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C Jul 05, 2019

I hope this is the correct forum for an official complaint.
I tried to collect my car yesterday from Orlando Airport "ford expedition or similar" but at the desk I was told it was some awful looking jeep thing instead (she showed a picture), I said I had booked the explorer but the lady (Wendy) just kept saying "or similar". She then said due to the second row of seats being bucket seats in the jeep it wouldn't be big enough for us due to the fact we would have to have the third row seats up, I know for a fact after extensive research the explorer would have been so anything "similar" would work too.
After a long journey and with a tired family I was persuaded to upgrade the car to an escalade which is in no doubt a lovely car.
In the car park I noticed that I couldn't see any of the Jeeps she showed me so I actually wonder if in deed they exist with you as a company or its not just a ploy to sell upgrades at the desk, show an awful vehicle that doesn't exist then sell a nice one. The car park however was loaded with Expeditions!
When I reached my villa I googled the jeep she tried to rent me and found the only vehicle fitting the description "a 7 seat jeep" is a Jeep Commander something that was discontinued in 2010 which surely isn't on your inventory list.
Also upon reflection and seeing the vehicles out in the streets/car parks I realised the ford Explorer was pretty much if not bigger than the vehicle I was in so would, as my research showed been big enough, also the explorer had 8 seats so I wouldn't have had to put up the 3rd row seating as the lady said I would have to in the Jeep (so not "similar" at all)
So in conclusion I believe that underhand hard sell tactics are being used to take advantage of customers who aren't familiar with the American vehicles, I have now spent another $340 on a vehicle I didn't order or now I realise even need as if I had had "similar" it would have been plenty big enough. I believe that if I had said no to the upgrade I would have walked to the car park and been given the Ford Explorer, it is a very underhand and deceitful tactic of which I'm appalled.
I would like a solution to this issue ASAP as at the moment im furious and the time im spending thinking about it is eating into my holiday. I am going back to the airport on the 10th to collect my son so I have two possible solutions. The first is I return the Escalade I have then and get the Ford Explorer I reserved "or similar" with a refund of the $19 a day I have been mis-sold an upgrade.
The second is I just keep the vehicle I have but for the price I initially paid for the Ford Explorer.
Please contact me as soon as possible with a solution.
Kind Regards
Colin Calam
RA [protected]

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