ACME Marketscustomer service and cashiers

T Sep 18, 2018

I was shopping at acme on 105 east street rd.. I waited in line for 10 minutes while arleena the cashier was checking out person in front of me.. It was taking a long time. People were gathering behind me in line.. Arleena the cashier told the customer she had to re ring him up and take everything out of the bags... Meanwhile another cashier opened next to us.. I went to collect my items to get I to her line.. Arleena the cashier yelled at me to stay in line and that u wasn't waiting that long... Total now in line 15 minutes... The cashier that opened next to me took everybody first.. These people were waiting in line after me and she. Let them all go b4 me... I told. Her that this action demonstrated poor customer service... Total time in line for 10 items was 25 minutes altogether.. Employees were at front desk talking and laughing.. I am done shopping at acme... If u. Shop there. Be prepared for higher than usual food prices, poor customer service, long waits in line and cashiers that holler at the customers...

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