ACME Marketscustomer service

F Aug 13, 2018

On Sunday, August 12th, 2018, at approximately 9 pm while entering Acme Market located at 3200-09 Red Lion Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19114 I noticed an elderly woman sitting outside alone with a shopping cart full of groceries. After shopping for approximately 20 minutes, I AGAIN noticed the same elderly woman sitting outside with her cart of groceries. After loading my groceries into my vehicle I became more concerned and approached her and asked, " Are you okay"?
She responded, "I'm okay, " so I continued exiting the parking lot.
After unloading my groceries at home I called [protected] (the stores number on my receipt) and asked to speak to the manager. After a few minutes someone answered with the following, and I quote. "What, " I was a little taken back so I asked if this was the manager, and he said "YEP". At this point I became agitated and asked him his name and he said Kyle. I notified Kyle that I was concerned about the elderly woman outside and asked for him to make sure she was okay. I got another "YEP" and that was all. I am upset that ACME would allow this type of behavior when calling for assistance.

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