Airasiarude and racist korean air stewardess.

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I would like to make a complain about this two Korean air stewardess name Stella Jo and Blair Lee on the flight D7505 from Incheon International Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 on 29 January 2017. I noticed that they give good service with one Korean passenger sitting on hot seat and upgraded her to the front seat and follow her request to have double empty seats just behind the business class because the passenger told she was not feeling well. And this conversation between the stewardess and the passenger was heard by my friend which is sitting near to the place. I was also not feeling well and was vomitting throughout the journey and they did not notice me. Then, when dinner is served I delayed my dinner and ask one steward to keep my dinner as I was vomitting too often. Then when I was feeling better I ask stewardess Blair Lee to serve me but she said that I had taken my meal and did not even confirm it first the steward. So I reported it to the head stewardess and just then I got my meal. Another problem is the stewardess name Stella Jo was shouting at a distance when my nephew just started his dinner because he was sitting on the empty hot seat. She could have told him politely but she shouted. I also found that the empty hot seat that the lady left was sitted by a Korean little girl and the two stewardess just kept quiet. This is very racist and double standard and it seems that they do not like Malaysian passengers. Please consider this rude and double standard attitude of this two Korean stewardess towards Malaysian passengers.Thank you. Attached here is the picture of the stewardess name Stella Jo and the picture of the Korean little girl sitting in the hot seat area.

rude and racist korean air stewardess.
rude and racist korean air stewardess.


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    @dfefefer yeah im agreed with you

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