Ackermans Storesstore manager has poor customer service skills

I had bought jeans from South coast mall, on 09/10/2019 it was small and I needed a size bigger so I went to Galleria Akermans on 10/10/2019 because I live 10min away from the mall. Upon arrival, there was a manager at the door. I had advised him that wanted to exchange or refund depending on if I find a replacement. I looked at the jeans section and I couldn't find it so I decided to just get a refund. The line had about 6 people in it and only 2 cashiers were at the front desk, who was absolutely slow! It's my turn and I get to the cashier. She looked at my slip and asked me for my card. I explained to her that my husband had paid for the jeans and he wasn't in the area for me to get the card. I then asked for the store manager and the guy that assisted me at the door came through. He told me the same thing that she did and we got into an argument about it. I explained to him it's just a pair of jeans worth R129. His attitude was disgusting. I asked for the store manager and he said he is the store manager. So I asked him for the regional manager's number and he kept showing me the back of the slip pointing to customer services number. I then asked for the regional manager's name and he ignored me and walked to another teller to assist with another customer. I then ask the cashier for the regional manager's name and then only does the store manager come back and he asks me what did I want. I asked if I could give them a picture of the card he agreed to it and I got my husband to send me the picture. After all the trouble he then tells me that it's a credit card and they have to have the card in-store to do the refund. At this point I am furious. Eventually, I asked them to check if theres a size 36 in the jeans that I had purchased and the cashier went around looking for a while. I then decided to just go and look for something myself and I found a pair of shoes that I exchanged and paid the difference and left the store. I understand that there's proceedure's but I explained to them that my husband was out of town, they could have offered me an alternate solution for a refund. The store manager's attitude is pathetic. He didn"t even want to dial the customer services number for me from the store he said if I got a complaint I must phone them myself with my own phone. The store manager's name is SITHE MNCWABE. And after asking 10 times they finally gave me the regional manger's name which is SHAM. I WANT A WRITTEN APOLOGY FROM THE STORE MANAGER SITHE FOR HIS DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS ME. HE IS DEFINITELY NOT STORE MANAGER MATERIAL!

Oct 11, 2019

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