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Albertsonsreverse racism is alive and well in murphy texas! no lunch! no restroom break?

Well, I am still hungry at the grocery store! Two years later, I am still having to ask to go to lunch like a "small child". Now, I have to "check in" with my black female boss before I can start the day... I am a 39 year old white male, (working on a Master's Degree) who is a victim of reverse racism.

As a manager of the store, it is my responisibility to report "theft" whether it is happening inside or outside the store. Yesterday, I worked a 9hr. day with NO LUNCH BREAK due to the fact that I was being punished by my boss because we lost three employee's due to theft, and they were terminated. I was told to work in this department the rest of the day, and asked on numerous times if I could grab something to eat... NO LUNCH FOR ME!

This is just another form of punishement for being born white... Now, I have to check in, ask to go to lunch, guess when my days off are most of the time, and now I have to guess if I am going to be able to eat!!! One employee was told by her that she was NOT ALLOWED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!! We are all adults, and now this has moved from ridiculous to illegal!

If this was happening to her (BLACK) ###, you can bet that something would be getting done to prevent this, however, since this is happening to "us WHITE folk" I guess we just have to wait and take this abuse until someone does something drastic, or someone who reads this can make a difference!!!

Will someone please tell the store director here that slavery is dead and over! Then maybe we can get someone in this store that can run a successful store without racism and without a threatening work environment!


  • Do
    donna hayes Jan 12, 2010

    tried to use a check to pay for groceries and check was declined.

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  • Danimal Mar 25, 2010

    take a spy camera to work (check your state laws on recording). shop the recordings around to lawyers & news media outlets. Let me know how it worked out.

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  • Be
    bertiebotts Apr 04, 2010

    I shop in that store all the time and I know who you are. Thank the Lord she is taking your ### to task. You are as rude, nasty and ignorant in the store as you are on this message board. How you made it a racist thing is beyond me. If you were professional you would have taken it to HR or the labor board and not making your store look even worse. This behavior is exactly why long time customers cant stand to come in the store anymore.

    Riddle me this when do you think you will ever have a job that you do not have to check in or tell someone you are going to lunch or break especially in a grocery store. Sounds to me you are getting called on your behavior finally and again thank god the higher ups are on to your behavior. It is about time.

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  • Ea
    Eagershoppeer Nov 20, 2010

    Working on a masters degree working an hourly job at the grocery store? I think the problem is with you and your attitude! Ur the same as everyone else there if your accomplishents have u at a dead-end job anyway... U sound like racists... To me, it would seem she is sexist NOT racist...

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  • Pa
    passer_by Mar 18, 2011

    Like the saying goes, if you can't take the heat, then get out the kitchen, or in your case find a new job.

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  • An
    angell94 Jul 14, 2011

    Became ill/threw up...from recent purchase of a pie that was expired Feb 2011 ..but still stocked for sale July 2011.Whom can I contact about this matter? I even have receipt proof. So unfair!

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  • La
    Lawyer2b Aug 16, 2011

    You are sadly incorrect.having to answer to someone is apart of life.being white has nothing to do with it.sounds like youre the racist one

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  • Wine Is Good May 06, 2016

    You had me until you began to spout racism yourself.

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