Airasiaservice at boarding gate


hello there, I am writing this complaint due to unnecessary doing at the boarding gate. my family were first timer using airasia. They missed their flight (Kuching to Johor Bahru) due to the unchecked ticket by imigresen. How can this happen? They safely arrived at kuching at 11.30am (from bintulu) and they directly waited for next flight which is supposingly scheduled at 1.55pm at balai berlepas (still inside the departure hall). As far as I know, they should not go out and go through the check in again since they did not bringing any check in luggage. That why they wait in balai berlepas. However, when the boarding gate open, the Flight Attendant (Airasia Staff) that checked their ticket said that they need to get a "cop" from imigration (check by imigration) although it is left 20 minutes for the flight to depart. I am asking whether this step is necessary or not. This has caused my family missed their flight since the time to travel from boarding gate to imigration is more than 20 minutes. Does the policy is more important than customer satisfaction. due to this incident, my family need to buy a new flight ticket that cost them about rm1200+. I myself on behalf of my family really dissapointed with the ways how the staffs at the boarding gate treated us like that. Thank you for reading this complaint and I want to say sorry if my speech kind of rude.

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