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This email is for the CEO of Aaron's. I am writing this email today because my experience at Aarons at store C0040 were always wonderful never had a problem or an issue from months and months then I had a delivery done on 9/9/2019 everything was going fine until they left and I realised that my Apple Watch and the cord to the watch was gone.I immediately called the store and the gentleman who I spoke to said he was going to take care of it when they guys came back in and would call me back that night. Needless to say no calls back. I called the store location C0040 and spoke to John Blanton the general manager Needless to say again he had no clue what I was talking about I explain what happened and he said he was going to take care of it and he would get right back to me John did get back to me and said he spoke with all three men and they said that they had not taken it and I was persistent and I knew someone had taken it because it was in that room when they got there and when they left it was not there the next step was to talk to the Regional manager Tony he went way beyond anything that I could expect I was very pleased with his actions and spoke with the guys and told them that he doesn't know who took it and it doesn't matter who took it that it better be in Miss Compton's
Mailbox or front door that night I was going to work at 7:30am in the morning and just happened to look in the mailbox because I had forgotten to check the mail the day before and there is it's my watch with the charger. Now I notified the store C0040 and they texted Tony a sap and he said we will talk Monday morning to find out what the outcome will be to know that you have thieves working in your store and the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights the non-trust in people the insult to my integrity and disappointment has brought me no other choice but to get a lawyer and pursue this further I will wait until Tony calls me Monday morning to see what the outcome is going to be Yes I got my property back but for a week I dealt with The invasion of my privacy and property changing passwords calling credit cards company's Calling T-Mobile and Apple to cut the watch off and they help me block it so they would not be able to get any information they would have to jailbreak I had to do so they wouldn't get my information The fact that there was a criminal in my house working for you is stressfull and has brought distraught in my life enough that my anxiety and
Panic Attack has
The fact that Tony told the three guys that day and then the next morning my watch was in my mailbox. I am asking for is for my bedroom set to be paid off in full for the inconvenience of me having to deal with the stress and anxiety and phone calls after phone calls for this past week.
Thank you,
Judy Compton

Sep 15, 2019
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  •   Sep 15, 2019

    Good luck! You want thousands of dollars because you think they stole a watch. It was returned and you went through a little hassle. You don’t deserve a free bedroom set.

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