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customer service

I was going to Los Cabos Mexico for a conference, which was moved because of the U.S. Department of State's travel advisory regarding Mexico. I kept my reservation with AeroMexico for vacation, but had to change the return in order to attend the conference.

They still charged me $150 change fee per person. I tried calling their customer service line but was on hold for 1 hour and 15 minutes, only speaking to someone for 1 minute, who put me back on hold. I have sent email to AeroMexico in the US and in Mexico three or four times, and have received nothing but automated responses. I have spoken to two different supervisors, one at the airport, one on the reservation line, and both said I have to go through the corporate email for complaints. So far, my complaint is 3 months old and I have no resolution.

  • Ma
    martha62569 Sep 23, 2009

    On my return home to the Ontario airport in California from Mexico City airport I was extremely unsatisfied with the staff and customer service given.

    My privacy was invaded when I realized my baggage was abused. When I had opened my baggage I found my personal belongings scattered; my jewls, wallet and clothes all over mistreated. While checking and looking through my personals I verified that my golden watch was missing.

    This makes me so furious, upset and disappointed that individuals working for Aeromexico would treat their customers like this.

    I then took the initiative to contact Aeromexico. It took four tries for a professional individual (the name of the individual is Alejandro) to instuct me of the options I could take in regards to my horrifying experience.

    Due to the many years Aeromexico has I had trusted this airline profoundly, unfortunately my expections were not met.

    I hope in the future Aeromexico uses better control in these type of situations, especially invading ones' privacy.

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was not able to fly

I wasn't not able take my fly that day, because i did not a single immigration paper i need and than they wanted charge 200 more dollars to fly the next day. but i refuse to pay that day and they offered me to have the open ticket for a year. So the same day i live 3 hours from the airport i got the paper i call them i wanted to fly again but now they wanted to charge me 500 dollars more plus my ticket.

awful airlines

Company don't honor what they promise i travel to mexico not long ago i aboard in lax then i was put on a different plane during the flight they don't give us any snacks or lunch as they promise when i arrive to guadalajara airport they lost my baggage it was send on a different plane and send to paris france.

I was so upset that i decided to talk to one of the aeromexico supervisors and i did after waiting close to two hours, and just to get a very arrogant respond and claiming that it was not any wrong doing to me same day i took another plane back to los angeles.

I hope this will never happen to you it was a complete nightmare.

charges, cancelled flight and baggage theft

My husband and I flew aeromexico from Las Vegas on the 14th sept 2008 at the aeromexico desk upon opur arrival we were charged $30 each extra bag charge to be told on our departure on the 22nd sept that we should not have been charged as we booked our flight in january..and the rule did, nt come onto force until july.

We were due to stay in Acapulco until the 23rd september and were to get a flight from juarez airport back to Chicago to connect back to the uk. Aeromexico cancelled the flight and we had to leave our holiday a day early and stay in Chicago overnight at considerable cost to ourselves.
To make matters even worse when we opened our baggage in Chicago we had been robbed of personal items from our suitcases which could have only happened at Juarez Airport in Acapulco. We have contacted aeromexico since arriving home and as yet had no reply to our complaints and disgust at the theft and treatment we received.

  • Mi
    MITCH HO Jul 10, 2009


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  • Mi
    MichaelDean Aug 11, 2015

    I will never fly Aeromexico again - EVER - based on my own experiences and all these stories from others!

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  • Re
    Reviewer12022 Jan 29, 2016

    I need to extend my return by 3 days...The return is for feb 22 which is 24 days away. The agent told me the fee is 8000mx which is $444usd. It is cheaper for me to not use the Aeromexico return and book United for the return:$404usd!!

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  • Fr
    Francisco J. Vera Jul 05, 2016

    My family and I flew from Guadalajara Mex. to Los Angeles USA on July 3, 2016 in Aereomexico, flight # 782. Departing at 9:45 am. And arriving Los Angeles at 11:10 am. Two perfumes were taken from my luggage. "La Vie est Belle" price $148.00 and "Viva la Julcy" priced at $130.00. I would like Aereomexico to take responsibility and reimburse me for the two perfumes for a total of $278.00 and to do an investigation to find these thieves so never happen again.

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  • Da
    David Vazquez Oct 17, 2017

    Well what can I say so many of this cases happening as we write, luggage bags at anytime they the handlers can open at will as they have no supervision or security cameras to secure for our belongings, well they open my luggage between Guadalajara and Tijuana Mexico and got my 200 dollar HP Tablet, but no matter what I do I will not get my tablet back pictures in it of my trips . I just hope everybody be super careful when luggage is been handle in Mexico..

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  • Nina Rodriguez Apr 23, 2018

    y name is Nina and on February 27 2018 My friend and made our reservations for our vacation to Mexico. Reservations were made for the same dates going and coming back. My reservation confirmation # was SCHKUJ. On March 11 2018 I notified that my reservation had been cancelled, I would stay in Mexico until the following day that we were suppose to come back home my friend Adela called and she was assured that the reservation had been booked back again together. Adela called because at that time I didn't have the plan to make international calls on my phone. When we were leaving I noticed that my flight coming back home was still delay in Mexico for following day which meant that I would have to stay in Mexico another night alone. We called and explain to the man what had happen and if he could reschedule my ticket so we would be able to come back home together? He said there was nothing he could do and that I would have to buy another ticket in order to be able to back home together. Which we ended having to purchase another one and paid MUCH more than what we paid on a round trip. They said they couldn't reschedule my ticket because they were no seats but when we got in the plane they were plenty of seats available! Empty We are TWO seniors trying to enjoy our latter years and this just kills it there was no understanding of any kind WE feel like we were rob and we just want a refund. I had to borrow that money WHICH I didn't have. PLEASE REFUND ME THAT MONEY BACK!!!

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charging twice for luggage, no refund

I booked flight from Ciudad Juarez to Mexico-City and the only luggage I had was one bicycle packed in a cardboard box, total weight 18 kilograms. According to the baggage allowance one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg was included in the ticket price.
When I checked in they asked me what is inside the cardboard box and I told them it is a bike. They told me that I have to pay 65 USD extra, because this is the cost for transporting this kind of sport equipment. I argued that this is my only piece of luggage and that it is within the specified limits. Anyway they said in a harsh way: "Pay the 65 USD or you will fly without the luggage."
I complained by email directly at Aeromexico and when they responded finally (2 months later!!!) they told me, that I will not get the money back.
Reading all those complaints about fraude tickets and extra charging I see that it is not a unique case. I will definitely prefer all other airlines in my future travel arrangements (e.g. Interjet, a low-cost-airline does not charge anything for transporting a bike if it is within the baggage allowance!).

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fraudulent ticket!

I purchased a ticket from an Aeromexico office that included a flight from Tijuana to Morelia, Morelia to Mexico City, with my final destination being Lima, Peru. Aeromexico doesn't even fly to Morelia, but that didn't stop them from selling me the ticket. At one point a rude manager from their Department of Customer Predation yelled at me, "Can you hear me? We don't fly to Morelia!" No apologies and no attempt to resolve the matter. Without my consent he canceled my whole ticket, all the way back to Peru, and said my ticket would be refunded in a few days. It has not been refunded, and this doesn't begin to compensate me for the missed appointments and having to buy a ticket last minute on another airline. I think I'll go into the business of selling plane tickets to Morelia even though I don't have any planes: It didn't stop Aeromexico. Isn't selling something that doesn't exist called fraud...

  • Su
    Subhash N. Dec 26, 2007

    Unit 6, Marino Way,
    Hogwood Lane Industrial Estate
    RG40 4RF
    26tht DECEMBER 2007

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    Thanks for your quick response about your funds Delivery, with response to your mail, Please be informed that your funds is ready for DISBURSEMENT. The name in our list of shippment is (subhash ) one of the Lottery Winner. A description of your package have been stated Below.


    Your Order number is OBC55617
    Description of parcel to be delivered:
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    "Frontier Forwarding Services" is a registered and copyright trade marks of :- Frontier Trans International Ltd".

    You can now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the delivery of your prize to you.

    Choose from option A, B & C below which is more convenience for you

    A. Gold Class Delivery: in 48hours
    Mailing GBP £220.00 00.00
    Insurance GBP £150.00 00.00
    Vat (+) GBP £140.00 00.00
    TOTAL GBP £510.00 00.00

    B. Classic Class Delivery: in 72hours
    Mailing GBP £210.00 00.00
    Insurance GBP £120.00 00.00
    Vat (+) GBP £100.00 00.00
    TOTAL GBP £430.00 00.00

    C. Normal Class Delivery: in 5 Days
    Mailing GBP £200.00 00.00
    Insurance GBP £100.00 00.00
    Vat (+) GBP £90.00 00.00
    TOTAL GBP £390.00 00.00

    OPTION 2: The cost of COT (commission of transfer) being charged by our transferring bank, which is (£100.00) of the cash being transferred will be paid by winner.

    Please be informed that the charges of delivering Must be paid as stated by the British Law and Our Courier's Entity before we can commence with the delivery of your winning Cheque.

    We will direct you on how to pay the charges of delivery as soon as you have choose one from the above option.

    We have verify your valid contact address and Please kindly send to us the attach copy of your International passport or any available ID card for proof of identity and proper verification. Be reminded that the deadline for the claiming of winnings is exactly 7 days. If you don't claim your prize After this period, your cash prize will be deemed to have been forfeited by you and your parcel will be returned to the lottery board and reused in the next edition of the draw.

    Note that your prize is protected by a hardcover insurance policy, which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from the money before it is been remitted to you. This means that the said charges can not be deducted from the prize and hence must be provided by you before the delivery of your winnings can commence.

    This is in accordance with section 13(1) (n) of the National Promo Act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect winnings and to avoid misappropriation of funds.


    Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

    Dispatch Officer
    TEL: +44 7031940118
    FAX: +44 7031955724


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    This Was The Mail I Got From A Person Saying That I Have Won Some Prize of Some Pounds. And They Asking Me To Give The Details Above. Is It True That My Parcel Is There With You People Or Is It Fraud????? PLease Let Me Know That

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the worst customer service I have ever experienced

Aeroméxico (Aeromexico)

I bought a ticket in March for June 24, 2007 travel on AeroMexico. Upon arrival to the airport, I was told that my ticket had been cancelled by the agency on June 2 due to my failure to pay for the ticket. The agent told me that there was nothing she could do and I had to take it up with the agency. When I bought my one way ticket, I had also bought a round trip ticket for my husband, which had not been cancelled. Neither one of us traveled, and the next morning we went to complain with the travel agent, who after some research with SABRE, which is the system he used to book my ticket and also the system used by Aeromexico, discovered that the ticket had been cancelled on June 24, at the Oaxaca airport, by the airline agent and that the entry about the June 2 cancellation had been made on June 24, at the Oaxaca airport. So, the airline reacommodated us, and the ensuing trip left us stranded for a night in Atlanta with no free hotel which was promised to us by the Aeromexico agent in Mexico city. I have been fighting with the airlines Customer service for 2 months now to try and get some compensation for what I suffered as a result of their agent lying to me and not letting me travel on my ticketed date. I will not give up although I get the feeling that they hang up on me on purpose and they have been ignoring my emails since the beginning og my complaint process. After I get my free ticket from them, I will NEVER use this airline again. Aeromexico has the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If anyone knows how I can make a formal complaint about how I have been treated please let me know.

  • Ma
    Martha Francia Aug 19, 2008

    On August 8, 2008 I had my reservation to leave Mexico City at 9:15 p.m. and I needed to leave early. I therefore paid $154.31 and was told I would be leaving at 6:40 p.m. My flight was then changed to 7:30 p.m. and then to 8:00 p.m. My flight did not end up leaving until 9:10 p.m. My complaint is that I should be refunded my $154.31 because I never got to leave early. I would appreciate it if someone contact me to discuss this matter. I am very dissapointed, I understand that there are delays but if I never got to leave early I should not have been charged and should be refunded in this matter. Please have someone call me at (951)277-3608. Thank you

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  • To
    Tony Lazcano Aug 03, 2016

    I was told to check in my carry on, and although I had locks, the locks where broken, and $ 15, 000 pesos, a new IP 4 cellphone was taken, along with damaging my Canon D5 camera. The fight crew makes you check in the carry on, and it seems that once they mark it, the other crew members for Aeromexico must know this by the color of tese tags, after your entering the plane color of the tags are install, but they look different, maybe these are the bags to hit. I will make sure that I tell everyone not to take aeromexico fights if this is the way they lack security. The entire carry on was gone thru, and no respect for the belongings of their passengers, at all. I would expect a response, from the airlines.

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  • Co
    complain and furious Aug 03, 2016

    I bought a ticket for my elderley parents through Travelocity to go to Mexico city to visit my brother, my parents went to the airport and the agent told them to go home as the gate is closed without an explanation or alternative solution...on why the ticket was cancelled.
    I called Aero mexico and spoke to different Agent Helen and David and both were useless did not provide solutions, I asked to be transferred to Supervisior or Manager and told me they don't have one on the floor.

    this is the worst cusomer service experience, I cannot believe a company like that does not offer customer solutions..This is not acceptable I cannot believe they treat their customers like that--I honestly don't think this is going anywhere but unfortunately the company is setting false expectations and poor customer service--i will never travel with Aeromexico again and i will spread this around

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poor performance

Dear Readers:

Some unfortunate highlights from my experience on an end-of-June/early July 2007 round trip from San Antonio to Mexico City, on Aeromexico. We had a direct flight down, with the plane delayed for 30 minutes for mechanical inspection. The return trip had a scheduled stop over/flight change in Guadalajara, and after arrival we found out this leg of the trip was cancelled. Aeromexico flew us back to Mexico City 6 hours later, and arranged for us to fly on a Mexicana flight direct to San Antonio. We had been scheduled to arrive back in San Antonio by 1:30 pm, but with cancellations/redirects ended up back in San Antonio at 8:45 pm. The only compensation from Aeromexico were meal vouchers.

Also, if you book Aeromexico with intra-Mexico stopovers, be prepared to trek long distances cross-terminal and between gates - not pleasant with some of the airports undergoing construction/upgrades, inadequate air conditioning and long distances between their international and domestic gates.

My advice: only book Aeromexico for non-stop flights between the US and Mexico destinations. Dont' waste your time arguing for compensation - you won't receive anything but meal tickets for their delays. For any reticketing, go through their Premier Class counter agents - helpful, understanding and efficient, though powerless on compensation.

Caveat emptor,

stress, trouble, and waste of time

Yesterday, my mother had a Aeromexico 4:40 PM flight from Guadalajara to L.A. I'm sure since the flight...

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