ABSA Bankforged spousal signature to approve vehicle financing

My husband got approved for vehicle finance by Absa at Vereeniging branch. When they had to do the payout the found he was married in community of property. Then the dealer Active Auto email me an Absa - release note and acknowledgement of delivery for me to sign for my husband. While reading the document I noted it was ticked unmarried and I was supposed to sign for something opposite. So I refuse to sign the release note and but it waa then processed without my signature. I then emailed the absa sales market handling the case to know how did they by pass the absa system cause the documents clearly needed my signature as we are married in civil marriage. She said she doesn't know who signed on it cause the pay out was gonna go through without my signature, I should request for that form from the dealer but the dealer also shifted blame to Absa. Saying the document im requesting is with Absa. I have requested for that document to verify if my signature was forged no help from Absa vereeniging and absa head office adviced me to lay a complain with you cause I'm not treated well. If my signature wasn't forgered why are they refusing to show me. The area manager Aysha refused to give me the reference that she said they also laid the complaint about the consent of the signature. I feel the matter has drag for so long from 17 September 2019 till todate without anyone showing me who signed on my behalf. Forgery is a criminal offense and a big respect bank like Absa should take it seriously cause the Dealer Active auto will continue to forger people signatures committing crime. Voileting my rights and National credit acts. I did everything but no help from Absa vereeniging branch the area manager for vehicle financing said my signature wasn't necessary but the sales marketer said if the signature is forgered or else if not signed the whole finance payed to my husband is invalid. I please ask for an investigation my husband name is Vonani Given Makamu and his identity number is [protected] and his contact number is [protected] and my name is Thandeka Monalisa Makamu my contact number is [protected] and I have proof of the documents emailed to me the one I refused sign and the emails I sent requesting for assistance on the issue and my marriage certificate that shows we are married in community of property. Please assist me so if my suspension is true. I can open a case of forgery against the dealer and absa to take investigate the matter to see if the payout was did correct if not they should reverse payout so it can be done properly and procedure being followed.


  • Updated by Thandeka Monalisa Makamu, Sep 30, 2019

    Suspecion of signature forgery. This is the documents i refuse to sign and now requesting for them to be shown to me so i can be sure no one signed or wasn't forgered at all.

    forged spousal signature to approve vehicle financing
Sep 30, 2019

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