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T Jul 16, 2019 Review updated:

Dear Sir and Madam,

It is quite unbelievable what has happened up there. I was booking my flight with the booking number (E3K1QH), just like you told me to do. After log in to my new created account, the discount got displayed on the screen. There was no further option to select any further options which could regard to this case. Therefore I continued happily to the payment page to redeem the discount and purchase the return flight. But just last days while I was checking my bank statement, I saw that you even fully charged the return flight as well and finally did not considered my voucher amount. Which has have shown at your website during the booking and still shown at my profil. Therefore I am doing this claim, to get this issue fixed from you. This action is really disappointing.

Kind Regards
Tim Unger

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    Harry057 Aug 02, 2019

    It seems this country with one airline having serious staff incompetency issues and another one with serious computer system issues.

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