AeroMexicopassport requirements

K Nov 18, 2017

To whom it may concern:

I am trying to get an answer from someone in AEROMEXICO regarding the requirement to have a passport in order to board the plane to return from Mexico to the United States. My mother-in-law was allowed to fly from Austin to Cancun on the 15th of November with an expired Mexican passport. We are not going to be able to get a new passport before our flight on the 22 of November. We have contacted immigration and confirmed that because my mother-in-law has a valid permanent resident visa for the United States, they would not require her to have a passport. That makes this an issue to be addressed with AEROMEXICO and the policy that your company has in place requiring a passport. We would like to be contacted directly and quickly by someone in your company who has the authority to make exceptions to this policy. Today I spoke with call center supervisor: Miguel Arena, and his employee, Julio Cordero. Both were professional and courteous, but were unable to help. Mr. Arena claimed that he did not have a supervisor and that there was no one else to talk to and no one who could help us with this issue. I look forward to a quick response.

Thank you,

Kevin J. Miller

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