ABSA Bankinefficiency of absa help desk


12 October 2017
ABSA Bank Help Desk
Customer complaints

I wish to advise you of the dissatisfaction I experienced when dealing with your Help Desk.
Initially it was 25 minutes before my call was answered and I explained that I had forgotten my password and needed to make urgent payments.
I was informed that forms would be emailed to me for completion. I again
stressed the absolute urgency and advised that the previous day an employee in the KZN Region had promised to send me the forms which did not materialise.
However, upon receipt I completed the forms and returned them immediately. I waited for an hour before contacting the Help Desk again which call took another 15 minutes before being answered. I was then advised that my email had not been received. After my insistence it was established that it had in fact been received. The employee that answered my call then redirected me to the person who initially took my call. After waiting and upon enquiry about the delay, I was informed that she was in a meeting. Needless to say, because of this delay I only managed to make a few payments before the cut off time.
Dealing with the Help Desk is a complete nightmare and because of this experience I need to seek another bank that is interested in taking care of my business and who are willing to be of assistance.


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