ABXrude customer service, slow in deliver parcels

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We are an online company, we send out many parcels almost everyday to our customers. Our customers always do not receive the parcel on the next working day. we realized this happen mostly to our Penang, KL and PJ customer. ABX hold their parcel more than 2 to 3 weeks without sending it out. And when you call them to check on the status, they said it is because short of manpower. This is ridiculous. Other courier company dont have this 'short of manpower' issue, why ABX has this issue in every branch? We engaged ABX because we want customer to receive their stocks on next working day with reliable service. But looks like it is otherwise. If that's the case, we as well use normal post ! Their motto is 'Delivering Satisfaction Worldwide'. Nonsense!
And we do have an issue with their personnel as well, there is this guy named Adrian who are very rude while talking to his customer. When we asked him whether he knows he is very rude, his answer is 'it is not a big deal, and dont understand why we take this so seriously '.
Really disappointed with their service.


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    ReallyAngryBird Oct 04, 2012

    We have airway consignments from overseas whereby ABX is the local agent. These consignments alwasy ended up with delayed clearance. When we called up to check the status, there was only 10% chances that the calls were being connected to the customer service staffs. Then they would give u the answer that u can even memorise - Shipment not arrives in Malaysia. Come on, flight of 6 days can go how many rounds United States already.

    ABX does not record arrival immediately, take their own sweet time to do clearance. Before consignments cleared from Kastam, there will be no update in the tracking system. Hence, their customer service staffs can only tell - Shipment not arrives in Malaysia. Then we were asked to contact the person in charge. One and only one guy named Azam who is incharged for arrival, clearance and so on at the airport. We have been calling for a year, since the first case. Surprisingly, we have not been able to speak to him once. We tried to ask other staffs, they also could not contact him, not sure whether he is already at work, working or missing. But he is the only person, so what we can do is 'WAIT'. How long to wait, no one knows. So long as consignment not being cleared from Kastam, then there was no update, nothing. Then we need to assume consignment not yet arrives or travelling to Venus.

    Most of the customer service staffs are very rude. When we asked for their name, they dare not tell. We asked to speak to person in charge, they said will ask the person in charge to call back, but NEVER. When they could not answer certain issues, they just asked us to hold on, then hanged the line.

    ABX - Absolutely Bad Xpress - A lousy courier company, with most lousy staffs, providing lousy service. Not we want to use ABX, we got no choice our overseas suppliers all use their service, maybe CHEAP.

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  • Gt
    GTBBan Oct 04, 2012

    ABX is a rubbish courier service provider. 3 parcels sent out by same day, same location, to same destination, same recipient. After hanging for few days, only 1 parcel arrived. Checked in their tracking system, checked with customer service staffs, they gave answer 'No record found'.
    One of the staffs gave me another number to contact the person in charge Azam. The number given was another courier company number which is not related at all. Ridiculous!!!
    Then I was given Azam mobile number. I have called for many times but he did not pick-up the calls. One of the ABX staffs in PJ brand told me that 'normally Azam's response is very SLOW'.
    Then again, I called their Subang office, where Azam based. I have been calling for 3 days but could not get him. The staffs there did not see him, not sure he is on Honeymoon, Cuti or Mati. The lady staff answering the call said she also looked for him the day before, but could not reach him.
    Another thing, I commented that other courier service providers like EMS, Skynet, Poslaju, Nationwide update every progression status in their tracking, why ABX does not have that. The staffs asked me whether I can select those other courier companies with my overseas supplier at purchasing.

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  • Ho
    homeliving Oct 04, 2012

    We did try to call Siti Hawa Abdullah, ABX Country Customer Care Manager to complaint on ABX service and rude employees. But we called for continuously 5 days from Morning to evening, she never pick up her direct line at all. We wonder does ABX management personnel ever work in the office or they are holidaying all the time?

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  • Ly
    Lychong Oct 11, 2012

    Agree with all, ABX sercice is suck, keep item at warehouse for so many days, until i said that i wanna pick up myself because i cant wait anymore. Te customer service girl said my item was at subang warehouse. When i travel far to subang warehousr, the guy said my parcel is at cheras outlet! I called customer service again, this time she said it is at ABX federal highway. I want the contact number of the outlet so that i can check whether the item is REALLY at this outlet or not. But that phone number never has someone to pick up call.

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  • Ta
    TanMs Nov 03, 2012

    My friend parcel also kena steal few things! Complaint also no reply!!!

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  • Hj
    HJ WAN Dec 15, 2012

    Friends, your complaints and grieves are fully supported by me. I have sent two consignments to my daughter - the first one was received very late - and the second which I sent on 6th Dec 2012 is still nowhere ... very very bad service... let us all DO NOT USE the service anymore...

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  • Od
    odelia_j Apr 01, 2013

    Dear All,
    Just recently, i went thru a bad experience with ABX.
    1. I am supposed to get my parcel on 28/03/2013 (Thursday), but they said they couldnt find my address as it was incomplete so they called me up about 9.39am & 9.40am to inform me so, and if possible, they want me to collect it myself at their office in PJ but I refused & claimed that it was purely sender's fault to not state the full address so ABX took down my full address and promised to send it to me.
    2. The next day, 29/03/2013 (Friday), I checked with my mailing rooms staffs whether they have received my parcel, they said there was nothing. I checked their delivery status online. ABX Services has updated in the tracking system as the item is delivered and it was signed by - CO-STAMP?! And the items is nowhere?! This is totally unacceptable?! I have had experienced my parcel went missing once but it was SkyNet. So, I called up ABX Customer Service to lodge a complaint on my missing parcel. I spoke to a staff by the name of Ika. She then delivered the real story: The parcel is actually safe with them, at their PJ office, it seems that the delivery boy couldn’t "find" me or anyone to collect my items on behalf? Really? FYI, our company is using ABX Services also. That guy managed to collect our daily shipments but he was not able to deliver the item to anyone and furthermore he has stamped our CO-Stamp on the delivery note?
    Shipment Number: **********
    Current Status: Shipment delivered
    Delivered on: 28/3/2013
    Signed By: CO-STAMP
    Shipment History
    Location Date Activity
    PETALING JAYA 01/04/2013 08:50 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 29/03/2013 17:11 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 29/03/2013 17:11 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 29/03/2013 16:37 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 29/03/2013 16:32 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 28/03/2013 19:44 Shipment delivered
    PETALING JAYA 28/03/2013 08:24 Shipment out for delivery
    PETALING JAYA 28/03/2013 01:21 Shipment arrived at ABX facility
    PETALING JAYA 28/03/2013 01:14 Shipment arrived at ABX facility
    BUKIT MERTAJAM 27/03/2013 18:25 Shipment information updated
    BUKIT MERTAJAM 27/03/2013 18:24 Shipment picked up
    27/03/2013 18:07 Shipment forwarded to ABX facility
    27/03/2013 18:06 Shipment forwarded to ABX facility

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  • Ja
    JaysonL Oct 26, 2013

    How can I formally file for complaint against ABX..? MY parcel sent to me is also not yet delivered for more than two weeks already. They dont entertain my complaints or calls anymore and keep brushing me off. I am worried it got stolen or lost..? Please help. thanks

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  • Si
    simniki Feb 04, 2014

    since last 24th january my item route scan till feb 4, which i had to went to head office @ pj to collect myself. damn bad service!!! i call customer service more than 4times, they keep telling me will call me back later but never. really worst courier service!!!

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  • Wd
    wdebra Aug 04, 2014

    I've had 2 parcels which were attempted to be delivered but no one was at home, so they just left a white card, not even stating whether I should collect it myself or whether they would reattempt delivery. When i rang the number on the card, i am put on hold and have to wait a really long time before someone gets on the line. And when they do, they ask for my consignment number, put me on hold, and then tell me the person in charge is busy & that they would get the person to call me back. Needless to say, the person never does. This has happened for 2 different parcels, both of which I have not received. Finally when I get through to this very busy person in charge, I am told that my 1st parcel was damaged. Like, hello?? Was it damaged before or after the attempted delivery?? And it took 1 week before I finally got to contact them! They didn't even bother to call to inform me. I am still waiting for the 2nd parcel. It's the same story again, nobody is calling me back, and it's been 2 weeks already. Emails I send get bounced back to me as well. Not only are they unreliable and slow, but the email address for complaints which is stated on their website is also not functioning! Companies & individuals should just stop using ABX Express. It is really the worst courier company I have ever come into contact with.

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  • Mi
    Michelle8008 Aug 11, 2014

    I also have bad experience with ABX. Their service sucks to the max!! Pls boycott them! My item has been in the warehouse since June til now. Called them many times for 2nd delivery but never came. I wonder whether they are doing delivery service or warehousing service. Worst service ever!!

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  • Sh
    ShyanShyan Sep 23, 2014

    I have a bad experience too, complaint on their driver's attitude, so rude and I feel threatened to continue using their service. I will worry about my next parcel and myself. Wrote an email to [email protected] and complaint, shockingly, failed to send with reason: The mailbox is full. Attempted to call to customer service, it can never be reached. Tried two days, I gave up!

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  • Mr
    Mrs Park Sep 24, 2014

    Shyan shyan! I face the same problems too. I being shock with the message saying their mailbox is full. Is either they have bundle of complaints or no one is checking the mail for many years. When I trace my consignment, its stated 'unlocated' . Feeling fed up.

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  • Do
    douzstuffz Dec 10, 2014

    my case just happened today, how can the customer service cant give me answer when my parcel is going to deliver?
    also, what does it mean by "shipment on tracing" is it they lost my parcel but didnt tell me the truth??
    anybody face this before!!!

    Shipment Number: 99906207940
    Current Status: Shipment on tracing

    Date & time are local to the service area in which the shipment checkpoint is recorded.
    Shipment History

    Location Date Activity
    PETALING JAYA 10/12/2014 12:06 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 10/12/2014 12:01 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 10/12/2014 11:59 Shipment on tracing
    SUBANG 10/12/2014 10:25 Route scan
    PETALING JAYA 09/12/2014 15:07 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 09/12/2014 14:45 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 09/12/2014 10:43 Shipment on tracing
    SUBANG 09/12/2014 09:59 Route scan
    SUBANG 08/12/2014 10:28 Route scan
    SUBANG 06/12/2014 05:08 Shipment forwarded to destination

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  • Si
    Sin33 Feb 11, 2015

    Exactly. ABX senai has holding my parcel for more than a week already. Everytime when i called there's no one there to pick up my call. When I email them they will reply by saying that the parcel is out for delivery. they make me waiting for the parcel like ages but never reach. this is the second time i have bad experience with abx. The first time was that they did not deliver my parcel successfully but no notice and phone call was receive until i went to their office and checked with them. they service is really bad.
    They really entitled to be ABX- Absolutely Bad Xpress

    Shipment History
    Location Date Activity
    SENAI 11/02/2015 12:22 Shipment out for delivery
    SENAI 11/02/2015 08:33 Shipment hold
    SENAI 10/02/2015 13:08 Shipment out for delivery
    SENAI 10/02/2015 08:32 Shipment hold
    SENAI 09/02/2015 13:46 Shipment out for delivery
    SENAI 09/02/2015 09:54 Shipment hold
    SENAI 07/02/2015 13:06 Shipment out for delivery
    SENAI 06/02/2015 19:06 Shipment hold
    SENAI 06/02/2015 12:35 Shipment out for delivery
    PETALING JAYA 06/02/2015 12:01 Shipment on tracing
    SENAI 06/02/2015 09:24 TRANSHIPMENT IN - INTL
    SUBANG 05/02/2015 03:54 Shipment forwarded to destination

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  • Ba
    Baeb Jun 11, 2015


    My parcel is keep tracing since 5/6/2015 and was told by the person in charge in head office my parcel is lost but the reason is they are unable to contact the deliver driver who hold my parcel so is consider lost.. May I know anyone who had this kind of experience before? Will it get back the parcel in the end of the day?

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  • Ms
    ms zai Jul 02, 2015


    i keep calling 03-7859 6911 / 03-7859 6133 since this morning many times and no one pick up!

    this is not the first time i call and no one pick up!previous also same!

    i had experience before this when i went to subang branch to pick up my parcel, they didn't even approach customer and only entertain after i ask them about my parcel. phone ringing too long but no one of them pick up the phone. they have time to chit chat but they didn't even pick up the phone!

    is this the service provided in subang?cause i know the service in hq is good
    or they will just pick up when the manager or up level around?
    seriously this is the terrible service i had!
    i think after this i had to take picture or video to prove what the really situation there as a prove.

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  • Hu
    HUNG1990 Aug 03, 2015

    Halo, i want complain abx johor bahru. I courier on 27/07/2015, but 03/08/2015 just say out for delivery. I can't understand what is wrong with the abx courier services at johor bahru. My documents is very important & urgent. Who want to pay me if i lose the amount rm400000+++. I don't know how to said what i feel, i hope the abx can solve the problem for me. Pls call me ms lo 084-214611. Thanks a lot

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  • Lk
    Lkk LK Oct 22, 2015

    Abx express very bad service...when urgent don't choose this service. promise deliver but won't receive goods, subang branch cik azirah 03 7859 6133, 03 7711 6688 this number also don't call, everyday tell besok, besok... n besok ...from 19 oct 2015

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  • Ca
    calvs2 Dec 04, 2015

    Abx can not use My item from china also lose express number 5102529412 why can lose ?

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  • We
    Wei Loh Dec 08, 2015

    My advice is do not use this courier company, if you are sending valuable items, the items will have high chances of it being stolen by their staffs, and their attempt of delivery is awful, if they call do call you but could not get through, your item will just be sitting in their depot.

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  • Yu
    Yu Qi Mar 04, 2016

    i thought this post is in year 2016, however it is 2012...
    until now still didnt have much of improvement...
    today im also facing a same problem that mentioned above by others...
    haiz.. it seems i should wait another few days...
    no solution also after having a customer service call...

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  • Ah
    Ahmad Faeez Mar 18, 2016

    Order SmartPhone from China using agent, was happy received the parcel, then the box was so light, it turn out, IT'S ONLY A SCREEN PROTECTOR, WHERE IS THE SMARTPHONE!!! i dunno who to blame, kastam? agent? ABX?

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  • Su
    Subaash Suresh Kumar Apr 05, 2016

    I've read all complaints here since 2012, but i just received a parcel from China via ABX...complaints here says ABX keep parcel in warehouse too long but mine only stayed in warehouse for few minutes... And out for delivery... But 1 thing is funny...the postman uses a normal motorcycle to deliver it, no any ABX written on his motorcycle... Basically im satisfied with ABX...Or at least im lucky ...tq

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  • Fe
    fenefene Jun 01, 2016

    Shipment History

    Location Date Activity
    PETALING JAYA 30/05/2016 20:03 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 30/05/2016 15:03 Shipment on tracing
    PETALING JAYA 30/05/2016 15:01 Shipment on tracing
    KLANG 30/05/2016 08:12 Route scan
    KLANG 30/05/2016 08:12 Route scan
    KLANG 28/05/2016 07:56 Route scan
    KLANG 28/05/2016 07:56 Route scan
    KLANG 28/05/2016 06:57 Shipment arrived at ABX facility
    27/05/2016 19:50 Shipment forwarded to destination
    PENANG 27/05/2016 18:38 Shipment information updated
    27/05/2016 15:38 TRANSHIPMENT OUT -
    PENANG 27/05/2016 15:22 Shipment picked up

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  • No
    Nora syuria Jul 14, 2016

    Abx express very bad service, ABX is a rubbish courier service, Very stupid staff, every day call for pick-up, but no body come for pick-up, rubbish service, rubbish service, rubbish service especially Johor Bahru Branch, prices are expensive, but the service of "pesky"...Stupid courier service!!!..

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  • Fy
    Fyda Sep 01, 2016

    Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera, juz nak share sikit.. saya sgt2 tidak berpuas hati dengan sevice abx lately.. before this ok but lately your service very2 bad .. saya kurier parcel ke ipoh, sampai seminggu tak sampai2 ke receiver lagi.. bila i call abx ipoh, tanya bila parcel i akan sampai, the answer is.. "kita punya runner dah keluar la.. tak boleh hantar hari nie la.." esok i call lgi (on friday) "saya tak tahu la knapa runner tak bawak keluar your parcel ary nie mgkin terlupa." sabtu abx half day ahad abx cuti, so next week la kita hantar your parcel yea.." receiver parcel i bukan dduk di pendalaman pown, dari ipoh nak ke klebang tu tak sampai 30min..sakitnya hati.. macam mana uollss punya service?? your staff tak tahu buat kerja atau macam mana nie?? atau uollsss punya staff pilih2 barang untuk hantar?? please la take note wahai abx kurier express..!!!

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  • Th
    ThirtyFirst Jan 10, 2017

    i'm so angry bout the services they provided . the person who was in charge to send the parcel didn't ring my doorbell yet he/she still blame me for not answering their calls . im a student i need to go to school, i wont be 24/7 holding my phone . he/she even said that thy've called me for many times . guess what ? i actually didnt receive ANY calls for them ! damn angry with their services . POOR SERVICES .

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  • Ve
    veranica_ Jun 22, 2019


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  • Jy
    jyesanngai Dec 12, 2019

    abx express, how many time people complaint, service also like shame
    only know how to take salary but don't do your work parcel china to malaysia 4 days, abx batu caves to jinjang want 10days!!?? just close down your company.stupid

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