ABX ExpressI am complaining about my parcel. shx80432274bmy

I've called to ABX hq and subang hub few times but still no follow up. i've been calling since past 5 days, few times a day but no answer been given. they keep saying that my parcel cannot be found and they have a lot of loading parcel. is that mean my parcel was not important to look for?? it has been 9 days!!! since 31/7/2019 . i bought things from shopee for business purpose. now my customer ask me to refund their money and claiming that im cheating customer!!! is it fair for me??? when im refer shopee they ask me to contact ABX. both parties kick me like a ball. who gonna bared the lost??? i want ABX to pay back my loss!! the parcel cost me rm129. ya that small amount of money. but for me it still huge amount that i need to pay for nothing. REFUND BACK MY RM129 ASAP !!!

ABX Express

Aug 09, 2019

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