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This is fraudulent the past few days i've received two charges on my credit card from this company. Never had I heard of the company before nor ordered anything from it. The first charge was blocked by my bank and was for $150. The second charge was for almost $75. Neither charge stated what, exactly, the purchase was for. The bank has had to issue me a new credit card and is following up by filing formal complaints to this company. The bank also told me that the company is listed as being located in china. When I tried to call the customer service number listed on the company's site, I got a number-no-longer-in-service recording. A second number was listed from dover, de. When I tried that number, the recording of a woman's voice claimed that no one was available to take my call.


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    Ben 76 Apr 24, 2018

    Credit card theft from

    This is an e-mail I wrote to Google:

    I'm not sure who I need to contact. I purchased items from back in January, the order arrived any everything was fine. Two days ago, I received credit card charges amounting to $500. I tried to contact AliExpress at their merchant phone number in California and wasn't able to talk to anyone, the call kept getting disconnected. Then I went to their website and chatted, they said there was nothing that could be done.

    I do not want suggestions to purchase items on my Google account and when I do searches for merchandise. Is there a way to stop Google from making purchasing suggestions from These purchase suggestions from Google are usually first, even before Amazon suggestions. I live in Pennsylvania, USA.


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