Airasiahotel provided when connecting flight missed


I was flying from BKK to Sydney on 14 Oct. The BKK flight was delayed, resulting in passengers being stuck in KL and being offered another flight in 24 hours time. Air Asia said they would provide a hotel for those inconvenienced.
Passengers were quite gracious about this. In my case it meant missing a very important meeting at work, not to mention loss of income.
We disembarked around 10.30pm and were bussed to our hotel by 1am
The hotel, the Nilai, was an insult. It was run down, dirty and smelly. The few facilities provided mostly didn't etc.
The 'free' meals mostly uneaten.
I believe this is an appalling way to treat customers, for any business. I travel to Asia at least twice a year and have been pleased to fly with your airline in the past, but no more.
Deborah Smith

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