Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank [ADCB]credit card

K Sep 06, 2018

I would like to grab your attaention,
Actually I m very much disappointed from ADCB collection agents.

Let me give you a short review about the story

Around five months ago I contacted Adcb for settlement then I got approval from NR. Surojit from AZZITE with authentic account email

when I paid that amount after someone days I tried to call Adcb but I was surprised to know Mr. Surojit is no more employee of AZZITE he is fired because he without approval he gave me settlement.

After big struggling I found Mr. Abdul Kadir
He tried his best to help me out and refereed me to Mr.haider ali

Then Mr.haider ali told me don't worry I'm official employee for Adcb I m not third party agent I will help you out.

Then i received his email
Please pay 5600 and deposit this cheque in academic city ADCB I deposited there as per instructions.

Then I waited like 2 months and more

Yesterday I got new surprise
That still there's outstanding in my account.

I tried to call Mr.haider ali
Number switched off

I emailed him but can't send on official email

At last I called call center nd requested them for a call back.

But as I can't stop myself I called on [protected] one lady answered my call and she asked me to call concerned person so she gave me extension for Mr vickey which was [protected].

The moment I called him first he not answer I thought may be he is busy

Then I tried to call thrice by the grace of Allah he answered

Again big shock for me Mr.haider ali is no more employee of the ADCB who said I m official employee nd trust my words nd many more.

Now again I m fully confused and lost
What I should do

Again I explained everything to Mr.vicky and He took it very casually as there is call record
He smiled and said first Surojit no more working then when I asked him about Haider ali he smiled and said he is also no more working with ADCB I ask him very simple question may be by tomorrow you Will also be same either you will resign or terminated then again I have to call and explain everything to new agent.
He start argument and instead of giving me solution he said better you go to those guys.

His behavior was so rude and he didn't even try to understand my part it's like I can feel he don't want anything on his shoulder
I ask him reply on email he said from today start counting 30 days and come collect your NOC
I told him Surojit Also said same
Nd Mr. Haider ali as well
So how I can trust please send me an email
But he was sticked on on sentence and that was come after 30 days

At last he said I will inform you when I have time

I don't expect this behavior and so cold response from ADCB agent

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