Airasiastaff who would not let us on the plane as claimed our passports were invalid

P Jan 12, 2020

Z2288 flight 12-01-20 BKK MNL Denied boarding on flight due to insufficient advice/information. Rude indifferent and bad service. Poor staff training. No supervision. Expenses incurred subsequently.
Thai national had Thai passport which was less than 6 months remaining. The Thai national had travelled successfully twice recently to Manila, but common sense did not however prevail! Despite the previous record, and although I was never talked to, as all was conducted in Thai, I was also told that my passport was invalid and it is a UK passport with one stamp only on last two remaining pages! Same same but different, and not correct as there is room for the stamp out as well as for two or three more journeys on the penultimate page, and the last page is completely clear! The Philippines do not take up a page for their visa and is just a small stamp which can be used 8 times on a page, there are even other places remaining in the passport that can still be used for placing stamps.
Needless to say, we missed the plane! So then we went to the airport immigration (Thailand) who considered there was not a problem for them and said that it was due only to the airline! The agent of Airasia would not provide us with a written report. It gets better because the security were then called! Frankly, we were made to feel and felt like criminals. Of course we were without accommodation so we had to go to a hotel for which we had to use taxis! Inconvenience aside, we are still needing to go to Manila!
Previously we have received the wrong meal, with no explanation. I am vegetarian and there was no vegetable pot noodle on board as an alternative "out of stock Sir" We have been charged and paid for baggage at the airport which is expensive. I notice that Fatties (the obese) however get on board unchallenged! Planes are often late and change terminal gates without warning and is frequently the norm. This agent was not a pleasant person, was incorrect in her understanding, was unsupported by a supervisor, and was given false or misleading information. Which she said was actually philippines immigration, it however had a Thai number on the page on her smart phone! when we persisted in trying to use the ticket that we had paid for in good faith she called the security, who again did not talk to me directly but tried to look menacing and also who couldn't tell me /us where to get a second opinion on the information we already knew to be false! The big guy just glared and spoke down to my wife saying something about taking photos, we are not allowed to take their photos? since when? so we wrote their names down, thus completing the humiliation. Air Asia are not responding today, its Sunday, and their dumb robot has requested my name and email and flight booking number a few times too many so I post this here!! Be warned... if Airasia messes up then be prepared to deal with their security! An instant to pay but I am guessing this nightmare will drag on a while before we get any of our money back, or I dream of receiving any "compensation" for the bad experience, the costs of hotels and taxi fares that we wasted as a consequence!!
I know! We should have got my wife's passport renewed! But, it was still a legal travel document. It was denied due to the agent not wanting to be held responsible. This did not qualify my passport to be similarly rejected! I dare say if my wife's passport hadn't attracted this attention then nothing would have been said about mine either!! I want to go to Manila! I want compensating. I will tell friends relatives and loved ones pay $50 more and go by a good airline, like Thai, who often let you take over your allowance if its Thai food that we cant get overseas, and the service is just brilliant... Even PAL who are not up there as are Thai with service and unfairly PAL us referred frequently to as Plane Always Late ... are better informed! Flexible. Do not ever in my memory call security when they mess things up!! Sorry to these two carriers for trying to get home on the cheap! All is forgiven, as will Air Asia if I can ever get to a real person who knows what it is all about, or just a bit more than trying to save her job or the need to replace the airfare of someone who has tried to comply, had been reasonable and had been ignored in trying to explain what they should after all is said and done have been known to them already!!
A bad bad day!!
- my passport empty spaces,
- Score is "O"on the clappometer/score board,
- the smart phone with the oracle of good advice and - the bag man who works for the airline in question.

staff who would not let us on the plane as claimed our passports were invalid
staff who would not let us on the plane as claimed our passports were invalid
staff who would not let us on the plane as claimed our passports were invalid
staff who would not let us on the plane as claimed our passports were invalid

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