Agoda Companyservice

Last night September 30, 2019 I did my booking in hostile from Sept. 30 to October 14, 2019. I pay already my booking worth 276.71sgd, I arrived here in hostile in the same date after few minutes Agoda cancelled my booking so how? I Paid then they cancelled it immediately without prior notice. Yes they will refund me between 15-30days I cannot wait that because I stay in Singapore shortly. I during my booking I use someone I known to book me using his credit card because I dont have a Singapore Credit card but I pay him in cash, now the problem that someone dont want to return my money unless the refund will come. So how? I only have that budget for hostile. If ok with you can we proceed my booking that I paid last night? It's so disappointed this situation. It's ok with me if Agoda cancelled my book if I did not pay yet but I paid already. Please help me this settle my concern. Thank you

Oct 01, 2019

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