A&E Factory Serviceswhirlpool duet washer


Do not hire A&E Factory Service for your Appliance Repair;

I had the worst time with having there employes come to try to fix my Whirlpool
washing Mach front loader duet, which is just one year old we started having
problems with it after We started getting temps down in the 30's and lower in
mid Jan-Feb,
I called Whirlpool who informed me that I have to cover the washing mach it can
not handle anything colder, so I did but after that we started having the the
washer not come on unless it was up to at least 70 degrees and after that the
power button not at all and only when it wants to, it seems.

I started to wonder if we had gotten a lemon.

I finely got to calling Whirlpool a week before our warntany ended, and they
told me that A&E Factory Service would send out someone after I called and made
a apointment, so I called them .. at this point I'm down with a head cold and
chest cold, I asked when they would send someone out they told me it would be
from 8am to 5pm I told them I was sick and I needed to beable to sleep in the
afternoon after not getting much sleep the night before there Custmer service
person I talked to would not give me a time. just that the man would be out
between 8am and 5pm so I put Dog the Bounty Hunter on real low .. and naped
sitting up in my husbands winged back chair and woke up every half-hour untill
my husband got home one hour before the guy showed up, wouldn't you know it he
showed up at 5pm ...

Anyhow I stayed up and watched what he did the first guy that they sent out ..
was a nice person but then he bent the washers hing and put in the wrong part
than whirlpool told him too, he went with what he felt was the right part, and
after he left the power button refused to come on, so Called A&E back .. they
made another apointment for me two days later not the next day and I was not
going to get the same person as had been here.

Okay so then another 8am to 12 noon time this time,
I can handle that but with a chest cold nothings good, anyhow this second guy
seemed to know a lot more than the first did and ordered a new hing that the
first guy had messed up and a power core, then I had to call to make another
appointment with another guy to put the parts in once I receved them, I got them
that next day and they told me they could not get anyone that evening being it
was just after 4pm so I said fine so again 8am to 12 noon, and I call this last
guy "The Kid" he felt that the first guy had put in a part that had been sitting
around in the truck for a while and was not making connection with the other
part as well as he was ordering the first part as well as the one right next to
it he did put in the power pak but refused to put on the new door hing and left
the ring around the door and the diel area lose as well as did not put the
screws back in the top .. I can tell you I was not happy about that we get a lot
of dust from the main street we are near in the house... and he told me he would
make sure that he was the one that would come back because I told him I was
tired of different people coming all the time he told me he would take care of
it .. but a day later on the way home from shopping I got a automated call from
"A&E Factory Service" for me to make a new appointment for a service call ..
that was enough this had been going on now for about 2 weeks so I called
whirlpool Service and they transfered me to someone a bit higher up I told them
the whole story and... they did get a better company to come out and they did
end up ordering the same two parts that the last guy had but I have not ever had
so much problems with a company to be so uncaring about people for service I was
told that A&E Factory Service is really Sears.. I do not know if this is true
but whatever you do .. don't Hire them ... all I can say is .. "Thank God that
we were still under waranty.. or this would have cost us a lot of money .. all I
can see this company doing is keep finding falt with things so they can get paid
by Whirlpool ... all I want is to be able to wash my familys clothes .. and
being sick at the sametime this has been going on has not been fun at all ...
all I can tell you is do not hire them ... P.S. Please forgive any misspelled

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