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O Oct 26, 2019 Review updated:

My name is Octavia Viney, I have been with Aarons for almost 2 years if not more and I have never miss my payment. I've always paid my payments. I fell behind this month due to a lot of personal situations so I did come into the office to make payment arrangements. I said I will be in by yesterday which was Friday the 25th. I did not make iton the 25th and was coming in today which is Saturday the 26th of October and before I can even get out of my bed my door was being knocked Down and I'm literally mean being knocked down so hard that my walls were shaking. the African American woman who is from New Orleans Louisiana at the Rowlett location and her sidekick was banging on my door that hard. I understand the rules and regulations but for her to bang on my door that hard as if she was the police doing a drug bust and scaring my kids the way she did has me very much so ANGRY. I am very offended I do not appreciate that. No matter what im a customer and a loyal one at that. I DONT DESERVE THAT KIND OF TREATMENT AND IM TO THE POINT I WANT YALL TO TAKE ME COURT JUST SO I CAN BE HEARD. I REFUSE TO BE TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL.
If you need to contact me please feel free to call me. [protected]


  •   Oct 26, 2019

    you made a verbal promise to go into the office on Friday to discuss arrangements. you were a no show. did you call to say you weren't going to be able to make it or just not show up?
    people do this and they have been doing this for centuries... ringing up a huge bill and then skipping town in the middle of the night [in fact, Laura Ingalls Wilder's father did this numerous times!] ITS RUDE AND WRONG!

    although you have never had a problem paying your bill until now doesnt mean that they will go easier on you.

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