AeroMexicounauthorized charges

To whom this may concern, My name is Araceli Martinez and my Reservation number is ZNVZXS
Please note that I went in through your app and website both because the app was telling me there was an error every time I tried to purchase the upgraded seat and checked luggage with the carry on. I tried several time and it kept saying error, but I noticed one of the times that it saved the seat I was trying to purchase. I thought it was strange that it saved because it told me there was an error. I went ahead and tried several more times to purchase the checked luggage with carry on until it finally went through. When I get to the airport at the check in counter, the gentleman asked me if I would like to check in my carry on at no charge because I would be doing the airline a favor. I agreed because he said no charge. I checked my accounts today and saw there was an unauthorized charge from your airline. When I called customer service, they told me the extra charge was for the checked in second bag. I was told there would be no charge so I agreed to check it in, therefore making it unauthorized and fraudulent. Unless there's a glitch in your system and it took an extra charge when it said Error. It's very possible because it charged me for the seat when it said error. I'm ok with that charge because I wanted that upgraded seat. I'm just not ok with the charge for the second luggage when I was told my luggage would be checked in at no charge. I'm requesting a full refund of the unauthorized charges made by Areomexico.
This is my 2nd email regarding this matter and I haven't gotten a response yet. Thank you for your time and prompt response in this important matter.
Araceli Martinez
Reservation #ZNVZXS
Email [protected]


Oct 01, 2019

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