ADTalarm useless


Buyer and User Beware
We returned from a vacation to find our house had been broken into.
But we had an alarm from ADT, so we "thought" we were protected. We soon found out no alarm had been sent because the burglars had cut the phone and cable lines. Lines cut no alarm. As we found out we had to have a backup system. When the phone lines are cut there is no signal sent telling the alarm company this. So the only high tech tool burglar needs is a scissors to cut the lines . So much for the digital barrier shown on the commercials . We were never told that our system was worthless without a backup. So if you have ADT check your system. If you are looking for a system look elsewhere. The help I received after the robbery was non- existent. They are too big and don't care if you are unhappy or even cancel. I could go on but hope the point is made .

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