Agoda Companycancellation booking but not received good services

Dear Agoda,

Today, I called Agoda Thailand to cancel booking and talked with Khun PONGPOT, a male customer service representative, and I told him that I need to cancel the booking no [protected] at Pullman Guangzhou Baiyun Airport hotel because I need to cancel my trip for business there but about 5 minutes holding, he said said he has contacted a hotel already and the hotel said could not cancel. So I am expecting the agoda must be having powerful to negotiate with the hotels because I have been a V.IP member of Agoda for quite some times and 100% of the booking I made via Agoda. If Agoda cannot negotiate with the hotel, How can I ??? or What benefits for me to continue be a member or using Agoda because if I need to cancel then agoda cannot help anyway, If I book directly, maybe it is better to talk with the hotel. So my expectation is Agoda should be more helping or negoitating for customers but the customer service guy talking like don't care too much about customer and also asking me to use competitors e.g. traveloga or others. I think this is not good for Agoda if still hiring him. You can check on the tape because you have recorded the conversation.

I WILL NOT USE AGODA ANYMORE if you don't correct this situation or cancel the hotel for me. I am okay if he said, we cannot cancel but what we can do for you is we need to change the cancelled money into the agoda cash in order to encourage customers use next time, I will be okay or happy with this but he said this is the rule only. if you are not happy, then you can try Traveloga or others.

I really hope Agoda fix this for me and I will continue using Agoda.


Choo-ake Sujitwanich
Cell : +[protected]
email : [protected]

Oct 01, 2019

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