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S Jan 07, 2019 Review updated:

1-07-2019 I responded to an email from UHC to register for their new HealthID security service on-line which didn't work. I followed the direction to call their 1-800 customer service # and was on hold for 31 minutes before giving up.

If AARP is promoting and partnering with UHC, then you should know that the customer service is deplorable.

It doesn't appear that their website offers the capability to communicate electronically.

Incredibly frustrating.


  • Lj
    LJSchlie Jan 07, 2019

    Phone service is terrible. It does not matter if they have hours till 11pm. I held for 30+ minutes and then had a person finally answer. I asked my question on finding out if a medical procedure was covered by UHC and he said he had to check with Medicare. Medicare does not cover it and I told him that. He (Calvin) then said "Then get better insurance". Nice! So glad I signed up for UHC.

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  • Mi
    mikeled Apr 01, 2019

    I agree. I have been getting the run around with Customer Service and Underwriting Departments...NO communication. Will spread the word and seek different insurance next time.

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  • La
    Laszlo vecsei Oct 08, 2019

    Is there a way to file a complaint against AARP? United Healthcare medical advantage plan is not exactly what the agents and seminars make it look like. None of the agents or seminars ever talk about that you still owe the
    20 percent that Medicare doesn't cover. If you pick medical advantage plan "B" you make a monthly payment, you
    pay co-payment visiting the doctor, need an expensive test pay 20 percent that Medicare doesn't pay, you are very
    limited which doctor you can see, make sure they are in the plan. Where are all the savings that the agents were promising?
    Filed two complaints four weeks apart with United Healthcare not one ever contacted me, today one of the agent on the phone want to file a third one, great, when we got to the point that what day last year you have talk to the agent that sold you the policy I couldn't pinpoint the exact day so he can't file the complaint without the exact day. Do you think that any insurance company may have a copy on their file when you sign the contract? Excuse???????
    Tried to file a complaint with AARP they can only refer or transfer back to United Healthcare.
    AARP are you no shame, selling your name, your members without checking out the company.
    P.S. Is there a reason that you are hiding behind your fancy title so the members have no exes to you. What are you afraid of?

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  • Bo
    Bob Caine Oct 11, 2019

    I will be switching insurance next year. I have AARP Medicare Complete and have recently discovered that it should be called AARP Medicare INCOMPLETE. I was recently diagnose with tongue cancer. I was told by 2 In-Plan doctors, I needed to go to University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB) for treatment since they are experts in the field. My coverage does not include UAB and applying for out of network coverage has met with mixed acceptance. I switched to in-plan doctors and facility and now the treatment they recommend is being denied.

    UHC is going out of their way to make sure I cannot recover from my cancer and die trying to get the treatment that the in-plan doctors recommend.

    I cannot believe AARP promotes this product.

    I am telling every one I know not to have anything to do with AARP Medicare Complete. The plan only promotes second rate health services.

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