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Complaints & Reviews

7 warranty services in 2 years still a lemon

September 2006 purchased an Acer atw3201 LCD tv for 1500 dollars with a 3 year warranty 3 months after purchase noticed bottom right hand side of the screen pixelating with eventually over the next few weeks engulfed half the screen when called for the "onsite" service warranty was told I needed to return it to service centre, did that 10 days later unit was returned repaired at least I thought so 14 days later similar pixelation started to service so back it went again this time they replaced "apparently" the LCD panel took 8 days to return and again all was well then 6 months later started to fail on power up and so on and
so on...now with 5 weeks left on a 3 year warranty it's currently back for it's 7 service call told the LCD screen needs replacing again and is on backorder with a tv they no longer produce...refund anyone steer clear of Acer dog of a product and crappy palm off service and support with more barriers to getting a straight answer and result than a politician.

very poor customer service

I had bought an Acer laptop Extenza 4630Z in Mar. '09 and had registered it promptly. Soon after, I found the mouse/cursor jumping all over the place. So, I sought the help of Customer Support. Despite several attempts to complain online I was unable to get any response. I then tried to contact them on phone. The phone number I tried gave me another number. On ringing that number the lady did not want to know my Registration details and asked me for my complaint. When I told her about the mouse/cursor jumping problem she said I would have to pay for fixing the problem. Even though I told her that my Warranty was till Mar. 2010 she insisted that I would have to pay. I tried once again to seek the help of their online customer service and got them this time on 'Chat line'. When I wrote my problem on the chat line I got a reply asking me to send the laptop to them for resolving my problem. I did not send my laptop as I would have to do without it for such a small problem and spend money in shipping it. Later I was interested to know how to avail of their upgrade scheme to Widows 7 from my existing Windows Vista. As usual I got no answer from the Customer Service. I was so disgusted with their Customer Support that I made a complaint to their CEO to no avail. It is now 5 days since I wrote to their CEO & have not received a reply. I WOULD ADVISE ALL BUYERS TO STAY AWAY FROM ACER PRODUCTS.

disk boot failure

I have purchaged a laptop from pune. It got a problem of disk boot failure. I have checked in bios setup, the hard disk is not shown in bios. I purchaged from my computor shoppee, sukrawar path, pune-02. Mob no - +[protected]. Invoice no 2279 dated 23 mar 2009. Laptop ser no is lxazq0c007906149241601. I am presently staying at guwahati, assam. Please issue me a authority to repair/maintain my laptop. Please confirm me by mail or phone. My mob no - +[protected] & email id is - [protected]@yahoo.co.in

poor quality and service

I purchased an Acer Aspire desktop in July 2008 as a 2nd computer. I was going to purchase a Dell or HP, but the Best Buy associate suggested the Acer. About 2 months after purchasing it, I began to have intermittant issues with connecting to the internet. This kept getting worse over time and finally I took it into Best Buy and they diagnosed it as an ethernet issue. Since it was under warranty they sent it in for the repair and 3 weeks later I finally received it back in working order.

Then about July 23, 2009 I shut it down for the night as usual and when my wife tried to start it up the next morning it would not power up at all. I again took it into Best Buy and they thought it was a power source issue and would have to ship it to Acer for repair. However they told me since it was 10 days past 1 yr warranty I would be charged between $100-$150. Since this was my 2nd major issue I attempted to contact Acer directly to get them to do the right thing and cover the repair.

After over 30 minutes on the phone and being told there is nothing they can do since it is out of warranty, I asked to be tranferred to someone with authority to make an effort to do the right thing and assist me by backing up their product. After several minutes waiting for the transfer, the support person came back and claimed to be unable to transfer me and asked that I call back on another line. The first time I tried calling I was disconnected, and then the 2nd time the representative gave me the same line about being unable to transfer the call.

Not only does Acer manufacture an inferior product, but they again swing and miss with their customer service and basic common sense.

I have never had such a bad experience in my life. NEVER BUY AN ACER COMPUTER!!

  • Ch
    Char S Sep 08, 2009

    I also have an Acer Aspire Desktop, I paid for it in August but, had to wait till September for stock to come in, I picked it up and with no urgency to get it running as my old dinosaur was still running just fine. Towards the end of October, I pulled it out, set it all up, got it running and away we go!!! Then in April, I was visited by the Blue Screen of Death twice... it was under warranty, so no problem! I called them, after fighting on the phone for an hour, that I DID NOT WANT to purchase recovery discs, that the problem was a HARDWARE ISSUE, they finally clued in and said okay, we will fix the problem... They wanted me to ship it, at a cost of $50?!!! I don't think so and the e-mail I received stated I could drop it off, no problem! When I mentioned the e-mail, it was no problem to drop it off all of a sudden.

    It took about 10 days to 2 weeks and I got my machine back, everything was a go, no problem... they put in a NEW Motherboard and Video Card... my dinosaur is still running on the original goods... never a problem.

    Now, we are about 8 days past the warranty on the new parts and guess what I got to see this morning before breakfast!!!

    Yep, the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH RETURNS!!! And when I called... well you can pay $200 to have us fix it... No, I can't pay you $200 to fix it cause, this last REPAIR ONLY LASTED THREE MONTHS!! AND THE WHOLE COMPUTER IS LESS THEN A YEAR OLD!!! Give me a break!!

    Acer has a life expectancy of what? 10 or 11 months Max!! and that is WITH a Repair to the Motherboard!!

    My advice to you is to NEVER BUY ANYTHING ACER MAKES!! Unless of course you are into being without your computer, feeling like you were raped for buying it in the first place cause you thought it was such a good deal!!! and like banging your head against a brick wall!!!

    Oh and if I forgot to mention... my daughter got her ACER Laptop for Christmas... it went in for repairs right after I got my PC back, the Keyboard went...

    A = A
    C = Complete
    E = Education (in)
    R = Recycling

    AKA = GARBAGE!!!

    And yes, the Customer Service Dept... lol! Please, don't get me started!! I won't know where to stop!! Don't bother... they will want to sell you recovery discs... why not!? at $50 a pop!! lol!! Its a joke!

    Save up and buy a MAC or get a DELL... I think both are better based on Customer Service AND Parts.

    Have a great day! lol!
    ♥ Char in Canada

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  • Gi
    Gill talbot Sep 08, 2010

    I bought an Acer 3 in 1 pc Jan 2010. In August I started to get problems when it was turned on - sometimes it did not turn on. On 18th August on power on it displayed a screen that said press esc for start up menu press F10 for boot menu.

    Acer required the PC packed in a box, surrounded by bubble wrap and packed in a "strong" box - whatever that meant and then shipped to them by DHL to Plymouth. Damage en route was my liability!!! It could take ten days before a repair was effected. Finding the packaging was a nightmare - custom made almost £100 - could I return it to the Acer supplier in Birmingham - an Acer only outlet -NO.

    Could speak to anyone at the repair centre - NO

    If it was a hard drive problem I would lose my data as they kept the old drive.

    So we took a four hundred mile round trip and delivered the PC plus arranged we would have the old drive, if PC required a new one, to allow data recovery.

    I was issued a pro-forma invoice/authorisation for repair that was charging us for the new drive even though PC was under Warranty.

    Eventually, with much effort and persuasion, we spoke to a call centre floor supervisor - the invoice - after two phone calls and speaking to another floor supervisor was corrected and we were able to make payment - YES - we had to pay £50 plus £40 labour and VAT to have the old drive returned. it appears new drives can be obtained for £50!!! If we did not pay repair would not go ahead.

    It was also agreed we could collect the old drive the next day. Another 400 mile round trip but there was important business data on the drive so no choice. On arrival Acer said that the PC repair would be finished that afternoon and call back and the PC could be collected. The PC was brought to the car in a thin plastic sleeve - compare how we had to pack it to send it!!! After a protest they provided a number of foam pads. They forgot to return my power lead!!! it was posted to me.

    That same afternoon, Friday 27 August, having received the power lead I reloaded my software and uploaded my data then the system crashed. A little blue square telling me there was an NM parity error - hardware fault return to hardware provider. Acer's repair telephone lines are open weekdays until 17:30 as it was 18:00 i could not phone.

    Monday 30 August is a bank holiday in the UK but no problem Acer's call centre is in India - inexplicably it was closed on the 30th.

    I wrote a letter of complaint posted it it recorded delivery on 31 August and received a response two days later - guess what no name and no UK direct contact number.

    The call centre refused to put me through to a supervisor - my call would be "escalated". Basically escalated appears to mean wait another two days.

    I now cannot take the time to drive to Plymouth and face working off a laptop for two weeks plus paying near to £100 to have my have PC securely, commercially, packaged to ensure Acer carry out repairs under warranty.

    I have also read on complaints sites that one individual recieved his PC in poor packaging and that the screen was cracked and casing bent.

    It seems to me that a lack of proper communication channels, identified personnel and customer friendly return methods obstruct the resolution of repairs under warranty. Further, I have low confidence in any correction to the poor initial repair/fault identification being put right. Obviously, if my fears are not well founded - that is my PC continues working - I will post an update.

    One further point - if I asked a local PC engineer to prepare a report on the PC's faults my warranty would be invalidated.

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defective replacement unit again

I bought the unit last april 2009 I was so excited but to my demise the brand new unit was teribly defective. It could not recognize or sense the battery, so I have to always plug it to an electical socket. After several complaints, it was replced, but again it is defective. And sad thing is I feel they replaced me with a returned unit that they just fixed.
a) the serial number of the unit does not match the serial number on the box.
b) they put a generic Sanyo battery on it not the original battery with the Acer logo embeded on it.
c) It already has a different user name on it.
d) the casing is warped!!
e) I have to always use the recovery disk, because it just blacked for no reason at all for the 5th time.
All of this could be verified by a fourth neutral party.
Sad to say I am not the only one experiencing this problem, but I am the one is voicing this.

  • Ac
    acer123 Aug 09, 2009

    I have had bad experiences with ACER repair in Texas. I sent my
    AcerAspire One to them to repair the keyboard. When it came back the keyboard did not work and and now the SPEAKERS don't work! I called them on the phone, and they want $199.00 to repair the computer. ACER S A BAD CHOICE MY FRIEND!

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  • Ac
    acer123 Aug 09, 2009

    Acer Service is very poor. They will find any excuse to charge you for repairs while the unit is still under warranty. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! AVOID THEM.

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laptops for sale 298.00 and 299.00

Let me start out by saying that Bestbuy started this one.
I want to file a false advertising complaints on both Bestbuy and Walmart.

Last weeked bestbuy had a so called Acer Laptop for sale that was listed for 299.00 while quaintiys last right. The night that this was on their website the listing was there for instore pick up but when I went to check if there were any of these laptops avalible I would of order it. But it was not just availble in the state of Wisconsin it was availble any where in the us.
What they only selling on or two of them in store?
They removed the Acer laptop that was listed on sale the next day along with other Acer Laptops as well.

Complaint two: Rumors started to surface about Walmart having a another laptop for sale for 298.00 Compaq and that the sale was going to be July 26. But no other given details. about if you had to go to the store at 8..00am to get it because it was for instore buy or if it would be an online offer.
Guess what it was neither. They had none. If you click on the url web adress it will take you that compaq that is on sale now but not avaiblei online or instore coming soon. WHAT?
What kind of marketing tatic is that.
I think that no one should be advertising something that is not even there.
I they taking rainchecks for these items that have been offered? And still get the deal. Do they do la ways for this itmen at Walmart?
What is going on with these bogas clam.
I don't believe the costumers feedbacks at either stores because I dont' know if they are customers or that they are telemarketing who are hired to say great deal and prending that they receive these bogas products that were on sale in the first place.
How can walmart have a deal on a compaq laptop that hasn't even shipped to the stores. Çoming soon to a store new you.
Isn't it false advertising?

Who would I complain to about these companies.
And How do change these message boards about reviews and comment about their product.
I get the idea that they may a few local customer feedback but I bet the majority on these product reviews are telemarketers along with bestbuy employers pimping the pubic on buying these fabulous buys

  • Lu
    Lulue Jul 31, 2009

    My husband went to one of the Walmarts in Pensacola, Fl on the morning of the 27th and they had one of the
    Compaqs left and we got it for $298.00. For the money, it seems to be a great computer. We havehad several people want to buy it from us.

    I did hear that each store was only receiving 10 each of this computer.

    Pensacola, FL

    0 Votes

not accepting my complaint and claim

I bought an Acer laptop (Extensa [protected]) from Acer in August 2008. This is my only laptop which I work on. After some months it stops working on battery. Although battery shows as charged, laptop does not work on it. The laptop works only on current. I once changed the battery. The new battery from Acer worked hardly one-two days and it also stopped working.
After informing Acer for the problem and asking them to replace this defective laptop they simply refused to accept my Complaint. They said to sent the laptop for repair to Temple, Texas which was not possible for me as this is my sole laptop, bread and butter.
Recently I borrowed one laptop from my friend and then again called Acer customer care so that I can send the defective one for repair. Again same story they are not accepting problem. When I pressed the customer care guy asked me to bear the shipping charges to send the laptop.
It is real pain buying a laptop from Acer and bear all problem and also the shipping. So sad.
I simply want this defective laptop replaced. It is in warranty. It is defective it does not work with battery.

poor product, poor customer service

I have very bad experience with ACER with regards to their customer service
or technical support.

I bought a new desktop and use it for barely about 7 months then a problem
came up.

The problem was that the PC would hang halfway while using. Tried to
restart the pc and the screen went blank while the hardware is running.
Called up ACER and after trouble shooting, they decide to send an engineer
to repair. The engineer came and said that the contacts between the
graphics card and motherboard was oxidised. So he used an eraser and did
some rubbing. Well thankfully this works fine.

Unfortunately, the pc started to hang after 4 months of low usage. Called
up ACER and the customer service's attitude was poor. An appointment with
the engineer was made. The engineer came and said that motherboard had some
problems and decided to replace it. He tested it and it was fine and left.
But after one hour, the pc started to hang once again. Called up ACER and
they said that I should do a system restore back to factory settings and
suggested using the Alt F10. Too bad, the pc hangs halfway while doing it.
The customer service then said that the earliest appointment would be next
week. Therefore I have to wait for another week before an engineer came to
fix the problem.

The engineer came the next week and this time, he said that the motherboard
was faulty once again and replace it once again. He left and this time,
guess what. Oh the pc hangs again after one hour. Called up ACER again,
immediately they called up the engineer and said that the engineer would
call me later. The engineer called and asked about the problems, he said
not to bother about doing anything as the hard disk is faulty. And he would
come in the evening to change it. Evening came and he came to replace the
hard disk. Oh how great it was, I was thinking, this should fixed the
problem. OH MY GOD, the pc can only be used for one hour again. And the
customer service is closed for the day.

Called up ACER the next day, Saturday, and they arrange for the engineer to
come on Monday. So hopefully the engineer is going to fixed the problem once and for all.
Another engineer came and said that he would bring the pc back to the service centre to do the repair.
One week later, he brought back the pc and it was working fine. After 10 days, the pc hangs again.

My overall experience is terrible. Could you imagine how long I have to be
on the phone to solve this problem? How many times of happiness and sadness
that I have to go through? How many times do I have to call up ACER to fix
the problem? How many restarting and waiting of the pc do I have to do?
Just not sure, how long do ACER need to fix the problem? This is a total
waste of time and resources on both me and ACER. I think, they are just delaying the problem
and wait for the warranty to end.

My advise for all: Although ACER has got good value for money products and
relatively cheaper than others on the market. Consider really hard before paying for trouble as the
customer service and technical support is so much poorer as compared to

A very disappointed ACER user...

  • Do
    DontBuyAcer2 Jan 29, 2010

    The short story:

    If your keyboard and mouse stop working with any Acer model even when plugged into AC power, try replacing the battery (who'da thunk it!!!).

    The Details:

    I had what I consider to be 2 bad experiences with Acer also and I don't think that I'll be buying another one as a result. I and my dad each bought an Acer 3000 series laptop about 4 years ago. After about 3.5 years, the keyboard and touchpad stopped working on my Dad's machine. It seemed that the .NET Framework 3.x was installed/upgraded and could have caused it so I tried re-imaging his machine with the system restore disks (w/o .NET), resetting the BIOS settings to the default, flashing the lastest BIOS from the Acer web site, and re-installing the device drivers. Nothing would fix the keyboard and mouse whether it was plugged into AC power or running on the battery. The keyboard and mouse would, however, work fine with Linux (Ubuntu). Finally, I gave up on his laptop and he threw it out.

    About 6 months later, my keyboard and mouse stopped working. I tried all the same things that I tried on my Dad's laptop but nothing would work, yet the keyboard and mouse would, again, work with Linux (Ubuntu). I wasted a lot of time and was about to trash it but I decided to call Microsoft, figuring that it was a Window XP issue. Microsoft would offer support for $59.95 per incident and if they don't fix it then they won't charge you. This sounded reasonable, however they suggested contacting the manufacturer first so I called Acer. I told the woman from Acer support the issue and what I though might be the problem (the BIOS was the only other thing that I could think of since the system restore disks did not fix it). She gave a little laugh (probably because I was frustrated) and said that the warranty had expired and if I wanted Acer support to help me then it would be something like $2.95 per minute or $59.95 per half hour for phone support, whether they could fix it or not. I told them I would try Microsoft since they were cheaper and would not charge me if they could not fix the problem.

    After becoming more frustrated with Acer support, and contemplating shelling out $59.95 to Microsoft to fix a 4 year old laptop, I started surfing the web. I wasn't able to find much on my issue, until I came across a message board with someone with a username of DontBuyAcer. I read the message thread and found that other Acer models has the same issue and if you remove the battery then it might make the keyboard and touchpad would work. I tried this and MAGICALLY the keyboard and toughpad worked. I ordered a after-market battery from an Amazon.com vendor (4400 mAH vs the original 2000 mAH) and everything seems to be back to normal (so far) when running on either AC power or battery.

    So, why would removing the battery make the keyboard and mouse work, or more importantly, if the battery went bad (as it will eventually do) then why would that cause the keyboard and mouse to stop working, even when running on AC power (with a bad battery). I would say that it's a terrible design, though at $120 per hour for phone support, this would work in Acer's favor. It would also work in their favor if you buy another Acer, wouldn't it??? Is this laptop designed to fail when the battery goes bad, making it a disposable computer...I'm not sure but it seems to happen on other models too, based on my web search. So I find it had to believe that they are NOT aware of this issue, given the number of support calls that they must field everyday. And yet they wanted to charge me $120 per hour ($59.95 per half hour) for them to eventually tell me "take the battery out and if the keyboard starts working again then get a new battery".

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extremely unacceptable service

I bought n Acer Laptop from Sharaf DG, Bahrain on 1st March 2017.
Paid Bahraini Dinars 10 more because Sharif DG sales person claimed the price is high in their shop to compensate the technical support available with them.in 10 days time found out that the DVD drive was very very slow even to open the contents of a standard DVD. Waited in the long queue, only to be told to go to the Acer Service center called Redington. At Redington, they tried to say that I must have done something to the drive, so that they can get out of the warranty clause. Anyway, they could not win on that and I got my laptop back after 15 days! Subsequently on 5th May 2017, suddenly saw some new lines appearing on the screen! It started spreading soon. Took it to Redington, they refused to accept it stating I must have poked the screen with some sharp tool!!!
Anyway, I had no choice but to agree to pay for the replacement of the screen, which they promised to do in 10 days. Till today no one called me from the shop, and whenever I called they gave me different explanations!
Don't know where to go next!!
One thing is sure, will never look at an Acer...

  • Br
    brooke Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have an acer aspire 5610, no problems w hardware or vista home premium, but when I installed my windows anytime upgrade I lost all ability to use windows. The display now claims that "this copy of windows is not genuine". I went online and windows cannnt verify it either. Funny how my windows was genuine and working fine until I loaded the upgrade. I have not up or downloaded any thing else to my computer. I took it back to best buy and dianostics came back all ok. It has only 2 functions now. 1. Open in safe mode, but I cannot access most files, play media... Or save anything. 2. Access the internet, but it automatically shuts down after 45 minutes. After 3 calls to acer, 3 calls to microsoft, and lots of online research, the best answer I recieved was when someone at microsoft admitted they had a deal w/ acer to let them provide the "anytime upgrade" disk along with thier laptops, but under the condition that acer would provide any tech support regarding that particular cd. The only info I have found for acer is : 1394 ebhardt dr. Usa, (No state was listed) and "frances, 254-298-4483" I can't get frances on the phone, but there is a vm, it may be a start. Class action sounds appropriate. I will be taking all of this to my local bbb, and speaking to a lawyer this week.

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  • Ya
    yasireh May 23, 2009

    You get what you pay for with laptops direct.

    I was on laptops direct website in the process of purchasing a laptop, but had a problem with the promotional code I was using. So I called laptop direct and a sales person answered.
    I explained the problem I was facing when adding the promotional code, I was getting the following message (Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0006').

    He was asking me something, I could not understand as his voice was not clear, I think it was so early at 10.15 that he was mumbling and hasn’t woken up properly.
    So I assumed he was asking a different question and so I was giving him an answer based on his question.
    He asked me twice, and I still didn’t understand properly and I gave him an answer on what I thought he was asking. Then the third time, he said “I'm not going to ask this question again, what error you are seeing”. At that point I was really annoyed at his response and put the phone down.

    If this sales person really wanted to do his job properly, he wouldn’t talk to me like that and he would have listened to my problem at the beginning of this call (which I told him what was the error I’m getting) and instead of asking me to tell him what error I’m getting he would have replicated the same error I’m getting by testing it online.
    I'm an application developer and been programming for 10 years, when our customers face problems, we ask for the problem and try to replicate what the customer is doing to bring back the problem on our screen.
    The sales man, clearly didn’t want to be at work and in turn has lost out on me as a customer.
    I have been purchasing laptops from laptops direct for myself and for my business and have been informing friends and colleagues of this website.
    This is the second time this happened to me, and on both occasions the service response could have been handled with a little bit of respect and professionalism (after all you are trading in the UK).
    I’m so unhappy of your services and will never recommend laptops direct again. I know I’m one of 100's of potential customers to you, but the more this continues, the sooner you will be out of business.

    I googled laptops direct through Google, and boy I found so many bad complains, some of which are:




    I hope one day, laptops direct can employ staff that can provide the level of service customers deserve in the UK, we are not in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Arabia that we should accept this type of service. Thank god we have proper ‘UK’ companies that provide the same products as laptops direct but with a service that has respect and professionalism that any customer should expect in the UK.

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  • Es
    esehgrav ynot Jul 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had purchased my Blackberry Gemini 8520 from a mobile store in Chennai and only after purchase I knew it was a officially unlocked device and not a usual Airtel Blackberry, I was upset at first as I have nearly 3 years of experience with Blackberry service at Airtel and its just awesome they do it so professionally. I used a Rs.999 (approx. USD $20) worth cover for the phone from case mate, after a month and few days the display brightness diminished to very low level and I had taken it to the Redington India Ltd. service center in T.Nagar and they told me about the Rs.730 charge if there is water lodged in the device and I was 100% sure that there isn't any possibility for the same, so I gave my device for service and was waiting for about 2 weeks and I received a call from them saying there was water lodge in my device and they want me to pay Rs.730 to get the device back and the most important thing is that the device isn't serviced. I was like what the hell? Why would I pay these cheats the money just to open and take look at it and return? These people don't have the basic common sense that if I had known there is water why would I give it for service to pay Rs.730 unnecessarily? I would rather go to private service center and get it done for same price or something additional, finally they sent me some fake snap shots of water damage and stuff. I doubt if they had done it on their own to rip off the money. Today I got the device back and the display totally doesn't work. They spoiled it even more. Blackberry has to stop sending officially unlocked devices let the people get good service from Airtel, Reliance and other service providers. Never from these local Redington guys, I wonder if they have ever seen a Blackberry phone, these guys would only have experience in spoiling local basic phones like Nokia, Motorola etc. Now giving the service order to these guys Blackberry is spoiling its reputation in India. I need a brand new device and also my Rs.730 to be returned and I am not going to live them till then.

    People beware of these guys. Redington India Ltd is totally a fraud company. Redington India Ltd rips off the money and spoils your device. Redington Group has to replace my device and pay me my Rs.730 back. Redington Group has to stop the scam in the name of service Blackberry devices. Redington India Ltd should no longed be an authorized company to service Blackberry devices. Blackberry has to stop the contract right away.

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  • Im
    Imtiaz Ali Apr 05, 2011

    I have purchase an acer laptop in nov-2017, model name acer extensa and I have been give a warranty card for 1 year and I was been informed by dealer variety store in thane (W) near alok restaurant. I was informed that if I made an extra payment of rs 3000 I will extention in warranty to 3 years. I have paid the amount and there was stamp on my warranty card which says warranty for 3 year by manufacturer but in 2017 I went to company for the complaint with regards to laptop and its button I was informed the warranty was only for a year when I show them my warranty card they simply denies that this is a fake and there will be no service by acer. If you want to repair and want to make any change you will have to pay for it minimum of 500.

    My personal comment on acer product. Please just forget them and dont think about such products they are fake

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screen flickers (jumps)

I purchased this hunk of junk back in August 2008. It did fine for about 6 months, then the screen started to flicker (jump). I contacted Acer Support (Technical Support). They know little of nothing about computers. I know more. Anyway they had me uninstall my entire notebook and re-install fresh from scratch. I did so, and still the problem exists. I called them back and told them the problem is still happening, so I sent my notebook in which costs me about $30.00. I received it back within about 5 days saying they checked the bios update. I don't know why, the system bios was already up to date. I guess so they could say they did something. Still had the problem, so I called and was told to sned it back again. I did so, and this time I received it back in about a week. They said the problem could not be duplicated, and no repairs were made. Some technician there had managed however to download several game programs on my notebook, and had scratch the top of it badly. I call Technical support and told them of this, and they just seem to dismiss it, and more or less said it could have been me. They really have nerve. The notebook is still doing the same thing it was, screen flickers (jumps) itermittently. I am going to keep sending it back to them on their dime until they decide to fix it, even if it take 50 times. By them they will have paid more for it than me. Do not buy an Acer Notebook.in my opinion, a piece of JUNK!!!

  • biojellywobbles Jun 26, 2009

    I have the same problems with the screen flickering, people on some forums I found whilst checking out the problem have fixed it by replacing or reconnecting the LCD cable that runs to the screen. It is not software based as I have both windows 7 and vista on my laptop, both have the same problem and it even does it before windows starts sometimes.

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  • Am
    AMINOMO Nov 15, 2009


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  • Ji
    jimbo1934 Dec 08, 2009

    My 5534 acer does the same thing.They told me to call Microsoft at 129 buchs an hour. Hah!!!
    Any one know how tu repair??

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  • Sa
    Sambo123 Apr 19, 2010

    OMG! I HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME COMPLAINT! MY COMPUTER FLICKERS TOO! It flickers all the time, the system crashes on a regular basis. Also, every time the screen flickers, my MSN Messenger status changes from online to busy. My battery barely lasts 2 hours when fully charged, and DID I MENTION THAT MY CD DRIVE IS BROKEN!? I've had this piece of crap computer for 1 and a half years. I sent it to acer and after 2.5 weeks, they sent it back today. They did not fix a single thing. All they did was clean the screen. All the problems are still the same. Even though i wrote a letter explaining all issues in detail, they sent me back a sheet saying they found no problem whatsoever with my computer. When i turned on my computer for the first time today, what I did notice is that it had to go through a system restore. Its never had to do that to start up windows for me before. So it seems as though the 'technical support' twits screwed it up even more.

    I paid for 2 years extended warranty for this crap, on top of the 1 year standard warranty. What is the point of the warranty when they wont veen fix the many many problems! We were going to buy a brand new desktop acer, but after this whole debarcle, they will never, ever get the business of any person in my family ever again. Acer, you are an embarrassment to the computer industry, and your computer technicians are total ###s!

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  • Wi
    winegumman May 09, 2010

    my acer 5920 was still in warrenty last year when it started to have screen flicker problems then eventulay it went pop altogeather and would not reboot i sent it back to acer under warrenty where they replaced the mother board it came back working fine now 5 months on i have screen flicker again after about half hour after the system is turned on has any one got any ideas what to about this now unforchunatly it is now out of warrenty TYPICAL !!!

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  • Wi
    winegumman May 09, 2010

    any one any ideas on what to do next to get this problem resolved

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  • Ra
    Randy Jul 07, 2010

    To fix this issue view this video:


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  • Acer should do something about this, but they're probably not going to, so watch this:


    You'll realise that if you pull down on the cable connector at the top of the screen, the problem is resolved.
    This is likely to only work temporarily, as it did for me - I cant see what I am typing.
    Just don't ever send a laptop to get repaired. The people repairing it are usually knowledgeless, selfish a**holes.

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Resolved always freezes up

I have an AspireOne and I love it... when it actually functions normally! Does yours sometimes (or for...

Resolved defective lcd screen

My Acer LCD panel broke while I had it as carry on luggage. It never left my sight and the case was pristine. Acer wanted to charge me $199 to repair it. They said it could have been the air pressure or turbulence on the plane, and they were not responsible for "acts of god." I pointed out that the 8.9" screens were being discontinued and if their fragility was a reason. I was told that the new screens were an "improvement, " and again, Acer would not take responsibility for this flimsy screen. The rep said there was nothing he could do for me. Dell, here I come!

  • Ma
    maisbored Jul 13, 2009

    well, you should have bought dell to start with, acer laptops aren't that good

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Resolved absolute worst customer service

I purchased an acer aspire one netbook in february '09, and almost immediately two of the rubber feet on the...

Resolved terrible service

I took my Acer PD116 Projector into acer to replace the bulb on 10 March. Sounds like a straight forward job right?
After Acer called the following day (12 March) to collect the projector, We got to acer and waiting 30 minutes we were told that the bulb was apparently the incorrect one and they requested an extra day to complete testing and was assured that they will courier the projector the following day to my business address and being a Friday this will arrive on the Monday (16 March).
Monday nothing arrived so I phoned on Tuesday (17 March) to find out what’s wrong and where is my projector. Only to be told that the bulb was defective and they now had to order the new part from Europe and it will take 7 days (Already an issue as when I took in the projector I was told that they have stock) So I spoke to the Supervisor “Stuart” who assured me that he would make it urgent and phone me back. Still waiting for that call. So I phoned the next day (18 March) again only to be stone walled by the call centre and no one knows who the managers/md is.
We went on holiday on 23 March for a week thinking I would give them a chance to sort their internal logistics out and when returning from holiday on 30 March I rang them up again and was very politely told that its ready for collection…..eish……I then proceeded to explain to the nice ladies at Acer it was for delivery 3 weeks ago. The ladies then promised that the projector would be delivered on Tuesday 31 March. Nothing was delivered by 2pm so I rang them again only to be told that the projector is ready for collection. So I explained again that it’s for Delivery and once again all details were taken and promised delivery on 1 April. At 3pm No Projector and I ran up again….Same story.
So this morning I phoned and spoke to “Mo” who had the same story and I lost it. Then he came back and said he would make sure it is with the courier’s collection but I just need to send him my proof of payment which I paid for Cash 4 weeks ago. This is completely unacceptable!!!
So today I’m driving through to collect the projector because everyone that works at Acer is completely and utterly USELESS – Cam I bill them for my Time, Petrol and loss of man-hours?????

Resolved acer lcd tv

I purchased an Acer TV from Zellers, and within 2 yrs (after the 1 yr manufacturing warranty expired) I started having the picture "freeze", and would have to unplug the TV and plug it back in.

It got so bad, I gave up and bought another TV (Sharp)...will NEVER buy another ACER product again.

I did send them an email to no response...:(

Resolved out of warranty/defective machine repairs needed

Hello, I am writing to find out just who is interested in a class action suit and who is not on many forum...

Resolved repair not covered under warranty

I purchased a mini lap top for my son. It was a acer product. He took it to have more ram put in it and staples broke some of the clips. I knew acer would not cover under the warranty and just wanted to get it repaired. I paid $398.00 for the computer. They wanted to charge me $440.00 to repair it. I told them are you crazy. I told them I would never ever purchase another product from them. I told them I work at walmart and I will tell all customers never to purchase a acer

Resolved worst customer service

The worst customer service I've ever experienced in over 500 phone calls to more than 35 companies in over 10 years.

I spoke with all of the following people (identified by badge numbers and also names in two cases) over the course of 120 minutes trying to get a simple question answered.

I spent $1, 000 on two computers (an Acer Aspire One and an Acer desktop computer) over two days and needed to find a recovery CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (not included in the package for the Aspire One) and after trying to get someone to help me with that for two hours and failing because of constant interruptions and infinite loops in the interactive voice response system and the human handling of my multiple calls, I'm returning both products because I refuse to support a company with such abysmal customer support service.

Humans I spoke with before deciding to return $1, 000 worth of equipment for my money back (their badge numbers and in two cases, also their names):



TA116 (Johnny; a supervisor for the Aspire One department who interrupted me constantly, refused to allow me to speak with his supervisor, and ultimately hung up the phone on me)

GWGA274 (Kathy; a first level agent who interrupted me constantly)

  • Ta
    Tammy Jun 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to restate what the prev complaint said. I too have received poor service from ACER on two occasions, the second being when i was unable to get proper internet connection. My provider advised me to connect ACER, when i did the staff was dismissive and basically gave me some " We do not give a darn advice " - In the end i had to connect Microsoft who was such a tremendous help. I would recommend people not to purchase any ACER computer products because their attitude stinks.

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  • Bv
    bvibeachbum Feb 22, 2009

    I agree with you on this. I am dealing with Acer Australia and have blown through a minimum of 50 dollars on the phone going through their endless phone loops and what not. And their Email center does not respond to their emails. They have had my computer for 2 weeks to fix a defective mother board. Worst $1000 Singapore Dollars I have ever spent on a laptop and will never purchase one again, and will tell others as well.

    The only good service they have is in Singapore, which is the same population as Sydney. Singapore was quick, efficient, and same day repairs. Not only that, they actually pick up the phone after the 1st to 2nd ring. Funny that.

    -another dissatisfied owner of a shoddy Acer

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  • Tr
    Truthfinder77 Sep 01, 2009

    I must fully agree !

    We sent our Acer computer in for warranty service in the original factory box... Acer called to tell me that the computer case was smashed when it arrived via FedEx. Fedex went to examine the computer and the box and determined that the box was in perfect condition and the damage was done by Acer. I went round and round and being a great company, FedEx paid $199.00 for the computer to be repaired. Needless to say, Acer sent the computer from Texas to our home in New Jersey TWO times and both times the computer was still trashed. We paid them in full for a complete repair, but it is now two months later and the computer is again on its way back to Acer in Texas.

    I spoke with a girl named Nichole in Customer service and she has yet been able to give me an answer as to why they never made the proper repairs.

    Needless to say, I would NEVER EVER buy or recomend a Acer product. Also, this is why businesses go under...

    If anyone can direct me on who to contact at Acer concerning this matter, I would greatly appriciate your help.

    Oh, I must also say that I've been using IBM / Lenovo ThinkPads for many years and they offer the best service of any computer company.

    Best to one and all, Truthfinder :-)

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  • Li
    lionhearted12345 Mar 18, 2010

    ACER is a bunch of MOTHER ###ING SCAM ARTISTS. My Aspire One had a broken audio, so I mailed it to their Texas location. iT WAS UNDER WARRANTY. When it was returned IT DIDN'T WORK AT ALL. NOTHING. Wouuldn't even turn on! Any various rubber parts from the base and lid had been removed. I called them on the telephone and they refused to acknowledge they were at fault. I sent them a working computer and I received a busted unit. They are criminals. ASIAN SCAM ARTISTS. BEWARE |THESE HOODS. B U Y A M E R I C A N! ! ! ! ! ! !

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  • Ch
    Chuck Kurtz Jul 04, 2010

    We have 5 laptops, necessary for business, and we have occasionally had to call for customer support. Acer's lack of concern for problems, and their focus on upselling unnecessary programs and software, rather than addressing the problem, is horrible. I will NEVER purchase another computer from Acer, or any of their subsidiaries.

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  • Re
    Reviewer77961 Feb 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Acer's customer service (& especially their lack of communication in relation to repair progress) is a disgrace. Apple have shown how to handle customer issues, Acer will be history if they don't adapt. this will be my 50th and last Acer product.

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Resolved acer aspire 6930g laptop

I November 2008 i purchased the acer aspire 3960g from the carphone warehouse on the mobile broadband package for £40 per month.First off when i got it home the dongle was unable to connect to the laptop, (luckily we also have home broad band and another laptop). I installed my anti virus and ran a scan before i got stuck in, 9 TROJANS!!! where did they come from? On clearing them i thought i'd enjoy it, but instead there have been problems after problems. My connection kept slowing down and it kept asking me to open in a different time zone. Any way we are now in the middle of january and on finally getting through to acer they told me that i could reset the pc back to factory settings and that would clear the viruses, and that they would send me an email of instructions of how to change the settings to put me in the right time zone which would in turn put my keyboard keys back in the correct place.STILL WAITING!!! Speaking of keys the letter U keeps popping out, that started about 2 hours after opening the box.Unfortunately because it is a bundle package i didn't have the pleasure of the 14 day exchange. I have spoken now to some very clued up tech guys who have told me that looking through the problems that i have had, the main being the TROJANS and every one coming up acer gamezone suggests that this was built in to the hard drive attached to gamezone.If its not then why when you go back to factory settings and even do a scan in safe mode does it allways come back the same 9 TROJANS ACER GAMEZONE and ACER arcade all the dates are listed from, actually from before i got it! I did try to play a game on acer g zone but it just kept resetting itself, flickering and going back to my main home screen. I tried to register my pc but the SN was not recognized there is nothing more i can do! I cannot take it back to the shop, and i cannot get a straight answer or even any of acer 9-5 tech support to answer the phone. SO WHAT DO I DO? WHAT CAN I DO? If i stop paying for it thats a mark on my credit rating plus interest charges on summons'. There is no way i am gonna send it of to be refurbished as i have been there with other itens and they come back worse than they were when they were sent off. HELP!!!

  • Ju
    JustBuyIt Feb 28, 2009

    Firstly, if you not too sure about using a computer fully I.E. your not up to reformatting it yourself then really you should have taken out a contract with the tech guys as they would have had to resolve your issue.

    Secondly just because your AV reports a trojan, doesn't mean that it is a trojan, as it is only monitored for the activity it is performing, and leading your AV to think its a trojan. A company as large as acer wouldn't let a virus get into your system upon installing it or i'm sure they'd have hundreds of reports of it.

    Personally, I believe if your going to get a laptop, get a laptop dont try and get a free one, as they are free and (not always) are not going to be built as quality as they should be. If you want a laptop go have one built, if you want mobile broadband, go get mobile broadband. Surely you can't be too annoyed, as the item was after all what CPW called 'free', so when you have too many problems their response would be 'well it was free'.

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Resolved broken ginges

I have an Acer Spire 9410. Mine also broke by the hinges. I called Acer and they said that they have not received any other complaints about this problem and they refuse to fix the proble. I bought from Circuit City and got an extended warranty to it. They are also getting away with it by saying that was abuse, not normal use. The normal use of a laptop is by opening and closing the lid when you are going to use it and put it away. Something needs to be done legally because there is a lot complains in different forums for the same problem. Not to count the performance issues that this model has (slow down speed, 20-30 minutes boot up, the hard drive seems to be doing something all the time which slows the aplication you want to use, etc, etc, etc) The machine is really a peace of junk. Customer service is almost un-existant. I will never buy from Acer again, Never.


  • Al
    Allen May 28, 2009

    I also have a Acer 9410 both my hinges broke. I bought it at COMPUSA in march of 2007. I also bought an extended warrany but COMPUSA says thats not covered which really sucks. Acer is nothing but cheap junk.

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  • On
    one800dave Sep 25, 2009

    I just now am trying to get my issue with broken hinges resolved. Same thing here - they say it is not covered. I am trying to go up the ladder to see about getting this resolved. If I cant, I will post all over the place that this is junk AND acer extended warranties are also junk. If I hear back about a workaround or repair, I will post.

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  • On
    one800dave Sep 25, 2009

    I just talked to a supervisor at the warranty place that took over compUSA's service contracts, and the warranty that CompUSA sold me does NOT cover broken parts like this. Only broken lcd screens or bad hd's or mb's. If it goes into them and they see a broken hinge, etc., they will box it up and send right back.

    I am pissed!!! Beware, do not buy CompUSA's extended warranties or Acers ever!

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