Airasiaairasia customer rip off policy!


I made a booking from Melbourne to Penang recently and did my on line checking in for Melbourne to KL, KL to Penang and return flights from Penang to KL and KL to Melbourne. I had a family emergency in KL so I missed my Penang to KL flight but when I went to KLIA2 directly to board my KL to Melbourne flight, I was informed that my international flight from KL to Melbourne was cancelled because I missed the domestic flight from Penang to KL! I explained that I had to make a trip to KL on my own due to my family emergency but the Service Counter and Customer Service informed me that my international ticket is already cancelled and I have no other option but to purchase a new ticket. They Service Counter inform me that it is AirAsia policy to cancell all other connected flights if we miss any of their flights. My international flight to Melbourne was cancell because I missed the domestic flight in Penang. This is inspite of me being at KLIA2 nearly three hours before the actual departure time of my Melbourne flight from KLIA2. I was given no other assistance but was made to purchase a new ticket from KL to Melbourne for the same flight. Can I get a refund?

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