Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance Complaints & Reviews

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / Counter sales

Oct 15, 2019

Last week we bought a headlight for ine of our service vans. The counter person looked up the part. When we went to install the light it was the wrong part. The counter person looked up the wrong truck. When i took it back after paying over 25.00 for it i was told that they dont take back...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / transmission fluid for 2009 pontiac g5 given wrong transmission fluid.

Oct 14, 2019

Advance Auto Parts / E-AdvanceI went and purchased transmission fluid and filter for a 2009 Pontiac G5. And I am not familiar with the types of transmission fluid. So I thought I had the right transmission fluid. Well after it was changed. My transmission started slipping severally and my car would not go anywhere. We...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / counter help

Oct 09, 2019

I went in tonight to Auto Zone Here in Gladstone/Kansas City, MO. on Antioch about 7:15 pm and asked for a scan code to be done on my truck, the 1 woman of ONLY 2 women employees on duty told me that they needed ID, I said; I dont need to rent it, I just need a code scan done on my truck...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / battery replacement

Oct 09, 2019

I had my battery replaced at the Central Ave. store, my actuators for my heat/ac do not operate as a result, when I stopped back to the store I was told "they know to plug in the backup battery" but in my case this did not happen, I told him I would have to go to the dealer to have...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / recycle used oil

Oct 02, 2019

Advance Auto Parts / E-AdvanceGood Day, pursuant to a situation I en-counted at the Island Park Store on Austin Blvd in Nassau County NY, I feel compelled to report this to the Corporate Office. At approximately 11:30 today (Wednesday, October 2, 2019) I set out to my local Advance Auto Parts store to recycle approximately 5...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / service provided by employee

Oct 02, 2019

On Monday, 29 September 2019, my self and my mechanic went to your Randallstown location to purchase some items. We go there often and the daytime manager know us. We went to him for assistance but he was helping someone else. We went to the other employee at the other cash register. He...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / absolutely rude employee/manager

Sep 09, 2019

multiple times myself/ my wife have delt with "Sis" at the store. every single time she has been rude, made [censored]y comments, and/or cost me money. she has been rude to me i let it go [censored]ed about her and got over it. i'm easy going takes alot to upset me. when i send my wife to...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / unethical behavior

Sep 08, 2019

on 09/08/2019 i was on the phone with jerry at store number 7950 334 w main st in leola pa around 11:45 am he was very rude and hung the phone up on me 3 times i would like to know what is going on is he allowed to treat customers like this. i called again and ask to speak to a manager and...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / front desk customer service

Sep 05, 2019

I went to this store to inquire about cost of front brakes for my car. I waited until it was my turn at desk. The service representative informed me that he would check on price of brakes after he attended to the customers in line behind me. As I waited some more, I went to my car to look...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / return

Aug 30, 2019

Advance Auto Parts / E-AdvanceAdvance auto parts customer service has gone down the toilet and there is no email to send a comment regarding the lack of customer service received by Brook Miller from store 9534 in Florida. He doesn't know the store manager full name and refuses to give the district manager name. So I...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / parts I bought to fix my car

Aug 24, 2019

This is Eddie David brockington I went an bout bearings for a Mazda an had to have them pressed inan they want refund my money or give me the right part then want me to buy another part an get the stuff repressed when there supposed to know what part to give a consumer how is it right to...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / Manager John Simpson

Aug 23, 2019

I called to speak to someone about purchasing a few products (Fuel pump and fuel sensor) at [protected]. A gentlemen by the name of John Simpson answered and asked how I could be helped. I explained I was looking for a part and I was immediately placed on hold. I was unaware if I was simply...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / manager being rude and talking down to employees

Aug 17, 2019

I was in the Harrison, Ohio store on 8/17/2019 and an employee walked in and quit. Then the manager was making a young girl do everything. He wouldn't answer the phone or wait on customers. Then he was being very rude to the young girl employee. She looked very upset. He also kept asking...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / product return

Aug 13, 2019

I purchased 2 gallons on antifreeze, and left store, thirty minutes later I returned, their special price was 13.99 and walmart was 10.99 a gal. When I returned to old mexican guy at store, he knew me, but refused to take antifreeze back without a ticket. He claimed how could he give a...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / online ordering of brake pads for (2) different vehicles

Aug 05, 2019

Advance Auto Parts / E-AdvanceOn 8/4/2019 I was searching for front brake pads online. I found a set on your website that were listed as Wagoner ThermoQuiet. I added them to my cart with a serpentine belt and some brake parts cleaner. It said if I placed the order I could save 25% and the order would be ready in 30...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / bad customer service

Aug 01, 2019

Visited the store located at 1275 W 68th St, Hialeah, FL 33014 on 07-31-19 at 9pm (an hour before closing) because I was having issues with my battery and asked the employee to check the battery and he refused to test the battery saying at that time that service wasn't offered and they...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / service...

Jul 26, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam, I went to the store at 300 US-80 W, Clinton, MS 39056, today looking for a good ratchet set and C-Clamp to change the brake pads on my wife's 2012 Acura MDX. Simple job right? Well the lady that service me made it a nightmare. First the store wasn't properly stock with...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / headlight light bulb

Jul 06, 2019

Went in and asked for a replacement headlight lightbulb for a 2017 Toyota Camry. Guy behind the counter looked the part up and went and got it, ring me up and I paid. Got home, went to replace the bulb only to find it does not fit. Went back to the store to exchange for the correct bulb and...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / poor customer service

Jul 04, 2019

Came into to advanced auto off cheshire BR RD looking for a chain breaker, this was July 4th and no other customers were there except me, asked if they had a chain breaker the guy looked at me and continued playing with his phone like I wasn't even there, I just said "all right have a good...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / tried to purchase battery

Jul 01, 2019

Big advertising says install battery free and etc take battery I needed a battery I tell the guy need a installed he gave me all the reasons why he cant do it talking about battery hard to reach and etc guess it's to hot outside..I had no tools to install that's why I came here...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / unethical behavior very rude employee

Jun 29, 2019

I called to advanced auto 8725 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro Ga, 30236 (store 6102) on 6/29/2019 around 7:50 PM to inquirer about the a sales price for transmission fluid that was on the site and a employee by the name of Caesar had answered. I asked about the product and he immediately began to be...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / online ordering & rewards unable to use discount/rewards unless card/paypal

Jun 29, 2019

Brian Hedlund WHY the Hell did Advance do away with the pick up in store & pay when you pick it up option(CASH) ????? Ridiculous some idiot in finance must've thought this was a good idea . NOT EVERYONE wants to use a credit card for every transaction. Not everyone wants or even has credit...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / light bulb

Jun 28, 2019

I went to the advanced auto parts store on fair ave in San Antonio Texas. I purchased a light bulb for my car. The person that cashed me out told me if the lights didn't work or weren't the good fit that I will be able to come back and get a refund. I went back. He completely changed hi...

Advance Auto Parts Store 7512 / employee theft

Jun 23, 2019

I was in line at advance when i noticed a employee her name was Tammy open the register and put money in her pocket and when the manager walked up to her i over heard her say that she needed change. I know this woman (Tammy Sanders) i use to work with her at Autozone she was my manager...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / refuse and lied about battery still being under 2yr warranty! discrimination!!

Jun 20, 2019

Hello my name is Shonda Curry.. I had my car serviced at Carolina Garage(lancaster, sc) back in 09/17/18 installing a battery was part of the work needed on my Dodge Journey.. by mid April, 2019.. I started having issues with the battery not keeping charged. At this time I had moved to...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / css544& service

Jun 11, 2019

Advance Auto Parts / E-AdvanceI purchased this part Saturday 6/8/19 @ 9:51 pm. My mechanic put the part on Sunday and it was not the part that I actually needed. Soon as I got off of work Monday I went in to return the part, I was told only a manger can do this type of transaction and is only available 8-5. I called...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / mt olive location

Jun 10, 2019

On saturday june 8th around 844 pm My son a minor with a first car and a cashed paycheck in wallet wanted to go to an auto parts store this pass weekend. We were at a car/truck meet when we all decided to go to the budd lake/mt. Olive location. I will be fully upfront with you... I really...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / I would like to make a complaint again the store employes

Jun 07, 2019

Today 06/07/2019 approximate time 7pm location 904 East Rio Grande Victoria, TX 77901 I have been outside working on a project all day so not dressed up you could say. Noticed I needed a couple of screws so decided to walk across the street to this stores location. See if I could find what...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / customer service

Jun 07, 2019

The date is 6/7/2019. The incident occurred around 145 pm . As my husband and I were in the store, we over heard the employee on her phone making racial slurs and threats. She never once asked if we needed help or tried to help us. The gentleman working in the store told her to watch her...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / an online order

Jun 01, 2019

I talked on the phone today through the 877 number and a guy from my locale let me know that he just couldn't help me. My name is Jeffery Buck and my email is [protected] so I placed an order online and I need to know where it is. Is it being shipped to Cleve's, Ohio? Used promo...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / radiator

May 19, 2019

I brought a brand new radiator from the store had it installed, a month or two later the car started driving funny, it was transmission fluid in the radiator so I had to have it flushed out change my thermostat, a mouth later same thing happens so I'm told that the radiator was leaking...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / store not open on time.

May 12, 2019

I arrived at the store at 8:55 on Sunday and waited until 9:00 in which the store was supposed to open. I stood at the front door from 9:00-9:09 in which I watched no less than 5 customers walk up and then leave indicating their frustration that the store did not open on time again. A lawn...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / starter problem, poor store service

May 07, 2019

Went to your Manchester G.A store few weeks ago to replace my starter on my 1995 F150 it lasted few weeks of intermittent driving then tore up. Went back to store they tried to say I installed wrong, but finally have me .another. It lasted few days then tore up . Called store Bobby said...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / inventory list

May 02, 2019

I had a very strange day with Advance Auto. Not sure if it was worker related or software system error. I'm in Durham, NC went to store #4660 to purchase 4 spark plugs that were listed in stock on-line. At the store the counter person looked and they showed 0 in stock, he went to double...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / employees

Apr 28, 2019

Had a battery tested to determine if altenator, or battery. Older employee with red eyes and slurred speech to Rob, to just sell me a [censored]ing battery. I was shocked and said that will not fix the issue and questioned his disrespect. He attempted to come from behind the counter in a...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / uniform on female driver

Apr 18, 2019

There is a female delivery drive a store #8786 in cranberry twp. Pa. Who is to be dressed for her job and uniform attire. This is the second year I have complained about her wearing booty shorts. I do not care to look at her back side. And the comments that are heard between male works to...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / customer service/professionalism

Apr 17, 2019

I recently went into a store in worth, il and the people are absolutely horrible there. The girl, name might be victoria or vanessa, was busy chatting and swearing with another worker while the man in grayish colored shirt (maybe a manager?) was helping another customer. I walked out and...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / store in general

Apr 06, 2019

Never again would I set foot in that place. The employees there are very rude and always have an attitude they sit there and chit chat the entire time instead of assisting the customers. I recently went in there and they refused to honor the item I was trying to buy even after it had tag...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / front wheel barren

Mar 28, 2019

I purchased a front barren for my ford focus under a year ago and it has went bad and I took the barren which has a year warranty on it and my recepit to the store and the manager (terry) talked to me like I was stupid and like I was trying to rip the company off or something, he tried to...

Advance Auto Parts / E-Advance / transmission speed sensor

Mar 27, 2019

Went to the store for a transmission speed sensor - counter person look up item came back with a part box that looked like it came out of a garage box covered with grease tab on box torn - I looked inside and part looked like it was used also screws used to mount part missing - I said to...