AliExpressbought 3 dresses from shop4992287 store

H Jul 18, 2019

Good Day
II am a new customer on Ali Express. Alot of my friends use Ali Expess andhappy about it. I ordered on 20nd May 2019. But never got my order yet. Sometimes the seller said it has already delivered go to your post office you will get from there. I went almost 10 times but all in vain. Now the buyer proctection time is over & the option to open diapute is not working
Please help me to get my money refund.

I have ordered 3 dresses (26 May 2019) from ali express from this shop till today i have not received the order. I cannot make contact with the seller they do not respond to my messages. when I try to track the parcel it tells me parcel is delivered to its destination county and the destination county is France.. I dont stay in France but i stay in South Africa ...Im starting to feel i was scammed.

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