actual capacity of the battery is = 7h * 0.85a
= 5.95 Ah, which is much less than the capacity declared by the seller = 10 Ah.
In view of the discrepancy between the good's characteristics declared by the seller, I require a full refund of the paid
money of the amount of 3477.78 rubles.
I contacted customer service chat several times since 25.07.2018. All they promised me to resolve my issue the next day,
but actually they do nothing!.Today is 07.08.2018 and I did not received a word regarding my complaint from the arbitration team so far. It is a total disgrace from such a great company as AliExpress. I require the AliExpress to resolve my issue ASAP and return all my money back to me asap! Else I shall send many articles to many customer's forums all over the World, describing that AliExpress is fraud!

Larisa Novikova (buyer)

complaint number1=[protected] (23.07.2018)
complaint number2=[protected] (25.07.2018)

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    I require a full refund of the paid money of the amount of 3477.78 rubles.

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