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If anyone rerceives an "invitation to membership" with instructions to receive a "free travel bag", don't believe it. This bag is only 5"x 3" x 2", large enough to take a tube of lipstick, maybe a toothbrush, and a small tube of toothpaste. It is not a travel bag. It is a"pencil" bag-a little small for my traveling needs. I know baggage is expensive on air travel. However, we still need something much larger and lighter than this piece of garbage. It isn't worth the dues, $16.00 + postage, for one year. Watch out-don't get sucked into this scam. Aarp must me loosing its shaarp instincts to have to resort to scamming the american public.


  • He
    heath2011 Aug 06, 2011

    You shouldn't just sign up for something to get a free gift...

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  • Li
    Lillysin Jan 13, 2012

    its a free gift and along with the 16.00 you pay a year you get the magazine subscription as well as discounts, I've saved way more than 16.00 just on the car rental discounts and hotel discounts.
    If the only reason you joined was because you needed a travel bag then perhaps you should go out and actually buy a travel bag that works for you.

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  • Ry
    ryebeachcomber Feb 09, 2012

    I agree with snakeinthe grass. The bag was a joke. A true travel bag is much larger. An organization such as AARP shouldn't "false advertise" to seniors. Makes this senior think twice about AARP.

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  • He
    hellmie Feb 27, 2012

    Received the same bag you described. It is a lunch bag...nothing like the picture at all. Ellen

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  • Cy
    Cybermover Oct 20, 2015

    I am nowhere near the age that would make me eligible for AARP membership, so I was taken aback by the mail I received advertising a $16/year membership plus the free "travel bag." My main issue is not with the bag (I agree with Lillysin the deal looks like a good one even without the bag) but with the fact that I have years to go before I can even sign up, so this is nothing but a tease at this point. Shoddy record keeping somewhere along the line, plus third-party data mining.

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