Air Canadadelayed luggage and flight cancellation and delayed flight

I left Toronto on Sept. 27/19 on AC31 to Hong Kong via Beijing. When I arrived at the
Beiing Airport for my connecting flight on CA117 to Hong Kong, I was informed by ground agent that flight CA117 was cancelled. The ground agent booked me on
CA101 the next day Sept. 29 to Hong Kong and assured me that my checked luggage will be with me on the same flight CA 101 to Hong Kong the next day. As a result, I was required to spend the night in Beijing. But, my checked luggage was not in Hong Kong when I arrived on Sept 29 at 11:30(33 hours later). I reported the missing luggage immediately to the ground agent at the Hong Kong Airport. After numerous calls (3 to 4 calls per day) to find out the status of my loss luggage, I finally received my delayed luggage on Oct 2/19 ( 6 days after leaving Toronto).

The above situation had given me great stress and inconvenience on this trip as I needed to buy the essential items until the arrival of my loss luggage
(6 days later). Please reimburse the out of pocket expenses of HK$932.50 to buy the necessary change of cloths and other personal items until my luggage was located and delivered to me. Also, the airline should compensate the inconvenience of delayed and cancelled flight resulting in an extra (14.5 )hours added to my journey.

David Luk
Tag #AC239724
Incident report #HKGCA26032
Booking reference MUI8LA
ticket number [protected]

Air Canada
Air Canada
Air Canada

Oct 07, 2019

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