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I am 4 months pregnant and traveled by Air Asia from Hong Kong to Jaipur. My travel date was 25th September, 2019 - 1:20 pm from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur & then 6:55 pm flight from Kuala Lumpur. My husband & I were holding a premium flex ticket and had signed the Release & Indemnity (Expectant mother) form in Hong Kong itself. My booking number was U52WJK. During our journey, the flight from Hong Kong was late by 1 hour and we were assured by the staff that we wouldn't miss our connection as there would be ground staff waiting for us when we reach Kuala Lumpur to help us get to our gate for the next flight. When we landed in Kuala Lumpur, not a single staff to help us out, we had to run all the way to the gate which was 25 minutes farther and our other flight was already boarding. Not a single car to help us reach there, especially in my condition where i could've fainted or not fell well. What was the point to inform you if you cannot help us. Even after we reached the gate there was no relief from the staff who saw me out of breath and yet kept shouting for boarding, and when i asked them for a complaint form, kept ignoring my request and just wanted to transfer me to another person that would again ignore my request. When signing the form, i had released Air Asia of any problems during the flight, not during their mistreatment of pregnant women - is this the way Air Asia deals with pregnant passengers. If such is the case, then maybe you should completely stop accepting pregnant passengers as you don't have any ideas on how to deal with them. VERY DISAPPOINTING. Secondly, when we fly from India, we pay extra for the meal on board and don't have any option to choose vegetarian options - like every other airline. When we reached our seats, they informed us that the "complimentary" meal that i've actually paid for is chicken only. Therefore, again denying a pregnant lady of any meals on board and no option to purchase any meal on board because your flight was late from Hong Kong and not our fault. Thirdly, when we reached Jaipur, we had express baggage tags on our suitcases, and yet we received them last. DOES PAYING EXTRA FOR SERVICES MEAN NOTHING TO AIR ASIA & SINCE YOU CHARGE FOR EVERYTHING CAN WE GET OUT REFUND FOR BAGGAGE ALSO AS WE CERTAINLY DID NOT RECEIVE IT EXPRESS? Lastly, when we received our baggage, the handle was broken and when we complained to your staff he says and i quote, "oh, its such a normal thing and happens usually" and did not allow us to file a complaint. Very horrified with the behaviour of staff and Air Asia.

Sep 27, 2019
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  • Su
      Oct 01, 2019

    I am Indonesian and I am one of the faithful air asia passenger, I have been using air asia since I was study oversea. Today I want to tell that I am very disappointed with air asia baggage handling. My flight is AK 406 Kuala Lumpur to Padang West Sumatra. I have to come back Indonesia for my business meeting, I bought air asia premium flex ticket because I need to be efficient and my timing is gold. As I know premium ticket I will get my bag out first an express baggage. At the end I need to wait my baggage to be out at last . What is the point for u to sell premium ticket and promise people with those all nonsense that u can not provide!!! Please do a good service instead of [censored]. U waste my money, my time and play with my patience!!!

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