Airasia — rude behaviour of ground staffs of airasia in cochin international airport - namely mr shamnaz shan, mr midhun km and mr amal sudhan

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👉Terribly rude behavior of AirAsia ground staff - Cochin International Airport.

I would like to point out a recently occurred worst flight experience with the ground staffs of Cochin International Airport (AIRASIA). It was my first time flight with Airasia on 31st July, 2019 at 12:30 am to Melbourne. I encountered the worst experience ever with Airasia. Firstly I was at the check in counter at 10:15 pm on 30th July 2019 and went to a lady staff for check in. She asked me to put my baggage to weight and told me it's 42 kg and she agreed with it because I had an allowance for 40 kg without any further payment. Later on she asked me to put my hang bag, side bag (ladies bag - in which I had my documents passport and ticket) and laptop bag together to weight, it was around 12 kg and asked me to reduce it to 7 kg. I requested them as I am a student and I cannot leave my laptop and my documents. I told them I will pay for the extra weight in my hang luggage. For which it was a clear cut rudely said no from Mr Shamnas Shan ​​, Mr Midhun KM and Mr. Amal Sudhan​​. I had traveled from Avalon airport (Melbourne) on 22nd June, 2019 where there was no issue from the Melbourne AIR ASIA staffs for carrying my laptop bag and extra 7 kg handbag. As a frequent traveler for almost past 16 years, it was my very first experience in which they have told me that ladies bag was also included in 7 kg hand bag allowance (where else for all other airlines the laptop bag is also not included in the 7 kg hand bag allowance). I have traveled in many airlines such as Kuwait airways, Qatar airways, emirates, Etihad, Singapore airlines, Srilankan airlines and found this particular airlines (AirAsia) ground staff (especially in Cochin International Airport) to be the worst among all. Mr Shamnaz, who himself told me he is the important decision maker for this issue when I asked him to show me the manager. My mother had gone to the terminal manager to showcase this issue, this guy was called by the Terminal manager to their office and he told the Terminal Manager that he has agreed to take that extra 2 kg in the luggage without any payment and just after that came to me and insisted me and compelled me to pay for it or to remove two kg from the packed and already wrapped box, also threatening me that he will close the counter within 10 minutes if I don't pay for it. It was already 11:15 pm by then and my flight was at 12:30 am. Finally because of his anger towards me he Made me pay for the extra two kg in the luggage and also left my 7 kg bag with my parents back in India and allowed me to take only the laptop bag with 4.5 kg and ladies bag with 1.5 (total 6 kg). Also the worst part is that they made me stand there for almost 1 hr 30 minutes and at the last minute he made me eliminate my 7 kg bag and I was compelled to take my laptop bag and ladies bag alone (where it was my first time they weighed my ladies side bag). The above mentioned guys especially Mr Shamnaz was incredibly rude as if we aren't paying to fly with Air Asia. He was also behaving in a way that I have done something bad to him.

Dear AirAsia officials it's a request from the passengers to keep an eye on how your staffs behave to the passengers.

This would be my first and the last time to travel in Air Asia. I would also like to point out this worst scenario to all my friends and families, if you are planning to travel in this particular flight.

Aug 01, 2019
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      Aug 01, 2019

    Its 7kg why so difficult to follow. It's your own fault!

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