Airasiamissed my connecting flight

D Feb 26, 2018 Review updated:

I am really embarrassed by air Asia service in Phuket and Bangkok airport. Because of their poor time management me and my friends Missed our connecting flight to Dubai.
Instead of accepting the mistake they are playing a blame game on airport. Inspite of informing them in prior about us getting late for our connecting flight. No efforts had been made by them to help us.
Why we should pay for their mistake.
It's so clear that they are not worried about good service or care about customer. They are just good in posting ads but in reality they are petatic.
Now neither they are helping in booking the next available flight or refunding our money.
I can walk of by thinking it's a bad experience. But today it's me tomorrow it might be other person. Not everyone will be financially good to afford for other ticket right.
Piece of advice to air Asia team learn to accept your mistake.

Awaiting for the solution.


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    Remya ks Apr 27, 2019

    Same happened with us on Kualalumpur airport .. while having a transit of 1 hr (shown at the time of booking). The flight from hanoi to kulalalumpur was already late and somehow we managed to reach the gate printed and waited there. At the last minute they informed us that gate is changed. I don't understand how unprofessional this airline people are. There was another flight flying to the same destination in some time but the transit counter lady is not ready to give a ticket . Always there will be one or another excuse as the reply.Daily i am getting many promotion emails its really embarassing that they don't know to inform the passenger about the flight details.

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