Air Arabiaunethical non humanitarian behaviour of air arabia staffs

R Jul 10, 2019

Dear customer care manager,

I have travelled from coimbatore to Muscat via sharjah on 29.6.19 by G9414/ G9112.
On 29th when I check in at coimbatore airport for the flight G9414 the air Arabia staffs weighed hand luggage 1 PC and check in luggage 1 pc and confirmed weight is ok, you can proceed to board. Since early morning flight in the airport after sec. Check I purchased snacks, sweets and eating food items and accordingly carried separately along with hand luggage .
Once I reached sharjah airport after security check moved via gate to catch flight G9112 as there is only 45 mins to catch the flight and it was rush in sec. Checking. Suddenly in between air Arabia staff Ms.Anita - staff I'd 41364 and Mr. Khalid blocked my way and weighed again and i said you have 2 kgs more I explained it is food and my passport papers need to take tablets after breakfast .

They both are harsh with me and said you have to pay min. Of 100dhs else you cannot board, I said I have only 7 omr so pls allow and only 20mins to board but they denied, then I gone to near by atm withdraw money and undergone same checking process again, it shows NO HUMANITARIAN with air Arabia staffs and wrong approach with passengers it is just to take money from passengers.

My question why they allowed in initial departure at coimbatore and catching in transfer at sharjah . Last 15 years I am travelling every year through air Arabia, for the first time this year is worst worst experience. IN FUTURE I WILL NEVER TRAVEL WITH AIR ARABIA AS THEY ALLOW STAFFS TO MISBEHAVE. I undergone so much pressure during that tenure.

I explained in detail to make understand clearly the situation.

unethical non humanitarian behaviour of air arabia staffs

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