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I was trying to apply for a job. I was forced to fill out forms to get free stuff, insurance quotes and school information even though I said NO to as ill questions. I had to "choose" an item Could not proceed unless I did so I choose and I still did not get to apply for the job. The screen kept going to the next thing Gigats wanted me to accept. My phone and emails are now blowing up with these things for car insurance, go back to school even when I said NO. I will do. Old school and mail my resume in and HOPE the company reads it. Very sad a company will push themselves on people to take their offers when all they want to do is apply for work. If a person says NO then they should proceed to the job application site not be harassed.

Total scam, only high pressure to go to school no jobs

I applied for an online job apparently through Gigats, don't even remember what it was since I had applied for so many. Got a test message to call their number about the job. Ignored it the first time then called the number the second time. From the start of the call the employee named Will talked down to me and just kept pressuring me about school. I told him four times I was not interested but he just did not let up. I hung up on him and he called back, I told him I hung up on him because it was just a high pressure tactic to get people to go back to school. He still forwarded me on to a another person whom kept pressuring me about school and what degrees he could see me in. Just an absolutely ridiculous experience that you could not even hang up on the person.

Obvious scam

I answered a job offer via email. Received a call from "Will." He seemed odd in his questions and explained that he would work very closely with me and ensure that I got a job. He said he would be referring me to "Mike" who would question me about educational opportunities and he asked me to be polite to him (very odd). He said that he would be emaiiing me with job applications for several positions after I had completed speaking with "Mike." Mike asked me to verify my acceptance of phone calls from various educational institutions, which I did. I never got any emails but I did get a all from a university representative. I explained that she had obtained my number via a job scam from Gigat and she said that she would remove my record from her database of numbers. — Scam

I applied for a local job through Clear Fit. Shortly afterwards I started getting emails from Clear Fit with job offers. I thought the hourly wage seemed high but I applied for a...

Job application hijacked by Gigats

I was filling out an online job application for an open position in my local area (which was supposedly being submitted to the Act-1 Employment Agency, and Gigats hijacked and intercepted my online submittal. Masquerading as Act-1, the online tool prompted me to enter a phone interview time to supposedly pre-qualify me for the position. I then called that phone number at the scheduled time, and spoke with "Will" who kept repeating himself and was pushing for me to commit to furthering my education. He refused to discuss the actual job that I had just applied for and kept saying an email would be sent to me with all the information I needed. I began to suspect he might not even be a live person, might have been a well-programmed IVR voice response system recording. He kept me on the phone for 20 minutes and never discussed the job, never asked me questions to "prequalify" me for the job, just kept pushing for a commitment to advance my education. Now I'm worried that I will be baraged with junk emails and phone text messages trying to sell me on an educational institution. I don't even know if the Act-1 Employment agency ever actually received my application! — Scam!!! is a TOTAL SCAM!!! I went online to a job fair website and commandeered my application process. In the middle of the application process I was halted by a... — Unprofessional

Spent over an hour online filling out and applying for a job through, only to be told I must call a phone number to verify the info. I then waited nearly 30 minutes to...

Gigats.comFalse Job Opportunities Scam

I signed up with these fools thinking it was a legit service based on word of mouth from a friend of mine looking for a job as well. After the 3rd or 4th application I filled out on separate websites, I realized that their system wasn't as useful as they claimed. I was then given a job of the day from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and was like...wait...what? It took me to a site where you were supposed to pay a subscription fee to be able to access job postings and apply for them. After that I unsubcribed to every single site that I had given my info to through They also have a university calling me up about taking classes which I'm actually interested in, but I can't afford to do so without a job. Avoid at all costs if you're really looking for a job. Its a waste of time.

Bogus career advisers

This company really preys on people who are looking for a job! They have listings and when you respond, the purport to set up a phone interview for that job... but it's really just a sales pitch for their own services and for questionable pitches about "furthering your education." When you say you aren't interested, their responses are designed to make you feel worthless or lazy. I have more than adequate education for the position I had applied for. Our "interview" had absolutely nothing to do with that position. It was all a bogus way to get additional personal information from me.

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    Shurnee Billups Nov 19, 2013

    When you bring up a job for there site they suppose to send you the application to your email I have not receive nothing in three days can you help me. Thank You

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    ShilayaM76 Nov 21, 2013

    Are you sure your email didn't block them? You can use their contact us form to get in touch with them. I did and they were pretty good at responding. Just go to their site and click the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page. The lady that first helped me when I contacted them was very sweet and knowledgeable. She sounded pretty young but sharp as a tack. LOL. Here's the link in case you can't find it.

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    Vera Kuzyk Oct 08, 2015

    This company is representing itself as a job placement agency when in fact they are nothing more that an organization scamming callers into giving out contact information for the purpose of being harassed by online schools/degree and programs. I listened for a few minutes until I realized this was not even a human talking to me but a recording. After I hung up, getting no response to a question I asked, they had the nerve to call my cell phone back and the recording picked up and repeated about 3 sentences of the same script that I had just hung up on. Don't buy into this scam. PROTECT yourself.

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Employment Scam

I was actually updating my profile on Manta and viewed the Jobs Listings tab they have listed under "Resources". When I selected the link to a job posting I was interested in applying for I was directed to what appeared to be an application however, when I tried to download my resume, it wouldn't accept it due to incorrect format and indicated that it had to be formatted as a .doc, .docx, pdf, tiff, ...etc file to be accepted. I tried to download my resume in .doc & .pdf formats and I just kept getting the same download error message...that was after I had already filled out the majority of the "online application"..Now this morning, I receive a text message from 560-30 that read: "(gigats): Hi Dell, call me about the Administrative Assistan (left off the t at the end) Job you have applied for [protected] (txt STOP to cancel)"
After I sent reply to STOP I received this response from 56030: "Career Network Job Alert: You have unsubscribed and will no longer receive msgs. For more info call [protected], msg&data rates apply, replay STOP to cancel"
Upon further research of the 560-30 sms number that the text came from, I found that its a scam to silicate college/trade school enrollments by hijacking my information when I tried to apply for a bogus job. I found 20 complaints for the exact same scenario on the SMS Watchdog website which helps identify senders of unsolicited text messages.

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    moni8121 Aug 19, 2014

    I applied for a job in the area and posted my resume on the site. I then received a text to contact the number provided to finish the application process. I spoke to a guy that said he was going to try to get me a job to my liking. He then wanted me to confirm all my information, address, phone number, etc. I didn't like the sound of the call and when I asked him what information of mine he has on file, he said he already had everything in front of him and was just confirming with me first for "my protection". I didn't give him any information and told him I was uncomfortable with the call and hung up on him. He immediately called me back and I did not answer the call. This is DEFINITELY A SCAM!!!

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On Friday, 6/28/13 at 11:49 a.m. - I was attempting to apply for a job with Molina Healthcare via the web. The site lead me to (it appears my job application wa... — Hijacked during online job application

While applying for a job on an online job posting site, my application was hijacked by and was told I had to speak to a representative in person in order for them to...