Airasiachange of booking date with baggage fee horrible customer service support

L Sep 05, 2018

Dear Sir or Madame,

I am writing this to make a complaint about Air Asia customer support team.

I initially emailed your customer service team on July 22nd, 2018 to ask why I was being charged baggage fee again when I wanted to change my flight dates. Since I already paid for the return baggage I did not want to pay for it again. Obviously, I would pay the change of date fee.

After the email I received a auto reply from air asia giving me the case number of [protected].

I received an response to my query from Calebon August 2nd (10 days later) asking for my booking number. I happily supplied that information on the same day. Hearing nothing back, I emailed on the 6th of August because I got an automatic email from Air Asia telling me you were going to close my case (without actually helping me).

I then received an email from Janice on August 7th, asking me again for the booking and other information I had already sent to Caleb the week prior. I politely responded with the information again.

Again, no response but I was still receiving emails from Air Asia telling me my case would close if I did not respond to your customer service emails. On Aigust 11th I emailed both Janice and Caleb to ask if they were working on my case or could answer my question.

On August 13th I receive an email from Jam, AGAIN asking for the same information I have already given to two other agents. I responded on the 13th with all the information he said for.

Again, NO response. Than air asia emailed to say they closed my case.

I then tried live chat, but it never worked so now I have tried Facebook messenger. Yesterday, September 5th sent a message asking for help, giving my case number, all the other information I was asked to give 3 times already such as booking number, email, Flight number etc. September 6th, I receive a message from Mila, AGAIN, asking for my booking number and the information I have already sent.

This has been over a month and I have been given NO help or any answers! I really dont think that the customer service team even exists.

It's absolutely ridiculous! I have flown many, many times with Air Asia but after this I will not be doing it again.

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