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Hello Hello.. Really cant see the point in writing on this board unless everyone refuses to fly with these Airborne clowns, until that happens, nothing will change. Air Asia don't give a hoot about their customers. Bums on seats is their aim. Money for shareholders, low wages and poorly trained staff. When I read these complaints I have to wonder " what are your expectations of this ramshackle company" all sound surprised that their planes arrive late and their ground staff have zero charm or professionalism. I flew with these many times and have finally called a halt to any more missed connections, , tampered luggage, overpriced excess baggage for any western travelers, bad ground staff attitudes, incompetence and rudeness. The final straw for me was being stranded at SIngapore Changi Airport after missing my connecting flight. Made complaint and received a Auto generated do not reply email. NO restitution or concern. I only prey they don't train their pilots.

+please note that I do not accept your crude =no reply =auto generated email as finished business before you have investigated the circumstances.+

Thank you for your email to airasia.

In this opportunity, we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay of your flight with qz-662 from semarang to singapore on 20 september 2017 due to operational reason and consequences delayed that also affected to your flight.

Please allow us to inform you that we do our best to adhere the published schedule in effect to the date of your travel. however, sometimes there are flights being rescheduled for various reasons which include inclement weather, aircraft rotation, airport restriction or any unforeseen circumstances.

+I now acknowledge receipt of this 95% auto generated email with minor details to support your misleading narrative of point to point carrier with zero compensation. because that's the real concern for you, the money, not solving or investigating the issue. what you see as a minor inconvenience is in keeping with your 'support staff' when you send out auto generated emails. don't truly give a damn. its a job hey!

Had you read and acknowledged my initial complaint. I would have thought you would be seriously concerned that one of your passengers was stuck at a foreign airport due to your ground staff. But as in keeping with 'award winning' money orientated companies you immediately try to change the narrative to minimize your responsibility. I know you are aware that the flight delay was not the whole issue as I outlined in my initial letter. your auto generated review has shown a clear lack of understanding or deliberate 'too hard basket' on any duty of care to your passengers that your company states is a priority. it is clearly not the case by your answer and the sheer lack of any further inquiries. you have made a decision before contacting your 'Singapore ground support staff'.

I would have made my flight but for the incompetence and lack of care of your so called ground staff at singapore. there was "no assistance" from your inept supervisor and support staff. your singapore ground staff are clearly responsible for my missing the connecting flight. this has absolutely nothing to do with the delay from semarang as you are so desperately trying to make the narrative.+

We truly empathize with the inconvenience you experienced. regretfully, we are not able to provide you any compensation on this matter since airasia is a point-to-point carrier and shall not be responsible for any missed connecting flight. it is truly beyond our ability as a low-cost carrier to provide full cash coverage for every single cost incurred by all passengers, as our liability is limited.

We thus advise all passengers to consider travel insurance in the future travel and we could provide an acknowledgement of flight delay/cancel for insurance purposes.

Further to your feedback on the assistance provided by our ground staff in singapore, we would like to inform you that we have forwarded your email to our ground operation team for their review.

+I again reiterate, there was no assistance from your ground staff but a total lack of care which ensured an absolute hindrance for me to gain my connecting flight which was delayed by one hour. had they done their job as a carrier they would have known this and not leave me standing were they told me to as they were notifying malaysian airlines. but instead told me to wait by the gate and airasia staff took my itinerary and baggage claim ticket and I didn't see it again until the "supervisor' returned with it after the original connecting flight had left. clearly airasia staff was the cause and the effect. nothing to do with the delay of the flight from semarang. they didn't do it and were not aware of the delay. I would have made my flight without the "help" from airasia.+

Kindly be informed that airasia views each guest's feedback positively and will take necessary measures in areas where there are shortfalls.

+this is not going to happen and you know it won't. the feedback you should learn from is ‘train your ground staff to be competent in their role, not to be rude and ignorant'. from the blogs I am reading your airline is getting too big and employing incompetence. I would not employ people who cannot communicate with the public. who dismiss one of their passengers and abandon them at an airport. I refer to the female radio toting staff that told me to ‘wait a minute' and disappeared.+

We truly appreciate your time to bring this matter to our attention and hope this will not deter you to fly with airasia.

+no, you truly do not. I would advise everybody not to fly air asia. I shall place these details on our website and links and shall ensure that any negative feedback is thrown out to the people from there. your lack of 'give a [censor]' will be counterproductive, seeing as money is your main driving force and the people are secondary and an inconvenience.+

We know that we cannot completely make up for your disappointment, but we hope that our explanation has helped to provide you with better understanding.

+I understand that your inability to take me seriously about your involvement in my missed flight beggers belief. I advise you stop patronizing me any further.+

Once again, please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused and rest assured that we are taking every possibility to ensure this problem does not occur again.

+how? by not reading the complaint then denying any responsibility? looking at the blogs about airasia I seriously doubt that you are capable. I will pursue legal advice if this is not sorted at the level it is supposed to be at. rest assured. it will cost airasia more than a flight ticket. directly or indirectly.+

Thank you for your kind attention.

Kind regards,
Aris a
Customer care air asia

+no offence aris a, but this matter needs to be dealt with by someone who can understand duty of care, its legal and staff vicarious liabilities of their ceo, albeit responsibilities. you clearly do not.+

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