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O Sep 25, 2018 Review updated:

My dispute is that Absa has passed on my details to your department and accessed my account and debited the money without any form of communication in any way or form of residential or email adress to me as the client and account holder of that account.
I would like to state the following:
1.You accessed my account and took money without any concent from me as a client and principal account holder
2.You have never contacted me in any form
3.I am demanding the amount that was debited R6200.00 on the 25 September 2018 be refunded back to me, as this amount this amount that you debited without my consent was my only funds for my expense, chidren school fees including my rent.
4.Failing that, I am forced to escalate this matter to the Ombudsman including legal advice as your action does not go in line with the consumer protection act with regards to the date the personal loan was opened and money being deducted after 8 YEARS of opening the account with your institution.
Please contact me or email me on [protected] to make arrangement only after you have refunded the amount that you have ILLEGALLY TAKEN FROM MY ACCOUNT
Please let me also state that should this not being done as the loan is more than 8 years outstanding I will be forced to take legal action and advice from ombudsman

I anxiously await your reply, call or email
Thank you
Stephens Koketso Dikobe


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    Simon Mmakola Nov 18, 2018

    It just happened to me a day ago, I'm puzzled and wondering if they can reverse my money otherwise i'll have to close my account with them.

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