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signed up for free trial, even though i read the fine print, and recieved my pills quickly, i have not been able to call and cancel my trial. Phone either just rings, half to leave a voice mail, or it says mailbox full and clicks off. Can not find the website or any other information about the product online.


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    Upset with this company Dec 10, 2008

    Ordered Acai Berry All Natural Cleanse on line. Received the product really quickly with a little note that said "We want to make you aware of how the charge may appear on your statement depending on which product you ordered." That sort of made me feel easy. When I looked on my account the next week I was charged $87.00 before the trial was even up. I had received another bottle of the Acai Berry pills the day after my original request and thought that was strange but I was busy doing something else and didn't get back to this issue. I called the telephone number listed on the note and it just keeps stating that all customer service agents are busy, leave a name and telephone number and someone will return the call. I'm going to contact my bank to get these charges reversed.

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  • Me
    Megan King Jan 11, 2009

    The SWM Labratories in "Hollywood" Fla. are a joke!! I strongly urge people NOT to order from them. There is no "FREE" trial really. You only get about 7 days to try the product and then you are charged the $90.00. Trying to get your items returned is a nightmare!! They seem to have address all over Florida yet the items can't seem to find their way home! I sent my stuff back over a month ago and it still hasn't made it!! When you try to call, you either get a voice mail or a person that barely speaks or understands English!! I guess from a Money-Making stand point that's pure genius but from an unhappy customer's standpoint, that is EXTREMELY frustrating!!! Do not order from these people unless you have tons of money and even more patience!!!

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  • Gi
    ginny cox Jan 17, 2009

    unauthorized charge of $89 This free trial offer was on The Weather Channel's web site. You would think it would be okay.

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  • Ji
    Jim May 16, 2009

    I also ordered the free trial and have yet to be open it so I haven't seen the contents yet. I tried calling NATURAL CLEANSE and was told this charge to my credit card was part of "their terms and conditions". No one ever informed me of any terms or conditions. All I did was order the free trial and paid for the shipping by credit card. I have no problem with ordering the free trial.

    NATURAL CLEANSE company has now committed an un-authorized charge to the same credit card I used for paying the shipping for the free trial. I have entered into a dispute(with my credit card provider which I hope will clear up this scam. Meanwhile, I will also contact my Attorney General and notify them of the scam.

    I hereby challenge NATURAL CLEANSE to produce the recorded voice conversation indicating my ordering merchandise which they've charged my credit card $87.13. NATURAL CLEANSE COMPANY ARE LIARS, CHEATERS AND THIEVES.

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  • Pt
    PTripp May 29, 2009

    I was just billed $87.13 today (5/29/09) for my "Free Trial" that I received Wednesday (5/27/09). I called the number associated with my bank charge, (800.230.5107) and reached SWM Laboratories Customer Support. The person to whom I was connected canceled my account and gave me a confirmation number, but refused to issue me a refund. She read me their script about how I had enrolled in their program and although it was canceled, they couldn't refund my money. According to the 'fine print'.
    I had her put me on with her supervisor who basically said the same thing a little more forcefully and refused to escalate the call or have her boss or somebody with authority to issue a credit. I told her that I had recently moved from Hollywood, FL (the return address on the package is at 3007 Greene St with a phone number for the Shipping Manager of 866 949 0138) and could have a lawyer go to their offices and demand to talk to someone with authority to issue a credit, even if he had to see the president of the company.
    She hung up on me and this is the first place I went to when I googled SWM Laboratories. I will be talking to my bank about this in about an hour. I'm about to call my accountant in Ft. Lauderdale. We have several lawyer friends in common, two of whom live in Hollywood. I will lodge a complaint with the BBB and Chamber of commerce locally in Broward County. If necessary I will sue them in small claims court (anyone want to start a class action suit?)
    I will get my refund!
    I'll return here with any updates as they happen.

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  • Us
    USAGranny May 31, 2009

    The weather channel or weather bug is where I got scammed.
    Now I can't stop them without canceling my debit card or closing my account.My debit card expires this month so they'll not get anymore from me but I sure would like to find a way to track these people down.
    They are into me for over three hundred dollars & I'm on Social Security. I simply can not afford this ~~~if anyone has an answer I'd sure like to hear it.

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  • Sr
    sr8787 Dec 15, 2009

    Total SCAM!!! I ordered this product on Dec 3, 09 and they charged my account 1.97, but on Dec 11, 09 my credit card got charged $68.53 which is non refundable because your trial period is only 7 days from the date that you place the order NOT recieve the order!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT unless you want to just give your money away.

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  • Tn
    tnavo7 Apr 12, 2010

    i've got the same problem. There website isn't even a website anymore. i wish they would get punished for this!!!

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  • Be
    bestinternalcleanse Jun 07, 2010


    Beware of companies and sites that offer their products on a "FREE TRIAL" basis. Usually the "FREE TRIAL" offer has a catch. Ordering the 'FREE TRIAL" requires you the consumer to use a credit card. Once the consumer's credit card is given, and you receive the 'FREE TRAIL, " your credit card is then billed monthly. Unless you the consumer cancel your order after the "FREE TRAIL" period, you the consumer will be billed automatically each month for the product. These companies make it very difficult to cancel these recurring charges once they begin. Many of these companies have been endorsed by major news media networks. However, this does not necessarily make them legitimate or their products effective.

    We never retain any financial data that you use to purchase from our site. Once your order is processed, your financial information is automatically deleted from our system. You will never be billed for product you yourself do not specifically request from our site.

    Thank you for visiting our site and considering our excellent products.

    Here is to your health.

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  • Ds
    D Shepherd Oct 22, 2010

    I signed up for a Free Trial on 10-5-10 recived it on 10-10-10. I tried the product it gave me burning diarrhea I can't use this product. I went out of town for a few days when my credit card co. notifed me of a $78.98 charge to my acct. on 10-22-10. I called to cancel the product only to find out that the trial period is 14 DAYS from the date of ORDERING. They REFUSED to refund my money! VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!

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  • Du
    Dude Bubba Oct 27, 2010

    Wife got caught by same scam. She ordered the Natura Cleanse Trial Bottle fron on 9/07/2010 and was suppose to only be charged $1.95 for S&H. Same old blah-blah about 10 day trial and being able to cancel at anytime by calling their toll-free number--TOTAL BULL! Before she was ever charged the $1.95 she started getting charged by DIET MAX 8003202983, then more charges by DIET MAX 8003202983, then charges by COLOBLAST 8003114359, and PROFITVAULT 8002568416. All of the unauthorized charges resulted from original online order for Natura Cleanse Trial Bottle on 9/07/2010. Between 9/09/2010 and 10/26/2010 there have been 9 additional charges from scammers other than the 50F*NATURACLE.COM charge of $1.95 my wife starting into this with. Additional charges were in amounts of $3.87, $87.47, $78.98, $2.95, $87.47, $1.49, $9.76, $1.49, and $9.76 for total of $285.19 in charges. Bank told us they try the small charges to see if they go through them they'll WHAM you with the larger amounts. My wife and I have made several attempts to contact and cancel and get refund via phone--TOTAL SCAM!! Finally cancelled wife's bank card on 10/26/2010 when the COLOBLAST & PROFITVAULT charges were detected. All of these outfits are sharing my wife's bank card info. On 10/26/2010 I called the 'Customer Service' for COLOBLAST 8003114359 and talked with 'Larry'. Larry claims the $1.49 charge was a convenience fee stemming from my wife's order placed on 9/07/2010; yeah right and I'm General Eisenhower!! Larry claimed to be in Hollywood, FL. Don't expect to ever get a refund and don't care to ever get any product, just want money back or a mob hanging of everyone who is associated with these out-and-out theives. This is an out right scam by internet thieves. Collecting evidence to file complaints where ever and with whom ever I can; FBI Internet Fraud, Federal Trade Comission, State Consumer Protection. Don't expect much to come of it except work out frustration. Feel pretty powerless to really do what needs to be done to the group of individuals perpretrating this fraud and theft on many-many people.

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  • De
    DebraJK Nov 16, 2010

    Same as everyone else here. Only my bank called me when they saw the charge! Must be familiar. I closed my credit card and files a dispute.

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  • Me
    metrolobster Nov 19, 2010

    I will be starting a class action law suit against Natural Cleanse. I'm taking a week off of work to start this and I plan on going after them in every way I can. This should be illegal. Promising a free sample if you just pay shipping then hiding in the agreement they will auto charge you after 14 days. Their trick is the ship the product after the agreement deadline has passed. It should clearly state these charges in BIG BOLD LETTERS right next to free trial sample. I'm trying to find out how to start a class action law suit against Natural Cleanse. They suckered my wife out of $80.00. I'm even madder at my state (FL) for not protecting us from these predators.

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  • Me
    metrolobster Nov 19, 2010

    I'm researching how to go after these people.
    Freeze your credit NOW!
    Cancel the card you purchased it on NOW!
    Compliants go to a jerk in India that leaves you on hold for hours and insults you. If this is leagal you can sell dirt on the internet for 100.00 a gram.

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  • Al
    Allison25 Nov 27, 2010

    This is a SCAM, do not order anything from this company, my account was charged $78 and they refuse to refund after 2 wks. Read the fine print. This product is NOT working for me. I will file a complaint with BBR as well as disputing this with my bank. This company needs to go out of business, very unprofessional, tricks you to buy their product, hangs up on you when you asks for a manager. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT, THIS IS A SCAM!!!

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  • Pi
    piccone Nov 29, 2010

    Wow! I feel foolish. Wish I had found this site sooner. Similar story Total Scam! I am very careful and never sign up for things like this, however it was very convincing since it came through my yahoo news. Here is the site.
    I even called them first to ease my mind and was assured that as long as I cancel by x date I would not be charged future shipments.
    Well I had not recieved the product by the cancel date 10 days later and of course I had been charged the $2.95 trial. I had also noticed an add $1.50.
    So I called to complain and cancel and they said they were sorry and would, send the product, extend my trial period and and send and additional 30 day supply.
    We argued a bit over the add $1.50 charge and finally they agreed to credit it but that I would need to call back in a day or to have this done as it had not shown up in their system yet. I can't believe I fell for that! Well... another 10 days later I still had not received the product, AND the number I had previously called had an out of service tone along with a atomated voice saying lines were busy try back later. Well this went in for days. No product and now can't even cancel. I sopke with my credit card company and blocked Diet Max, They said it has been happening to alot of people and that I am very fortunate to not have had any big charges from them.
    Love to do something to help others not fall for this and or bring them down! Let me know!

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  • St
    Stephen Haines Jan 27, 2011

    I had the same thing happen to me--still trying to cancel them. Help!
    [email protected]
    Stephen Haines

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  • Bo
    bobbin4appels Feb 17, 2011

    The phone number that cam on my bill is Phone Support
    1-888-239-6037 I have been able to get in touch with them...they canceled my shipments finally i never ordered nor received and supposedly i am suppose to get a check in the mail because they could not refund my card Hopefully this number helps get some of your stuff taken care of

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  • Bo
    bobbin4appels Feb 17, 2011

    I found this number for them have talked to 3 people there and they gave me another site as they are the billing company. The site has a phone number as well but can not find that off hand Phone Support

    Although I agree they are a scam company I am just disagreeing on getting a good number for them. Hopefully this will help you I have yet to see if they are going to reimburse me i am supposedly going to get a check because they could not reimburse my card.

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  • Tb
    tbsa7x69 Mar 30, 2011

    i too have purchased this product on my credit card and i have no idea how to cancel it! :/ they never sent me a statement on how they were gonna charge me ! im really pissed off !

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  • Be
    Bethany09 Apr 23, 2013

    I guys I have had this happen to me and had £79.98 & £79.99 back from the company. I am extremely appalled and disgusted by this company as its a complete con!! I have emailed their customer support and getting no response. I have contacted my bank & they are sending out a warning letter to them & if they try and charge me again the bank will then re- inburse it back to me. However this money has gone out & the bacnk have told me I need to contact them to get the money back!! I am livid. Can anyone help me as to how I can get this sorted?.

    Warm Wishes

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