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Good day,

As a customer of ABSA bank I would like to share my drastic experience with ABSA Bank.

On a normal day I received an SMS stating that I qualify to apply for a loan up to R350 000, I wasted my airtime to call their call centre in the loans department. The lady took my details and advised that she will arrange for a consultant to contact me BUT UP UNTIL TODAY NO PHONE CALL ! ! !

I then decided to waste my airtime again and called the Personal Loans Department and made an application for a personal loan & GUESS WHAT, the load was declined.

Two days after that Bayport Financial Services contacted me and offered me a loan, the loan was approved in 24 hours.

I don't know what Management Team is the Investors investing in as it is Clear that nothing is Valid, not your systems NOTHING !


Oct 09, 2019

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