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I worked for Adecco for a Month. Instantly out of training, I began to notice that I wasn't being paid the hours that I worked. I was clocked in, on time, for each and every shift. I was luck if I was getting paid 20 hours per week. I had to ask my manager daily to try and help me to get my hours fixed. Sadly my manager seemed to be the only one that cared, that I was not getting my hours that I worked.

Daily, I could not get logged into their system. But despite that, I was on time and present for each and every shift that I was scheduled.

When I filed a complaint through Adecco's Ethics line, I was assured that this would be taken seriously, and they would investigate my claims thoroughly. Now, over two months later. Nothing has been investigated, beyond them responding to the State unemployment agency, and bold faced lied to them, about my hours. The response "Adecco investigated themselves, and found no wrong doing." Adecco claims that I have now been paid in full. So evidently they think I'm going to work for free... Not okay... Not happening!

Work at home support is a major joke. TACC laughs at you and makes fun of you when you cannot get logged in to the system. I have documented everything, because, Obviously, ADECCO isn't going to tell the truth about what they are doing to us. I still have all the proof of my hours, and they are telling Unemployment that I have been "paid in full"... They also tried to deny my dropping off my computer equipment.

I was told that "I wasn't allowed to drop off equipment at that location by Rebakah Summers" @ the Pueblo Location... Despite picking up said equipment at that location. Work at home support lies and says that "they spoke to you and ported into your computer." when they never really did. They pretty much make it to where you have to go into the call center, instead of working from home. It was impossible to get the help that I needed to resolve issues.

I still have NO direct response from Adecco, just one from the unemployment agency. I will now be seeking legal council, to remedy this situation. I worked 40+ hours a week, and I am still owed over $600+ of back pay. Again, they have not responded to me at all... But responded to the unemployment investigator, and lied...

Must be nice to have lawyers to lie for your company... Not all us peons can afford that.

Not sorry, but I do not work for free... This company needs to be exposed for the frauds that they are. Google Adecco Group, and look them up on indeed. There are thousands of people claiming that they themselves have not been paid by the Adecco group as well.

Oh, and they require overtime, but don't hold your breath on getting that paid to you either. The lied about having benefits, among other things. They also claim that you get a discount for being an employee, but it's never actually given to you so you can use it... Lies on top of lies, on top of wage theft, and fraud...

Adecco needs to be shut down!


I had to contest the nonpayment with the state of colorado. I was only paid half of what they owed me. SO they still technically got away with not paying me the full wages owed...

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